Can I Drink Tea, Green Tea or Herbal Tea on Dukan Diet?

In this post I am answering three questions in one, as many people are searching on the Internet to find out whether they can drink various types of tea, whilst following the Dukan Diet.  As you are unlikely to be trying to find out whether you can drink something you don’t like, the answer for those people asking the questions about drinking different teas is good news, as you can drink all you want, of these types of tea, throughout all four phases of the Dukan Diet, provided it is only sweetened with zero calorie sweeteners and any milk used is skim or zero fat milk.  The only teas you should try to avoid are those that contain large amounts of fruit as they may contain a lot of natural sugar.

Green tea has been a fashionable drink for slimmers because of all the teas it contains the highest quantities of catechins.  Catechins are antioxidants that are credited with acting as both fat blockers and fat burners.  They block fat absorption by preventing the body from being able to break down the fat to use and they burn fat as they stimulate enzymes that burn or metabolise stored body fat.

Apart from catechins, tea also contains calcium, magnesium, tannins, amino acids, biotin, fluoride, Vitamins D and E and flavonoids which like catechins are antioxidants and because of this tea is

  • Great for your heart as the flavonoids reduce the build up of cholesterol and one of the catechins EGCg has been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of both strokes and heart attacks.
  • Good for your bones and teeth.  The Vitamin D helps build bones and the fluoride helps prevent cavaties.  The amino acids and calcium and magnesium also help the body to form healthy bones and teeth.
  • Brilliant for boosting your immune system due to the high levels of antioxidants which also help slow down the ageing process too!

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