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31 Responses to “T & C”

  • Erin on October 30, 2014


    Should you take the supplement appetite and fat control before your meal or actually with the meal?


    • Amber on November 2, 2014

      Hi Erin

      This is the information from the official UK Dukan Site http://www.mydukandietshop.co.uk/en/product/Devorcal-150,1339011.html

      To be taken during meals, neither before nor after, when digestion is already in progress:
      -During slimming phase: 2 Devorcal capsules at the beginning of each meal for 1 month (a 3-month treatment is recommended)
      -During the weight stabilisation phase: 2 Devorcal capsules should be taken in the event of excessive eating or to neutralise an overly rich, fatty, sweet or calorific meal.

      Kind regards


  • Susy on September 4, 2014

    Is buffalo sauce allowed in the attack phase?

    • Amber on September 5, 2014

      Hi Susy

      You need to look at the nutritional information as you can get 0 calorie Buffalo sauce but it is quite high in salt which would be fine to use.

      Best wishes


  • christine on July 17, 2014

    Hey Amber.
    Was just wondering at what stage on this diet can i start eating Goji Berries?

    • Amber on July 17, 2014

      Hi Christine

      You can have goji berries straight away. You are allowed 1 tablespoon in Attack and on PP days in Cruise. This increases to 2 tablespoons a day on PV days in Cruise.

      Best wishes


  • christine on July 16, 2014

    I am currently in the attack phase and wanted to know if i can eat Canderel chocolate? craving so badly!

    • Amber on July 16, 2014

      Hi Christine

      Sorry this isn’t an approved food.

      Kind regards


  • Sanam on June 16, 2014

    I have been following dukan diet for past 2 years when I started I was 75kgs I lost up to 62kgs but now I’m 67kgs
    Been so bad I know
    My recent blood showed I ve high cholesterol 5.9
    What I can do now any suggestions?

    • Amber on June 17, 2014

      Hi Sanam

      I’d recommend discussing dietary changes with your doctor and to ask them whether any adaptations are needed to the Dukan Diet to make it suitable for your needs.

      Best wishes


  • Lisa on February 7, 2014

    What is the best yogurt to eat and how much can you have?

    • Amber on February 7, 2014

      Hi Lisa

      The best yogurt is probably zero fat Greek yogurt but any yogurt that has less than 2% fat and 7% carbs is fine. The recommended daily limit for all dairy is 1 kg. If the product is in ml treat 1 ml as equal to 1 g.

      Kind regards


  • Laura McLaughlin on July 31, 2013

    Hi Amber, I wanted to get your opinion on “Mio” or any other brand of water flavoring/enhancer. It has 0 calories and 0 sugars, and it has helped me to drink lots more water than I usually could. It does have sodium, 60mg and that seems like a lot per serving if I am drinking 10 glasses per day. Just wanted your expert advice. I started the diet 6 weeks ago today, and have lost 15 of the 22 pounds I had to lose! Needless to say I am very happy!

    • Amber on July 31, 2013

      Hi Laura

      I’d go by results and continue with the Mio but it does contain small amounts of foods that Dr Dukan doesn’t approve of. I had a look on the Kraft Canada site and not all of the flavors had sodium. One which did had 80 mg per serving and said this was about 3% of your RDA. If ten of these had 800 mg and made up 30% of your RDA 10 x 60 mg (600 mg) would be 22.5% of your RDA. What would matter is how much sodium/salt you had in the other foods eaten each day.

      Congratulations on your weight loss so far.

      Best wishes


  • Laura McLaughlin on July 1, 2013

    Hi Amber
    I am starting the second week on the cruise phase. The constipation hasn’t gotten any better than when I was on the attack phase. I just purchased the wheat bran which I read on here was allowed, but I’m not sure how much or how to eat it. Any suggestions would be great.

    • Amber on July 2, 2013

      Hi Laura

      I’m sorry to hear that constipation is still a problem you can use the wheat bran in much the same way as oat bran. Here are a couple of articles with examples that may help you incorporate the additional one tablespoon a day you are allowed to treat constipation.


      It is important to drink enough to help the bran bulk out and if you are still suffering after a few days of having added the wheat bran to your diet I’d recommend that you see your doctor or pharmacist to get some laxatives to help.

      Best wishes


  • Huda on February 24, 2013

    hi amber
    Is pampkin as vegetable allowed in any of phases of Dukan diet ?

    • Amber on February 24, 2013

      Hi Huda

      Pumpkin is an allowed vegetable that can be eaten in unlimited quantities on PV days in the Cruise Phase.

      Kind regards


  • Beverly on November 9, 2012


    I am coming off of a 7 day Attach Phase and wanted to have a vegetable shake. Can i have that with celery, spinish, cucumber and a few peppers? Is there a Dukan vegetable recipe?

    • Amber on November 10, 2012

      Hi Beverly

      Yes you can have a vegetable shake/smoothie on PV days in the Cruise Phase provided that you only use allowed vegetables to make it. I haven’t got any recipes and I’m not aware that there are any official Dukan recipes. You might be able to find some doing a search in Google.

      Kind regards


  • Melda S on August 29, 2012

    Amber, I have a question. I made homemade cake from scratch this morning with flour, sugar, oil, eggs and food coloring. I couldnt help myself and had 2 pieces. I am on the cruise phase of the diet doing 1:1. Today was PV and tomorrow is going to be PP Thursday. What do you recommend I do? I’ve been doing very well with water, protein and the oat bran. Should I do PP tomorrow and Friday or go back to my normal routine? Thank you!

    • Amber on August 29, 2012

      Hi Melda

      Stick with your normal routine but cut out any tolerated items for the next three days.

      Don’t forget there are lots of Dukan friendly recipes that you can bake to hopefully help you through moments of temptation. Dukan muffins are very popular.

      Kind regards


  • Heidi Lopatin on March 1, 2012

    I just got the bookthe ducan diet recipe book. Lots of good stuff. One question. I know your list said corn flour is corn starch, but are you sure that in all these recipes they do not really mean corn flour. It would make more sense to me.
    thanks heidi

    • Amber on March 1, 2012

      Hi Heidi

      Cornflour and corn starch are the same thing. Cornflour is the UK word and corn starch the US version just like courgettes and zucchinis.



  • Heidi Lopatin on February 21, 2012

    Are shirataki noodles allowed?
    Whats the scoop on protein shakes?
    thanks Heidi

  • Heidi Lopatin on February 21, 2012

    Thanks so much for this wonderfull site. I have been searching the net for 2 months since I started the diet. The official site was impossible for me to use. I have the diet book and was still very confused even after reading lots times. Your site has helped me tons.haha

  • Mrsj2008 on October 28, 2011

    Fantastic website and some amazing recipes. One you could add to your site is lemon pancakes….

    Make galette as per nomal ( I do 1 yolk and 2 egg whites, 4 tablespoons of fromage frais or O% plain yogurt and 1 tablespoon of oatbran) add 2 tablespoons of splenda, grate 1/2 a lemon zest into the bowl and a squeeze some of the lemon juice into the bowl and then fry. I have a small frying pan and can make 4 pancakes with this mixture (approx 8″ each).

    Add more splenda and lemon juice after cooking, if needed. Eat hot or cold, ideal for a mid morning snack when suffering with sweet cravings.

    Regards Mrsj2008

    • Amber on October 28, 2011

      Thank you very much Mrsj2008. I’ll share this recipe in a post as soon as I can.


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