Dukan Diet Recipes – Ham Crispies

Ham Crispies are the best bacon substitute that I’ve found and they taste great with any type of eggs or cottage cheese.

If you are looking for a really substantial breakfast on a PV (Protein and Vegetable) day why not try:

  • A Piece of Dukan Toast or a Dukan Oat Bran Pancake
  • Scrambled /Poached /Dry fried Egg (If you scramble your eggs you can also add extra egg whites)
  • Ham Crispies
  • Grilled Tomatoes (cooked at the same time as the ham)
  • Dry fried Mushrooms (use a non stick frying pan over a medium heat and add a little sea salt and freshly ground black pepper).

You could of course have this meal at any time of day and on a PP (Pure Protein) day or during the Attack Phase you just leave out the tomatoes and mushrooms and have a yogurt to finish instead.  As recipes go it could not really be any simpler as there is just one ingredient.

Ham Crispies


  • Slices of low fat ham (Not too thick or they won’t go crispy)


  1. Spread out your slices of ham on a baking tray.
  2. Place into a preheated oven at 200C.
  3. Cook for 7 or 8 minutes.
  4. Turn the ham slices over and finish under a hot grill.
  5. Do not leave unattended as the ham slices can very quickly become over done!


10 Responses to “Dukan Diet Recipes – Ham Crispies”

  • Mara on May 30, 2012

    Hi Amber,

    These Ham Cripies are delicious!!!! I was wondering how long these will keep and how to store them if you can?

    I love your site, it has been amazingly helpful!!!


    • Amber on May 30, 2012

      Hi Mara

      Mine have never last that long.

      I’d try storing them in kitchen paper in an air tight box in the refrigerator for a maximum of 3 days.

      Best wishes


  • Sarah on March 20, 2012

    Hello , I am on attack phase , how do you do scrambled eggs ?? 🙂 also is there a group 4 this on Facebook x Sarah x

    • Amber on March 20, 2012

      Hi Sarah

      Here is a link to a simple recipe for scrambled eggs that you can make in a microwave.


      I did set up a Facebook page for myself (Amber Allen)but I’ve never gotten around to doing anything with it as I’m not really sure what to do and you are the first person to ask about Facebook. I’ve just posted links to two of the posts from this site. If people are interested in using Facebook I’m happy to learn about Facebook in just the same way as I learned about running this site – by trial and error!!!

      It isn’t possible for me to set up a group for thedukandietsite as it could be confused with the official Dukan Diet pages that are already in existence and break this Facebook condition

      “Any user may create a Page to express support for or interest in a brand, entity (place or organization), or public figure, provided that it is not likely to be confused with an official Page or violate someone’s rights.”

      Best wishes


      • Donald on May 25, 2012

        Hi Amber,

        You shouldn’t worry about all the legal-ese unless you’re running a subfranchise from dukan diet. (as you’re then governed by the subfranchise agreement). Facebook is really loose about these things.

        You can also call your page (better page than group, I think) as AmberDukanDietSite.

        Keep up the good work! we all need support in doing this.

        ps. you can always ask me about facebook stuff. I’m a technopreneur, facebook is our bread and butter. if I don’t know it, one of my staff will. 🙂



        • Amber on May 25, 2012

          Hi Donald

          I’ll bear this in mind. Do you think it is worth trying to get my information onto a Facebook page? I want to help as many people as I can but there is only such much of my spare time that I can spend on this. Does it take a lot of time?

          Best wishes


  • Scott on January 23, 2012

    Is there a limit to the amount of ham crispies you can have in the attack phase

    • Amber on January 23, 2012

      Hi Scott

      There is no limit on the amount of ham that you can eat either as Ham Crispies or in any other way as it is an unlimited food but you do need to apply some common sense as it is very high is sodium.

      Kind regards


  • SUMANA on December 2, 2011


    I have started attack phase since yesterday. just wanted to ask u if I can have chicken plain sausages and plain salamis during this phase?

    • Amber on December 3, 2011

      Hi Sumania

      It will depend on the ingredients in these products as they may contain starches, sugar or be too high in fat.

      Best wishes


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