Attack Recipe: Dukan Egg Drop Soup

If you are looking for comfort food in the Attack Phase or on a PP day in Cruise this soup really hits the mark.  It is just the type of food to eat on a chilly day in February! The great thing about Attack Phase recipes is that you can have them on any day of the Dukan Diet.  This is also a food that I turn to when I am looking to even out some of the excesses of other meals.

There is an official Dukan recipe for Egg Drop Soup on Facebook that for a reason or reasons unknown to me has you cooking the egg into an omelette and shredding it before adding it to the soup.  It does seem to be a strange adaptation of the recipe as rather than adding uncooked egg to the soup you first have to go to the trouble of cooking an omelette.  Wikipedia perfectly describes Egg Drop Soup which is also known as Egg Flower Soup as being a  “Chinese soup of wispy beaten eggs in boiled chicken broth“,  It is not a Chinese soup of chopped up omelette in boiled chicken broth.

My recipe uses ginger and garlic as well as freshly ground black pepper to add a little more zing to the broth.  What you add really comes down to personal taste, you could try adding some Five Spice, the Chinese spice mix that contains Star Anise, cloves, Chinese cinnamon, Sichuan pepper and fennel seeds or if you like a lot more zing you could add some chilli.

Star Anise


Other additions for the soup include chopped cooked chicken, tofu, scallions (Spring onions) or chives. If you are having the soup on a PV day you could also add a few beansprouts or dried seaweed.

Dukan Egg Drop Soup

Ingredients (1 serving)

  • 1 1/2 cups of low salt Chicken Broth
  • 2 beaten Eggs
  • 1 pinch of Ginger powder
  • 1 pinch of Garlic powder
  • Freshly ground Black Pepper to taste
  • 3 or 4 finely sliced Scallions (Spring Onions)


  1. Add the garlic and ginger to the chicken broth and bring to the boil.
  2. Remove from the heat and add the beaten eggs slowly while stirring the broth to produce the ribbons of eggs.
  3. Keep a teaspoon of the scallion/spring onion to one side and add the rest to the soup.
  4. The soup is now ready to serve garnished with a few turns of freshly ground mix pepper and the scallion/spring onions that were put to one side.

If you are looking to reduce your whole egg consumption you could add just egg whites or a combination of one egg and a couple of egg whites.

33 Responses to “Attack Recipe: Dukan Egg Drop Soup”

  • Tuul on February 2, 2018

    Hi Amber,

    I have some questions regarding a soup. Is beef soup allowed during Attack Phase? I live in S.Korea, I ate Korean Beef soup today, but I’m concerned i might ate the wrong ingredients. The soup was made of beef stock, chopped beef, a bit of green onions, some glass noodle, enoki mushrooms, egg, and bit of salt and black pepper. 2nd question, for example if I ate the wrong food, do I supposed to re-start again or i can keep going with attack phase?

    • Amber on February 3, 2018

      Hi Tuul

      Beef soup can be eaten in Attack Phase but this beef soup would not be suitable for the Attack phase as it contains mushrooms and glass noodles. THe only noodles allowed are Shirataki and vegetables are not added until the Cruise Phase.

      Spend a little time getting to understand the Dukan so that you understand what foods to eat. As you have not really started the Attack Phase it will be fine to restart,

      Best wishes


  • mesa on November 23, 2017

    hello Amber,
    Can i use soy milk or even soy protein in this diet?

    • Amber on November 26, 2017

      Hi Mesa

      Yes you can use soy milk and yoghurt and tofu. However if you follow the vegetarian version you can have also have TVP – textured vegetable protein.

      Kind regards


  • Michelle R. on March 24, 2017

    This recipe turned out good, I added 1/2 plain baked chicken that I had leftover in the fridge to add body to the soup. Very tasty! I think next time I will do only 1 cup of the low sodium broth plus 1 cup water – last night when I made it, I added a bit more broth (probably about a 1/2 cup, totaling 2 cups of the low sodium broth) since the chicken was in there, I needed a little more liquid to stir the eggs around in. I felt a tad bloated this morning (just a little) – I’m guessing this is from the sodium (even though it is low sodium) because I have not been eating anything with much salt in it at all.
    I am on day 6 of this diet, been following it to the “T” and I even have stayed away from diet drinks with artificial sweetener. I am down a little over 7 pounds. I plan to continue this until the 10th day, unless my weight loss stops, then I will continue on to the next phase.
    The only troubles I am having is eating enough food, I know that sounds weird but I’m honestly just not that hungry. I’ve been eating low-fat (I couldn’t find fat free at the store I was at) cottage cheese, probably about 3 half-cup servings per day, the recommended oat bran, plain chicken and that’s about it until last night when I made this soup. I need to increase the amount of food I am eating though because I have only had one bowel movement (sorry if that’s too much info) in the 6 days. There’s just not enough solid food to pass.
    I am feeling good though. I feel like all of the pounds I’ve lost have come from my stomach. I realize most, if not all, of this weight is water weight but my stomach feels so flat and I feel good, no bloat or belly bulge.
    I can see myself sticking to this program long term.

