28 Vegetables Added in the Cruise Phase of the Dukan Diet

There are 28 permitted vegetables for PV (Protein and Vegetable) days in the Cruise Phase which you add to the list of 72 low fat, high protein foods from the Attack Phase.  When you look at the vegetables listed in more detail you will see that many of these 28 vegetables have a large number of varieties that will give you a much wider choice than you might have first thought.  You also have to remember that you can also eat goji berries which with the stewed rhubarb gives you limited access to fruit as well.

There are three vegetables on the list, carrots, beetroot, and artichokes which you need to be careful when eating as their high sugar content might impact on your weight loss so you need to restrict these to one serving per week each.

The 28 Permitted Vegetables are:

  1. Artichokes (Globe not Jerusalem)
  2. Asparagus
  3. Aubergine (aka Egg Plant)
  4. Beetroot
  5. Broccoli
  6. Cabbage  (Broccoli and Cabbage are both a member of the Cole family and this allows you to eat a very wide variety of vegetables such as cauliflower, purple sprouting broccoli, red cabbage, white cabbage, collard greens, kale and brussel sprouts.  The picture for this post is of a Romanesco Cauliflower)
  7. Carrots
  8. Celery and Celeriac
  9. Chicory
  10. Courgettes (aka Zucchini)
  11. Cucumber
  12. Fennel
  13. French Beans/String Beans/Runner Beans/Mangetout
  14. Leeks
  15. Mushrooms ( all varieties including White Button, Shiitake, Oyster and Portabella)
  16. Onions (Red, White, Salad or Spring)
  17. Palm Hearts
  18. Peppers
  19. Pumpkins, Squashes and Marrows
  20. Radishes
  21. Salad Leaves (Of any sort including all types of Lettuce, Rocket and Watercress)
  22. Sorrel
  23. Soya Beans
  24. Spinach
  25. Swede
  26. Swiss Chard
  27. Tomatoes
  28. Turnips




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  • bex on January 11, 2017

    are parnips ok on PV days?

    • Amber on January 11, 2017

      Hi Bex

      Parsnips don’t make it to the list of approved vegetables so should not be eaten.

      Best wishes


      • Bob on January 11, 2017

        Can i eat butter beans on cruise phase?

        • Amber on January 12, 2017

          Hi Bob

          Sorry no, butter beans are too starchy.

          Kind regards


    • Nicky mcmanus on July 24, 2017

      Can you have tinned tomatos on PV days? I can see on this thread you can have tomato puree. Starting this next monday have read up lots and excited to start ! Nicky

      • Amber on August 5, 2017

        Hi Nicky

        Tinned tomatoes are fine to have in Cruise on PV days.

        Best wishes


  • Emma on January 9, 2017

    Hi there,

    I’m starting the cruise Phase tomorrow, and I have done lots of research (I have 3 books), but what I can’t quite figure out is if we should eat veggies with every meal we have during the PV Phase or if veggies are only meant to be eaten when having dinner..

    Also does someone maybe have an example schedule of what to eat on a PV day especially WHEN to eat the veggies during the day.

    • Amber on January 10, 2017

      Hi Emma

      You don’t have to eat vegetables with every meal but try to eat vegetables with meals as often as you canhis adds variety and different nutrients to your diet. The Dukan Diet doesn’t have a rule telling you when to eat vegetables during the day.

      Best wishes


  • Ash on December 29, 2016

    Hi, can we eat rice in the cruise phase?

    • Amber on December 29, 2016

      Hi Ash

      Sorry no.



  • renu on November 28, 2016

    Hi i am on the cruise phase but its jus that we are going out for a family meal can i have one meal of everything or can i not skip one meal of dukan with kust normal meal

    • Amber on November 28, 2016

      Hi renu

      If you don’t follow Dukan for one meal it can slow down your weight loss. The damage done will depend on how much fat/carbs the meal contains.

      If you can try to limit the damage by avoiding or eating small quantities of foods that are high in fats and carbs.

      Best wishes


  • Kathya on September 18, 2016

    Can Eat beans, like pinto, red or black beans

    • Amber on October 16, 2016

      Hi Kathya

      No – these are pulses rather than vegetables and are too starchy.



  • Sarah on September 14, 2016

    Thanks for all of this info! You mentioned the need to restrict artichokes because of the sugar content but I am not seeing anything on the Dukan website or in the book (though, I’m still reading the book) that mentions anything about that. Beets and carrots, yes absolutely, but nothing about artichokes. Where did you get this info from?

    • Amber on October 16, 2016

      Hi Sarah

      A couple of years ago everyone had access to the online chats that are held on the coached version and this is where the information came from. Artichokes have a similiar level of carbs to carrots.



  • hazel horsley on March 3, 2016

    hi Amber,can i make a Ratatouille with the unlimited veg .can i use a little olive oil and can i use tomato puree.Hazel

    • Amber on March 6, 2016

      Hi Hazel

      You can use up to one teaspoon of olive oli per day and tomato puree is OK to use in unlimited quatities on PV days.

