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We have the sun ‘squeeze’ every last drop of moisture out of our berries so you get the most berries for your money. *BUT* you may not like them so dry.  There’s a quick and easy way to make them softer and more chewy.

Spread ONE DAY’s * worth of your berries out on a plate and spray them with pure water.  This will make them soften right up.

Give ONE DAY’s * worth of your berries a quick “plunge” bath in pure water.  WAIT!  Don’t throw that nutritious water away!  Drink it, or use it for tea.  This bath will make the berries rehydrate and become crunchy, as they are now.

OPTIONAL:  Let the berries soak longer.   *BEWARE: Berries may grow mold or start to ferment if they soak more than one day.

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  • Laura on November 6, 2013

    Hi, i was looking for the noodles in my local health food shop and found Slim Pasta, can we have this ? its got 0g carbs and 0g fat

    • Amber on November 6, 2013

      Hi Laura

      Slim Pasta is made from the same ingredient as Shirataki noodles so it is fine to eat in unlimited quantities on any phase of the Dukan.

      Best wishes


  • Clair chan on November 5, 2013

    Hi amber I did five days of attack I started at nine stone nine , have been doing cruise since so just over two weeks I think , I went down to nine four , got my monthly and am nine five now do you think this is because of time of month ? I’ve been eating my oat bran as either cinnamon or choc muffins each day is this ok to do ? I find on my pp days I don’t eat much could this be slowing me down ?. My original weight was 11 stone 7 I have poly cystic ovaries so has been hard for me to lose so I’m trying to stay focused , only have a stone to get to my true weight I’m just making sure I do everything correctly . Find your site so helpful . How much should I expect to lose a week in the cruise phase ? Thanks for your help .

    In fact I started on 25th October so will be two weeks on Friday , think I was expecting to lose more weight but I guess I am getting there ? I was supposed to lose three pound on attack and when I got to nine four pounds I had lost five pounds all together so maybe I’m being a bit impatient ? Your site has been a big life line to me so thank you very much

    • Amber on November 5, 2013

      Hi Clair

      You’ve done really well to lose weight you’ve lost so far as your PCOS may make it harder and slower for you to lose weight. However I think that probably the main reason you lost less weight in the Attack Phase was because you’d already lost a lot of weight before starting the diet.

      The muffins are an excellent way to have your daily oat bran as they really help you feel as if you aren’t dieting.

      Unexpected weight gain is most often due to either increased water retention or constipation and monthly periods can cause a temporary increase in water retention.

      I’d expect a weight loss of averaging around 2 pounds a week which seems to be very close to what you are achieving so I wouldn’t change anything.

      Keep up the good work.

      Best wishes


      • Clair chan on November 5, 2013

        Thanks amber constipation seems to have sorted itself out with my veg days so that’s good . Il be hoping for two pound loss a week dr dukan says my true weight should be 8 stone four so hoping it won’t take me too long . I tried the rhubarb and custard was lovely . Glad I can have the muffins each day don’t think I could do the diet without it . Thanks for your help 🙂 x

  • Andreea on October 13, 2013

    Hi Amber , u do a really great job here ! I have found your advice very usefull and i understood almost everything also having the book helped! I started the Dukan diet yesterday and i am so determinated to loose weight . My husband tryed to trick me with sweets and McDonald but i sayed no! Why some mens don’t see that having a normal weight for womans is very important and make them feel Confident? At 27 years old and 5 foot i have 12 stones and i feel embarased when i Look in the mirror. With ur site im staying strong and i keep my determination to loose weight. Thank YOU!

    • Amber on October 13, 2013

      Hi Andreea

      I’m pleased that I have been able to help.

      I’m sure your husband didn’t mean to upset you. Our relationship with the food we eat is very complex, perhaps he is trying to let you know that he loves you whatever weight you may be or he might he is worried that you will become slim and attractive and leave him or perhaps he just wants someone to go to McDonalds with him. However once he understands that you are serious about losing weight I’m sure he will be much more supportive.

      Best wishes


  • paige on August 31, 2013

    greetings- is there a search engine on this sight that i am not seeing? i am sure my questions have been answered before and do not wish to be repetitive :).

    also, as we eat sushi regularly, are pickled ginger and dried seaweed allowed during the veg/protein days in the cruise phase?

    many thanks- p

    • Amber on August 31, 2013

      Hi Paige

      There is a search tool on the right side bar but unfortunately this only searches the content of my posts and not the comments.

      Ginger and seaweed are both fine to eat as vegetables. A small amount of ginger can be used as a flavoring in dishes on PP days too.