    • Amber on March 24, 2017

      Hi Michelle

      I’m really pleased that things are going well. When you move to Cruise you will add more fibre to your diet. You could try using psyllium husk, if you need to increase your bowels movements.

      Best wishes


      • mirabella finta on October 2, 2017

        can we use laxatives here?

        • Amber on October 7, 2017

          Hi Mirabella

          If you are constipated of course you can. Please ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice on the best one to use.

          Best wishes


  • Nadia on February 18, 2017

    Hi Amber
    I just finished my 7 days of Attack and lost 1kg which is great considering I am 70 and can’t move much due to my heart condition but I will continue now with 7 Steps focusing on balancing loss – gain days that you described.
    I want to share the stock recipe I use for PP soups:
    I use a very large pan and all allowed meat I want – whole chicken, pork, beef – cover with water and cook adding garlic onion (celery carrot chilly) and fresh herbs, sea salt.
    Chicken cooks fastest so I remove, bone and portion it for fridge or freezer.
    Put chicken bones back in to the cooking pot.
    When other meat is ready I get the pieces out and strain the stock in to a suitable container – cool and put in to the fridge for the night.
    When meat is cold I slice it and portion for fridge and freezer.
    Next day the stock in the ridge has formed a layer of ALL fat on the top that I fastidiously scrape off and then portion the jelly for freezing also.
    So I have perfect lean meats and a fat/addittifs free delicious nutritious stock that lasts me 10 days or longer.
    There are allowed noodles in some of phases and 7 Steps which added to the egg soup make “Ramen”.
    Hope it may be helpful.
    Thank you for creating a very useful web-sight
    Best regards

    • Amber on February 18, 2017

      Hi Nadia

      I’m pleased that you’ve found my website helpful and your stock recipe is very welcome.

      Best wishes


  • Michele on October 1, 2016

    Hi Amber
    I have just returned to Dukan. I originally lost 17 pounds 4 years ago and slowly after keeping it off for 2 years regained 10 pounds. I know what I did wrong–I didn’t stick to the one day a week protein only day. UGH! So glad I found this page. This is day 1 on attack–the soup sounds perfect for dinner tonight.

    • Amber on October 16, 2016

      Hi Michelle

      Hope you enjoyed your soup.


  • Nevine saaed on November 17, 2015

    Hi Amber,
    you are doing great with your website, i’m from Egypt ive followed dukan diet 3 yrs ago and it really helped me to go from 92 Kg to 76kg, but then i dropped it, now i became almost 90 kg again, so can i go back to dukan diet again ??
    and i’m taking ” weight loss 4″ supplements should i stop taking them while i’m in dukan or can i at least finish them ??

    i appreciate your reply..

    • Amber on November 19, 2015

      Hi Nevine

      Yes you can lose weight on Dukan again but don’t expect the same results as the circumstances will be different. Yes you can take the supplements if you feel they are helping.

      Kind regards


  • Mag on November 7, 2015

    Great website!
    I just started phrase 1, I think I will do it for 3 days. I was thinking to do phrase 2: 2-0 method. I would like to lose around 5 kg, however I don’t want to lose my brest. Do you think I will be able to lose weight using during second phrase method 2: 2-0?? Or should I do 1:1??? Thank you!!

    • Amber on November 8, 2015

      Hi Mag

      I’d suggest 1:1 for a few weeks as this is the best method for losing weight. I’ve personally not found any medical evidence that supports different diets being better at targeting weight loss in certain areas. Where you lose weight depends on where your body stores fat and most likely your genetics.

      Kind regards


  • Steve on July 22, 2015

    Hi great recipe. There’s only one way to do egg drop soup…ignore the original recipe.

    Always looking for new recipes!

