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8 Responses to “Privacy”

  • rikki on August 11, 2017

    can i eat all bran flakes

    also wondering i bought a tub of normal oats, no sugars or anything just original oats , is that ok to eat on the attack phase for breakfast

    • Amber on August 13, 2017

      Hi rikki

      It is oat bran or nothing so normal oats and bran flakes aren’t allowed.



  • Monique costa barros on June 22, 2014

    Hi Amber,
    i was starting the dukan diet,but the next/2th day i don’t resive the 2second mail with instructions,so what i need to do for starting over with the dukan diet,help pleaseeeee.

    • Amber on June 23, 2014

      Hi Monique

      Sorry you have the wrong site, you need to go the the official Dukan Diet website.

      Kind regards


  • Mileni on August 25, 2013

    I would like to know if i can drink cocoa (without sugar and milk) during the dukan diet.
    Thank you

    • Amber on August 25, 2013

      Hi Mileni

      Cocoa is a tolerated item so you would only be able to have this food in limited amounts. One teaspoon = one of your two daily tolerated items. Tea and coffee without milk and sugar can be drunk freely.

      Kind regards


  • lara on December 13, 2012

    Hi !!Your website is amazing but i want the fastest diet in order to loose 5 kg in 15 days
    please help me out

    • Amber on December 13, 2012

      Hi Lara

      I’m glad you have found my website interesting but it is unlikely that the Dukan Diet will give you the amount of weight loss you are looking for in just 15 days. The Attack Phase can produce dramatic weight loss but it does depend on whether you’ve been dieting already and how much weight you need to lose. If you don’t have a lot to lose and having already been trying to lose weight the amount of weight lost would be much reduced.

      Best wishes


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