      Don’t worry about being repetitive.

      Best wishes


  • petervv on June 1, 2013

    I have had a little “lapse” (1 meal and 3 glasses of wine switching over from attack to the cruise phase. Should I go back to the attack phase or “forgive my lapse of judgment ” and continue on the cruise phase?

    • Amber on June 1, 2013

      Hi PeterVV

      Just continue on to Cruise Phase as if nothing had happened.

      Kind regards


  • Mmathapi on May 29, 2013

    Hi Amber

    Please I need your advice.
    I had a really bad week and I am an emotional eater so I had a week’s long relapse. I eat mainly sweets and chocolate and had few glasses of wine but to actual starch like pasta, potatoes, etc.
    I have lost 10kg’s on the Dukan diet. I am not done with my cruise phase yet and I am really enjoying the progress that I had made so far. My question to you is after my relapse can I start with the attack phase again or continue with the cruise phase?? I feel really bad for the mistakes I made and I will do what ever it takes to lose more weight with Dukan and shed the last 15kg’s off. Please help me

    • Amber on May 29, 2013

      Hi Mmathapi

      Repeating the Attack Phase rarely produces the same results and because it is so nutritionally restrictive it is not usually recommended that it is repeated unless there is a long gap in between.

      You’ve done really well so celebrate your success and try to find different ways of dealing with urges to eat when they strike. The important thing to do is not to punish yourself for being human. Everyone lapses, the secret to success is dealing with them.

      Take care.


  • Pedro on May 19, 2013


    I’ve completed attack phase today, and i’m setting off to cruise phase. Though, i have a VERY important test on june 9th and I feel like (or I think I am) my brain slowed down a bit. I wanna know your opinion wheather I should (maybe in the week before the test) add some slights amounts of carbs like granola bars only to feed my brain’s hunger for immediate glucose and then continues the cruise on the 10th… Please help!

    • Amber on May 19, 2013

      Hi Pedro

      Don’t do anything that will jeopardize your important test on 9 June. You have to get your priorities right you can always lose weight another day but it sounds as if it won’t be that easy to retake this test.

      I’d suggest that you come off the diet for a few of days before the test and just eat sensibly and then get back on the Dukan Cruise Phase on 10th. However if you find you are struggling at any stage to prepare for the test come off the diet straight away.

      Kind regards


  • Kathy on December 1, 2012

    I lost 40 pounds and on Dec. 29 will have completed the stabilization phase. I gained 3 pounds about 3 weeks ago and have tried everything to lose it without any luck. I tried the cruise phase for a week, the attack phase for a week and no luck!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!What should I do?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Amber on December 2, 2012

      Hi Kathy

      As you follow Stabilisation for life I assume you mean you are coming towards the end of your Consolidation Period.

      The first thing to do is not to panic about the three pounds that have crept back on again, I want you to resume Consolidation for two weeks without the bread, the serving of starchy food and the celebration meal and to limit your fat free dairy intake to a maximum of 500g per day. So in each of these weeks, apart from Dukan Thursday you will be following a PV diet, but with the added fruit and cheese.

      If this doesn’t work let me know and I’ll suggest some other tweaks.

      Stay strong.

      Best wishes


  • Heather on June 10, 2012

    Hi Amber
    Another question for you, this time for my motherinlaw. She feels that she has water retention as her hands are all puffy. She drinks at least two litres a day. Is there something she can do or take to help with this.
    Thanks again

    • Amber on June 10, 2012

      Hi Heather

      I’m sure it is nothing to worry about but this is something which needs to be checked out by a doctor as this water retention could be a symptom of another underlying health problem.

      If everything checks out OK with the doctor I would suggest reducing her water/fluid intake to a maximum of 2 litres, cutting back on the sodium/salt she is eating, drinking green tea and on PV days to eat vegetables that have diuretic properties which include tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, beets and asparagus.

      You can also apply ice to swollen areas. You place ice cubes in a plastic bag with a zipper seal and put a light towel around the bag before placing on the area needed for five to ten minutes. A bag of frozen peas also works well in place of the ice in the bag and it can be reused time and time again but you can’t eat the peas after using them in this way! You can also place the swollen area in iced water but neither of these methods should be used if you suffer from poor circulation or diabetes.