  • Sani on April 9, 2015

    Hi Amber
    I have started with enthusiasm and are in the Attack phase . I decided to do this for seven days . I am actually in panic as we are invited to a set menu 60 th birthday of my brother and what now?!!! I will be on my 11 th day. I know there is eye fillet on the menu and there will be salad and veggies. Toasting with Bubbly (brut ) I do not want to ruin this as I am extremely committed to loose all the weight . What would you have done ? please any suggestions would be appreciated 🙂 Thanks Sani

    • Amber on April 10, 2015

      Hi Sani

      Your brother is only 60 once just try to eat/drink sensibly to limit the impact of the celebrations. Then just continue with the Dukan as if nothing had happened.

      Best wishes


      • Sani on April 11, 2015

        Ahw Thank Amber .I can not believe you really answered this !!! So stoked ! I thought by just purchasing ( Original version ) I will not probably have support 🙂 . you made me and I can see everyone you reply to feel special as if you really care about all of us ! Thank you! Would it be ok for you to advise if you think after the celebration Imgo back to the attack Phase for a few days?
        Thanks so much Sani

        • Amber on April 12, 2015

          Hi Sani

          You’re very welcome.

          How long did you do Attack for?

          Best wishes


          • Sani on April 13, 2015

            Amber I have completed my 5 days on Attack . Lost 3.5 kg . I will still need to see how it goes tomorrow morning . Was thinking of going slower and do the 7 stage? I have 25 kg to loose . I walk a fast pace with some light jogging for 30 minutes per day
            I am really missing fruit . I do not eat a lot but half an Granny Smith apple will really be awesome . I have just purchased the first book and realised too late there is a follow up.,I have found the link page you mentioned and will stick to this like a Diet Bible 🙂 This is a great journey. ! So excited x I like the fact that you are ecxacetly taught what to do , and not starving . I try to keep it very simple as I have a Chefs pallet ( a curse ) nothing can take the place of butter , so on this stage I lira ther go without this untill I reach my goal Nd have a teaspoon of real butter on the celebration day ..,If there is a diet plan that will work for me, THIS IS IT !! thank you for wonderful advice . I do think once starting to include veg and fruit it is time to cut back on protein portions too. Am I right ?

          • Amber on April 16, 2015

            Hi Sani

            The slower 7 day version is a lot easier to follow and it does really help to show you how to balance the foods you eat. Don’t cut back on the protein too much as this is what fills you up.

            Best wishes


  • Penny on March 4, 2015

    This sounds lovely – do you think it would be ok to use real ginger in this (and other dishes)? I think it adds a lovely flavour and will liven up stir fry a bit – is it a condiment or tolerated food?

    Thanks for your site, it’s really helpful. I have been nosing around and making my shopping list so I can start either tmrw or Friday (depending on when I can get to the shops and how much fage yoghurt I can buy!)

    • Amber on March 4, 2015

      Hi Penny

      Yes, it is fine to use real ginger.

      Good luck


      • Penny on March 5, 2015

        Thanks Amber.

        It has got me thinking about asian food, as they do a lot of protein with a few spices, I think it may be good for pp days. So a few more queries follow:

        Can you use real chillies?
        Can you use thai fish sauce? the one I have says less than 1g carb/sugar per tbsp.
        Can you add any fresh herbs you like?


        • Amber on March 5, 2015

          Hi Penny

          Yes, yes and yes!


          • Sani on April 27, 2015

            Hi Amber Just back from the week holiday and Birthday. Although I had a healthy salmon salad and a slither cake on Sunday I had a PP day on Monday Followed by a PV day . The rest of the week was a bit challenging as we had to be out for dinner with friends etc.It proved too much of a good thing and hopping on the scale yesterday confirmed my suspicions . I gained 2.2 kg back. Starting with a two day PP tomorrow and staying on the cruise phase for the rest of the week. I have checked Dr Dukans comments and it seems you loose the same amount of weight per week on Cruise phase and 7 nutritional steps ,both at a 900 g loss per week. Your comments on this please Amber.:)

          • Amber on May 4, 2015

            Hi Sani

            I’m sure that with a lot of hard work you could get the calorie intake on both the same diets butthe two diets are very different and in my view are unlikely to give the same rate of weight loss for the majority of people.

            Kind regards


  • Carol B on February 28, 2015

    Hi Amber I think I will try this as I need to make up for my excess today. We went for sushi with my family (which I love) and have really missed. I know I should not be eating rice yet as I have not reached my ideal weight.

    • Amber on March 1, 2015

      Hi Carol

      Good idea!


  • Lilly on February 10, 2015

    Hi Amber
    For the chicken broth would I be able to use a chicken stock cube? I only cook for 1 so rarely buy a whole chick for me to make my own broth.
    Many Thanks

    • Amber on February 11, 2015

      Hi Lilly

      Using a stock cube will be fine.

      Best wishes


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