Dukan Diet Attack Phase Menu – Days 4 and 5

Here are another two days suggested menus for the Attack Phase or a PP day in other phases of the Dukan Diet.

Over the seven days that I’ve put the menus together for I made sure that I included three servings of oily fish as their high levels of  Omega 3 and various minerals and vitamins provide so many health benefits.   They contain magnesium, iodine, zinc, phosphorus, calcium and selenium and the vitamins A, D, E and K.

Eating oily fish

  • is good for your cardio vascular system
  • helps prevent the onset and the progression of age related macular degeneration
  • may provide a lower risk of developing dementia
  • may help sufferers of depression
  • may help sufferers of arthritis by reducing inflammation

I’ve also included a lot of lean beef as according to the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, beef is a great source of  zinc, vitamin B12, selenium, iron, vitamin B6, phosphorus, niacin, potassium and riboflavin.

Whilst eating pure protein will not provide a balanced diet, it has to be considered against the health benefits that losing weight will provide and the fact that the Attack Phase is only followed for a maximum of 10 days.  By making sure that you eat as wide a variety of foods from the list of 72 permitted proteins you are maximising the nutritional benefits of the restricted diet.

Day 4 Protein only (1/4 egg)



  • Chicken slices




Day 5 Protein only (1/3 egg)




  • 1 piece Dukan Toast (1/2 tbsp oatbran)
  • Ham slices
  • Yogurt


  • Smoked Mackerel
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Jello

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35 Responses to “Dukan Diet Attack Phase Menu – Days 4 and 5”

  • Elena on July 8, 2017

    Hi Amber,
    Can I have Kombucha on the attack phase or cruise phase?

    • Amber on July 9, 2017

      Hi Elena

      Kombucha is too high in calories to qualify as an allowable diet drink so should not be consumed on the Dukan.



  • Rachel on February 8, 2017

    Hi can I eat smoked haddock on attack or cruise?
    Many thanks

    • Amber on February 8, 2017

      Hi Rachel

      Yes smoked fish is fine on any day in Dukan.

      Best wishes


  • tamera on January 31, 2016

    Im really knew to this diet as this is my first day. My problem is that im on a very limited budget with raising 8 kids alone so finding foods that i can afford is hard. What simple foods can i eat during this attack phase that wont kill my budget. Also what can i substitute for oatbran as i have not been able to find it in the stores where i live!!

    Thank you

    • Amber on February 6, 2016

      Hi Tamere

      If you can find out bran you can often buy it on the Internet but it does depend on which country you live in. If you can’t find any oat bran you just leave it out. The price of foods also depends on the country you live in but eggs, yogurt, chicken, milk, lean mince meat and fish are usually a good choice.

      Best wishes


  • Angie on January 27, 2015

    Hi Amber,
    can i use organic high fiber Oat Bran
    on this diet?
    thank you

    • Amber on January 28, 2015

      Hi Angie

      Bob’s Red Mill Organic High Fiber Oat Bran Cereal is made from 100% oat bran and is fine to use.

      Kind regards


  • Momo on December 2, 2014

    Hi Amber

    I’m on my 3rd day of Attack phase and also do 20 laps in the pool. I’ve lost 3kg and it all seems too good to be true considering I’m eating meat only but some of our canteen meat isn’t fat free. I have a lot to lose but is this really sustainable to lose at such a rapid rate so early on. That oat bran makes my tummy run (I’ve never experienced constipation in my life)

    • Amber on December 11, 2014

      Hi Momo

      It is very likely that the rate of weight loss will slow down to a more sustainable rate. The Attack phase is designed to give a kick start to your diet to help give you the momentum to continue.

      You can leave the oat bran out if it cannot eat it.


  • DIva on September 17, 2014

    To make sure I’m understanding this correctly, for the first 5 days I only eat meat and then day on day off of veggie and protien until I reach my goal weight?

    • Amber on September 28, 2014

      Hi Diva

      This would be the basic explanation of the Dukan Diet but it is a little more complex than that. You need to expand your knowledge of the Dukan to get the most out of the program.

      Kind regards


  • Susan on March 25, 2014

    Hi, I’m on day two of attack phase and last night I had lots of mackerel and smoked salmon for my dinner? As mackerel has a very high fat content is this still OK within the attack phase? Thanks in advance.

    • Amber on March 26, 2014

      Hi Susan

      Oily fish is allowed in the Attack Phase but I wouldn’t recommend eating it every day. Smoked salmon has quite a high fat content too.

      Kind regards


  • safaa on February 23, 2014

    Hi Amber,

    can I eat pastrami.97%fat free,total fat 1.5g 3%
    calories 60
    carbohydrate1g 0%
    suger less than 1g


    • Amber on February 23, 2014



  • nonugin on December 12, 2013

    Hi Amber!

    1.Can I have two types of lean meats a meal? For eg, can i have a little chicken and a little turkey?/chicken and tuna?

    2. Also, can i have wheat germ during the attack phase?
    3. Can i have simple chicken soups (just boiled chicken, tomatoes and onions)during the attack phase?


    • Amber on December 15, 2013

      Hi Nonugin

      1. Yes you can mix your protiens in the same meal.
      2. 1 tablespoon of wheat brean is allowed to help treat constipation.
      3. Yes but you need to be careful with the amounts of onion and tomato used. It should only be a small amounts.

      Kind regards


  • helen on October 31, 2013

    hi amber

    great website!! what is considered ‘too high’ in carbs?


    • Amber on October 31, 2013

      Hi Helen

      There are very few figures in the Dukan Diet, the levels of fat and carbohydrates are by and large controlled by the foods that you are allowed to eat. However there is a 7% or less carbs rule for dairy foods.