      Best wishes


  • Louise Mooney on April 25, 2012

    I have my 59th birthday is in 4 day, its a rare opportunity for my husband to go out (he is stage 4 Cancer). This special i was hoping to have 2 glasses of wine, NO BREAD/butter but a heaty piece of raspberry pie for desert. those are the only off plan items otherwise I can eat as scheduled.
    I was thinking it might help if I stay on Attack for the next 4 days, went PV on saturday, the night of the special dinner.
    I am on 30th day, did attack for 6, lost 5, and have lost 6 or 7 since. I am slower than many but happy with the prgress of 12pounds in one month. Do you have another idea for minimalizing damage? Many thanks

    • Amber on April 25, 2012

      Hi Louise

      I’m very sorry to hear about your husband cancer.

      My advice is to forget about the Dukan Diet for the evening and enjoy yourself. I wouldn’t even think about damage limitation just make it a special night for both of you.

      With your husband’s illness I think that it is a good idea to lose weight slowly as you have a lot to cope with. Although the Attack Phase produces great results it comes at a price as it is very restrictive nutritionally. My advice would be just to carry on with the Cruise Phase as if nothing different was going to happen. If it takes you a week or two longer to get to your target weight to have one special meal with your husband I’d say it was a price worth paying.

      I hope you both have a lovely evening and that you have a Happy Birthday.

      Very best wishes


      • Louise Mooney on April 28, 2012

        You are very kind. Is there a way we can support you and the website? You put in so much work and really help so many of us, post if there is something we can do, buy certain products, yelp, whatever.
        Many thanks again
        Louise Mooney

        • Amber on April 29, 2012

          Hi Louise

          If I’ve worked it our correctly it is your birthday today so Happy Birthday!

          Thank you for your kind offer of support, I was so touched that it brought a tear to my eye. I enjoy running my site and offering help and support where I can so from my point of view the only thing I want is for people to keep visiting my site.

          Very best wishes


  • Lori on February 23, 2012

    Amber, I stubbed onto this website by chance and have to applaud your efforts….everything is laid out so well….easy to find answers without scrolling through tons of information…well done…I will be back soon and often!!…FYI…been a dukanista since August 21, 2011…and am down 65 pounds….30 more to TW…with the added support here….I know that I can

    • Amber on February 23, 2012

      Hi Lori

      Well done! Losing 65 pounds is a great achievement and I’m sure you will lose the remaining 30 too.

      I’m so pleased you are finding the site useful. If there is anything you think I should add just let me know.

      Best wishes


      • Luriza on February 24, 2012

        Hi after my 3days on attack i only realised today wich is supposed to be my 1st cruise day that i was not supposed to be having as many eggs as i have been.tuesday 3,wednesday none,yesterday 3 today 1..and last night had bit too many crab sticks(the fake ones).
        no results in my attack so what do i start attack over or keep going on cruise and hope for the best.

        • Amber on February 24, 2012

          Hi Luriza

          As you were only on the Attack Phase for a short period of time any weight you lost could easily be hidden by water retention so I’d move to the Cruise Phase. Eating more than one egg a day shouldn’t cause any problems with weight loss but eating too many crabsticks can. The restriction for eggs is there because of the cholesterol that eggs contain.

          Kind regards


  • sue on January 6, 2012

    Are soya noodles allowed in the attack phase?

    • Amber on January 6, 2012

      Hi Sue

      The only noodles that you can eat on the weight loss phases of the Dukan Diet are Shirataki noodles.

      Best wishes


      • sue on January 7, 2012

        Hi Amber
        Thanks for your reply. I’ve been checking on the internet and everytime I enter soya noodles all the information comes up about tofu noodles and I read that soya noodles are made from extruded tofu – does this mean they are allowed on the attack phase?

        • Amber on January 7, 2012

          Hi Sue

          I’ve never seen anything that says soya or tofu noodles are allowed on the Dukan Diet. As I explained the only noodles I’ve seen approved for use in any phase of the Dukan Diet are Shirataki noodles.

          A lot of sites confuse the issue because they call Shirataki noodles that have a small amount of tofu added tofu noodles. The addition of tofu does increase the carb and calorie content of the noodles but some people are happy to bend the rules to do this because they find this product more to their taste.

          Eating a food as a noodle is very different from eating it as a protein source so I would not recommend eating noodles made from extruded tofu as it is likely to slow your weight loss. 100g of tofu has 76 calories, 100g of Shirataki noodles has zero calories and 100g of tofu Shirataki noodles has 18 calories.

          Best wishes


  • SusanP on January 1, 2012

    Hi Amber,

    I heard about the Dukan Diet about 3 days ago and ever since have been doing my internet research. I found your site to be the most comprehensive and informative. I’m still planning and determining when the best time is to start. I also want to read the book before diving in. Now would be THE best time for me but, as you recommend, I fear if I don’t plan and tryout the menus in advance I’ll certainly fail.