      Best wishes


  • sarah on January 15, 2016

    can you eat sweetcorn on the cruise phase? it’s so good in soup?

    • Amber on February 6, 2016

      Hi Sarah

      No sweetcorn is too high in carbs.



  • sara on November 25, 2015

    Hi Amanda
    I’m in the cruise phase of the diet and feeling really good about it.
    Anyways, when I realized I was allowed butternut squash, I got really excited and ate a bunch but forgot about the oil it was cooked in. Will this stall my weight loss much? what can I do to help it?
    My other question is, I’ve been eating a lot of fish because that’s what happens to be available at the moment. Is this too much fat, should I be trying to limit my fish consumption?
    Thanks for your help!!

    • Amber on November 26, 2015

      Hi Sara

      I can’t say how this slip up will slow your rate of weight loss if at all but don’t worry about it. Just carry on as if it hadn’t happened.

      There is no limit on the amount of fish that can be eaten but if you are eating a lot of oily fish it may slow down your weight loss. Only worry about limiting the amount of oily fish if you are struggling to lose weight.

      Best wishes


  • shereen on November 6, 2015

    would callaloo be ok to eat on Pv days

    • Amber on November 8, 2015

      Hi Shireen

      As callaloo is a leafy vegetable it will be fine to eat on PV days.

      Best wishes


  • Kaitlin Gunteski on September 6, 2015

    Hi. Can I have zucchini and squash as well

    • Amber on September 6, 2015

      Hi Kaitlin

      Yes you can!

      Best wishes


  • susan on July 16, 2015

    Hi I am starting this diet can you advise cam I have broclie and colluflower with my meat every day or every other day and if so jow much and is ther a limit to how mich meat you can have tia x

    • Amber on July 26, 2015

      Hi Susan

      You can have broccoli and cauliflower on the protein and vegetable days of the Cruise phase and there is no limits on how much you can eat. The same applies to meat – no limits!

      Best wishes


  • Charlotte on May 28, 2015

    Hi Amber ~ if i dont have cholesterol issues, how many eggs can I have on pp and pv days pls ?

    • Amber on May 31, 2015

      Hi Charlotte

      If you aren’t limited on health grounds you would only be limited by personal preference but do try to eat as great a variety of food as you can.

      Best wishes


  • Hila Rusin on May 26, 2015

    Hi Amber,
    This may sound dumb, but can we combine the allowed vegetables to create a soup? on the PV days? also eating a protein with it etc


    • Amber on May 26, 2015

      Hi Hila

      Not a dumb question at all – yes you can:)

      Best wishes


  • Yeliz on April 7, 2015

    Hi Amber,

    Do we have o eat them raw or grilled. For example if I want to make a dish with garlic onion eggplant and tomato, can i eat as long as i don’t add oil? If so that’s awesome.

    But I am affraid that I will gain more wait with that much of a food

    • Amber on April 10, 2015

      Hi Yelis

      You can eat the vegetables cooked or raw but don’t forget that you should also try to eat protein at every meal if possible.

      Best wishes


  • Shirley on March 26, 2015

    Can you have parsnip on PV days?

    • Amber on March 26, 2015

      Hi Shirley

      Parsnips are very similar to carrots and best eaten in moderation and this is why Dr Dukan doesn’t include them in his list of approved vegetables.

      Kind regards


  • Ns on February 21, 2015

    Tolerated items on protein day cruise?

    • Amber on February 22, 2015

      Hi Ns



  • Mel on June 8, 2014

    Dear Amber,

    I had the other day quite a bit of pumpkin and later when I checked the nutrition of pumpkin, I found out that it had high amount of carbs, now I was wondering, is pumpkin really allowed in unlimited amount? And is that possible for me to lose weight if I have so much carbs?

    Kind Regards,

    • Amber on June 8, 2014

      Hi Mel

      Some of the allowed foods due have high levels of carbs or oil and if they were eaten to excess they could prevent you losing weight but Dr Dukan doesn’t put a limit on them. The best way to apply the Dukan Diet is to eat as widely as you can from the list of allowed foods so that no one food is eaten to excess.

      Kind regards


  • Toni on May 20, 2014

    Hi I am Coeliac so does it matter if I don’t have the oatbran?

    • Amber on May 20, 2014

      Hi Toni

      You can find gluten free oat bran which some coeliacs are able to tolerate but if this isn’t suitable you can follow the diet without the oat bran.

      Best wishes


  • Ali on April 2, 2014

    Hi I am a little confused about cruise – so you alternated the cruise diet with the attack diet every 5 days or every other day? Alison

    • Amber on April 2, 2014

      Hi Ali

      The Cruise Phase is made up of an equal number of days of pure protein to days of protein and vegetables. The pure protein day is almost the same as a day in the Attack Phase but you are allowed to add 2 tolerated items each day and you also increase the amount of oat bran eaten from 1.5 to 2 tablespoons a day.

      Best wishes


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