      Kind regards


  • Ana on October 23, 2013

    Hi Amber, I found this fat free 0.1% vanilla yogurt from Onken. Am I aloud to have it on the atack phase? per 100g 4.4g protein, 13.0g carbohydrate of which sugar 12.0g; fat 0.1g; fibre 0.1g; sodium 0.08g; equivalent of salt 0.20g. Ingredients: yogurt, sugar, corn starch, lemon juice, carrot extract, pectins, guar gum, natural bourbon vanilla, contains cows milk. Thanks

    • Amber on October 23, 2013

      Hi Ana

      I’m sorry but this yogurt isn’t suitable as it has added sugar and is too high in carbs.

      Kind regards


  • tasha on March 4, 2013

    Hey amber,
    Can I eat fish fingers? I mean any of those fishes in the box I don’t know how to call them, maybe fish sticks :p .. thnx

    • Amber on March 4, 2013

      Hi Tasha

      You are allowed up to 8 crabsticks a day.

      Kind regards


  • sidney on February 3, 2013

    Thank you, I’ll try 🙂

  • sidney on February 1, 2013

    Amber dear,
    I’m on my 9th day and I lost only 1kg and that was because I took 2 pills of laxative on my day 6, and the day after I didn’t go to the toilet and the 8th day I took laxa again but it just gave me real cramps and I went to the toilet but had just a very small poop and I didn’t lose anything on scales 🙁 … ( I did try the suggestions on the link u sent me but nothing that’s why I went for laxa)I’m thinking about giving up sadlly I still have more energy to continue but what’s the use this diet doesn’t like me nothing ever worked for me! I drink water, I exercise, I eat only the foods on list never cheated coz I really realy wanted this but..

    • Amber on February 1, 2013

      Hi Sidney

      It does seem as if you are having problems with constipation and it might be that a diet that is so low in fiber doesn’t suit you. As you aren’t losing weight you may want to consider making some unapproved adaptations to see if you can make the diet suit you better. For example you could try adding some low sugar, high fiber fruit each day, such as apples, pears, blackberries or cranberries although this would mean that you wouldn’t really be following the Dukan diet but if it works I’m sure you wouldn’t care about this.

      Best wishes


  • julia on January 29, 2013

    Hallo! What else, except water may we drink in the first 2 phases? Is fruit juice allowed? What about coke zero and light wine? Coffee / tea? I suffer with the drinks and not so much the food. Your advise is appreciated.

    • Amber on January 29, 2013

      Hi Julia

      Apart from water you can drink skim milk, tea, green tea, coffee, herbal/fruit teas and diet sodas which have less than 1 calorie per serving.

      Kind regards


  • sidney on January 27, 2013

    Hey Amber 🙂
    I’m on day 4 of Dukan diet and I haven’t lost not even a pound :/ I eat 2 chicken breast a day with 3 beef kebab, turkey and chicken I’ve never used oil. I haven’t eaten fish yet. I eat yogurt (not more than 1kg a day). I don’t really eat cheese and fromage stuff. I eat the daily oat bran and 1.5l of water but still can’t lose nothing I’m 80kg and my goal is 67 :/ and I’ll still look fat on valentine’s day 🙁 what can I do pls help!!

    • Amber on January 27, 2013

      Hi Sidney

      The two most common reasons for not losing weight when you are following the diet correctly are constipation and water retention. The reason the Attack Phase usually produces such good results is that when you eat protein it encourages your body to lose water. If you are eating a lot of salt/sodium it may be that you are counteracting this effect. It might also be due to your monthly hormone cycle which can cause bloating. The lack of fiber in the Attack Phase does cause constipation and this is one of the most common side effect of the Dukan Diet. If waste is building up in your body rather than being eliminated it does make it look as if you are not losing weight. http://thedukandietsite.com/1701/treating-constipation-on-the-dukan-diet/

      The good news is that both of these are only temporary and that once remedied the weight loss will show on the scales. Be patient and try to stay strong and you will succeed.

      Best wishes


  • Michelle on November 3, 2012

    Hi amber,
    I’ve been on diet for 3 weeks , spent 6 days as attack.weight loss was remarkable. Great diet.
    On PMS days i have dropped the diet and binge chocolate and desserts . Weight gain occured as expected.
    If i restart the attack, is weight loss again guaranteed or is there any other alternative???

    • Amber on November 4, 2012

      Hi Michelle

      The Attack Phase shouldn’t be repeated as it is too restrictive nutritionally and it can also be counterproductive as your body can react to the reduction in calories by reducing your metabolic rate and reducing the calories you are burning.

      You need to continue with the Cruise Phase and make a plan for how you will get through next month’s PMS. Perhaps you could make a supply of meringues to have with sweetened Greek yogurt or you could add reduced fat cocoa powder to a yogurt or you could make yourself some custard.

      Kind regards


  • SUMANA on December 5, 2011

    Hi Amber,

    can I consume chicken sausages and chicken plain salami in this phase. If so how much ?

    • Amber on December 5, 2011

      Hi Sumana

      Poultry sausages are a tolerated item that you add in the Cruise Phase and you are allowed 100g and you need to look for ones that are low in fat with no added starches

      I’ve tried to find some makes of chicken plain salami with the ingredients listed so that I can check them out. You want to be looking to eat protein which is high in protein and low in carbs and fat without too much salt. I did see one recipe for home made Chicken Plain Salami which just used meat and seasonings and if you will be eating this type of salami it will be fine. What you want to steer clear of is any which have added bread or rice.

      Best wishes


      Poultry sausages are a tolerated item that you add in the Cruise Phase and you are allowed 100g and you need to look for ones that are low in fat with no added

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