    Thank you for creating such a wonderful site. I look forward to spending some more time on it in the future.

    • Amber on January 1, 2012

      Hi SusanP

      Thank you for your lovely comments about my site.

      You do stand a much better chance of succeeding with a sound understanding of the Dukan Diet and proper preparation and planning.

      Let me know if there is anything I can help you out with.

      Best wishes


  • Jessica on December 10, 2011

    Hi Amber

    Was just wondering if your allowed any form of gravy with your meat whilst on the dukan diet?


    • Amber on December 10, 2011

      Hi Jessica

      You can make gravy using a stock/bouillon cube and cornflour/corn starch from your tolerated items.

      Best wishes


  • Michi on November 4, 2011

    I was wondering if anyone knows if we can eat any of the Walden Farm products on the Dukan Diet. They have no fat and no calories. Basically they only have some sodium in them. I ask because they have a whole line of sauces and dressings that taste amazing.

    • Amber on November 4, 2011

      Hi Michi

      It will depend on how rigidly you want to stick to the diet. You would need to look at the ingredients in each product and look for anything which wasn’t allowed. For example the Honey Mustard Mayo contains vegetable fiber and cornstarch which a purist would say isn’t allowed. It really has to be one of those decisions where you make your own mind up.


  • Anne on October 11, 2011

    Hi Amber,

    Just hoping that you can help me?
    I have been doing the Attack Phase for 3 days and today (day 3) I got my period. I feel like i have lost weight but havent on the scales. Could this be that i have been retaining water for my period?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Amber on October 11, 2011

      Hi Anne

      Water retention caused by your monthly period is a very common occurrence so you just need to stick to the diet and your weight should start to fall again when your period ends.

      Best wishes


      • Anne on October 12, 2011

        Thanks Amber for your quick reply.

        How do i know when to proceed to cruise phase then as i thought you stayed on attack phase for 3-7 days. (by the time my period ends it will be day nine of the dukan diet). Can i continue on the attack phase wait until after my period then proceed to cruise phase??

        Sorry so confused.

        • Amber on October 12, 2011

          Hi Anne

          I meant stick to the Dukan Diet overall rather than stay on the Attack Phase. How long you need to follow the Attack Phase for depends upon how much weight you need to lose and you shouldn’t extend beyond this You’ll find more info in the post below.

          How Long Should the Attack Phase of the Dukan Diet Last?

          Best wishes


    • Inqu on October 17, 2011

      Like Amber said, this is only a temporary situation.

      Anyway, are you in Phase II already? Did you succeed? How’s your diet?

  • Chris on October 7, 2011

    Hi Amber absolutely love your website. You are so kind to take the time sharing your experiences and explaining to us what is right and wrong on the Dukan Diet. I would like to send a cheesecake recipe that I have from another site to see if it is suitable for this diet. Nor sure of where to send it.
    Thanks for your time and help.

    • Amber on October 7, 2011

      Hi Chris

      I’ll email you so you can send it to me.


  • Antonia on September 15, 2011

    Hi there,
    I am on my fourth and last day in the attack phase, I have lost 5 pounds (water weight I am sure) and will start my cruise phase come tomorrow. My biggest worry is that my metabolism will slow down. How can I make sure that that won’t happen? I mean the weight loss that I have experienced so far is based on the sole fact that all the foods I have eaten are lower in calories. Will low caloric intake slow my metabolism down?

    • Amber on September 15, 2011

      Hi Antonia

      Hopefully a pound or two of the weight you’ve lost won’t be water. You are right to have concerns about following a diet which is too low in calories as this can make it more difficult for you to lose weight as your body thinks that it is being subject to a famine and it goes into a conservation mode.

      I have put together a post to help give a little more information about your metabolism which I hope you will find useful.

      Kind regards


  • Gee on September 6, 2011

    I’m in the the 2nd day of cruise phase and still getting headaches any advise.

    • Amber on September 6, 2011

      Hi Gee

      The headaches could be due to ketosis or drinking too little water but they could also be due to hypoglycemia. If your headaches are still a problem after a couple more days I would recommend seeing your doctor.

      Best wishes


  • Jacqueline on September 3, 2011

    Hi, can you eat crab sticks during the attack phase, the ones with 40% surimi and lots of other stuff!!

    • Amber on September 3, 2011

      Hi Jacqueline

      Crabsticks are limited to 8 a day – probably because of the lots of other stuff they contain!!


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