Is the Dukan Diet Bad for My Kidneys?

There are quite a few articles which I’ve read in the last few weeks, that make the claim that following the Dukan Diet is bad for your kidneys, so I’m not surprised that this is a question which is being entered in Google.  However before answering the question, I want to make clear that I am not a medical professional and as a believer in the Dukan Diet I would have to concede that my positive opinion of the Diet might well be clouding my objectivity.

The diet receives this specific criticism because whilst following the Attack Phase, in particular, you are eating foods that are high in protein but are restricting your consumption of fruit and vegetables.  I decided to carry out some research on the topic and Googled the four words protein consumption and kidney to see what information I could find.  The second and fourth entries took me to this article “Dietary protein intake and renal function” that was published in September 2005 in Nutrition & Metabolism.  I found the whole article extremely interesting but have only provided the conclusion of the authors William F Martin, Lawrence E Armstrong and Nancy R Rodriguez in this post.   Their conclusion was that:

Although excessive protein intake remains a health concern in individuals with pre-existing renal disease, the literature lacks significant research demonstrating a link between protein intake and the initiation or progression of renal disease in healthy individuals. More importantly, evidence suggests that protein-induced changes in renal function are likely a normal adaptative mechanism well within the functional limits of a healthy kidney.”

Remember that the Dukan Diet advocates that you drink 1 1/2 liters of water each day and this is very good for your kidneys and that if you also take advantage of the tolerated items and other extras that the Dukan Diet permits such as goji berries, rhubarb and onion on Pure Protein days you will be likely to eat less protein.

The Dukan Diet is not suitable for everyone so please remember that if you are considering starting any new diet or exercise regime that you must consult with your own medical practitioner before you begin.

2 Responses to “Is the Dukan Diet Bad for My Kidneys?”

  • ZOE on July 8, 2012

    Hi, i did the Dukan Diet a couple of years ago. Went in for surgery and wasn’t allowed to leave the Hospital for days due to my Rnal function. I think it was due to the diet. I have since found out i have Lupus. Should probably shun the diet but the weight loss is so immense it is hard||| i need toi think long tem and the organ damage i am doing ;(

    • Amber on July 8, 2012

      Hi Zoe

      Given your medical history it is very probable that the Dukan Diet is not suitable for you to use. The kidneys are one of the organs that Lupus commonly damages. I’d suggest speaking with your doctor and specialist to find a weight loss program that is safe for you to use.

      Best wishes


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