More Detail on the Seven Steps of the Nutritional Staircase

If you want to know a little more about the latest gentle version of the Dukan Diet this is the place to start.

10 Quick Facts about the 7 Steps Nutritional Staircase from The Dukan Diet 2

  1. It is a 7 day mini Dukan Diet which takes the place of the Attack and Cruise phases.
  2. It is made up from elements of the Attack, Cruise and Consolidation phases.
  3. This 7 day cycle is repeated over and over again until you reach your target weight.
  4. You add a different food or food group each day.
  5. It is less intensive and more flexible than the original Dukan Diet so it is easier to stick to.
  6. It allows you to have a social life as you get a Celebration meal every week.
  7. You are allowed to eat fruit 5 days a week.
  8. You are allowed to eat cheese 3 days a week.
  9. You are allowed 1 small glass of wine each week.
  10. The downside is that you lose weight at a slower rate.

The 7 Step Nutritional Staircase from The Dukan Diet 2 in more detail

Monday – Day 1: Pure Proteins (from Attack Phase)

For anyone who is familar with the Dukan Diet it probably won’t come as any surprise to find out that pure proteins from the Dukan Diet, plus oat bran and shirataki noodles are the foods that are added on the first day.

Tuesday – Day 2: Pure Proteins and Vegetables (from the Cruise Phase)

On the second day the allowable vegetables are added. So you can eat freely from the list of 100 allowed foods.

Wednesday – Day 3: Pure Proteins, Vegetables and Fruit (from Consolidation)

Up until today the diet seems very familar but on day 3 we add 2 pieces fruit, one of the additional foods from the Consolidation phase.  I think this change is going to be very popular as I know many followers of the Dukan Diet have found having to give up fruit for weeks on end extremely difficult.  However not all fruits are allowed – grapes, figs, bananas and cherries cannot be eaten as they conbtain too much sugar.

Thursday – Day 4: Pure Proteins, Vegetables, Fruit and Bread (from Consolidation)

On Day 4 we add another food from the Consolidation Phase – 2 slices of wholemeal/whole wheat bread.

Friday – Day 5: Pure Proteins, Vegetables, Fruit, Bread and Cheese (from Consolidation)

The fifth day adds another food which is often craved after during the Attack and Cruise Phases – 1.5 ounces of hard cheese.

Saturday – Day 6: Pure Proteins, Vegetables, Fruit, Bread, Cheese and Starchy Food (from Consolidation)

On the first day of the weekend you are allowed to add a 7 ounce portion of starchy food such as brown rice, whole wheat pasta or quinoa.

Sunday – Day 7: Pure Proteins, Vegetables, Fruit, Bread, Cheese, Starchy Food and a Celebration Meal (from Consolidation)

The last day introduces the final item from Consolidation – the Celebration Meal, a 3 course meal (normal portion sizes but no seconds) plus a small glass of red wine.


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  • Paula on January 11, 2018

    Hi amber your site is so helpful and you have such a nice patient manner when replying to people’s questions! I am doing the nutritional staircase but I have just bought the dukan everyday easy cookbook for recipe inspiration… I’ve noticed that many recipes are for consolidation and stabilization does that mean I can only do those recipes from Wednesday onwards depending on the recipe? For example, would I do a recipe that contains brown rice only on a Saturday as that’s the day I can have starch? Or if there’s a recipe with cheese I can only have that Friday onwards? Also many recipes contain butternut squash, even on cruise days which surprised me!
    Many thanks

    • Amber on January 13, 2018

      Hi Paula

      Thank you for your kind remarks.

      You seem to have grasped the way the Dukan works very well as yes you would have to mix and match the dishes to the day of the week depending on the ingredients.

      Best wishes


  • Merle on January 10, 2018

    Is avocado off the list for the salad and vegetables?

    • Amber on January 11, 2018

      Hi Merle

      Sorry avocado isn’t on the list of approved foods.

      Kind regards


  • Nicole on January 7, 2018

    Hi Amber,
    I’m starting the Dukan Diet 1 tomorrow. Just a quick question; am I able to do the attack phase for 10 days as I want to lose 20kg? Also when I move onto the cruise phase, do I just stay on that phase until I reach my target weight?
    Nicole 🙂

    • Amber on January 8, 2018

      Hi Nicole

      A 10 day Attack ~~phase should only be followed on medical advice,7 days is the normal maximum.

      Yes you just stay on Cruise til you reach your target weigh.



  • Chaya Adler on November 26, 2017

    Hi amber I lost 21 pounds following the original Dukan diet . I need to lose 9 pounds more and I want to do it using Dukan 2 as I’m really bored of being on cruise . Can I drink more then 3 pints of liquid on the new plan . I exercise a lot and get really thirsty . Thanks

    • Amber on November 26, 2017

      Hi Chaya

      The upper limit is normally 3 litres which is about 5.5 pints. If you are exercising it ould be OK to drink a little more.

      If you want to switch to Dukan 2 that is fine.

      Best wishes


  • Joan on October 17, 2017

    Hi, I have a question as I have just started the Staircase. My goal weight is a bit less then the True Weight they calculate, so the instructions and timing they gave me is only designed to take me to the True Weight. If I wish to go a little lower (which I do), what do you recommend I do?

    Also, I’m due to reach my true weight just before Christmas and have a holiday planned. Any advise for how I get through the holidays without undoing all the good work I will have done by then?

    • Amber on October 22, 2017

      Hi Joan

      Getting below target weight can be very difficult. I’d recommend waiting until you’ve reached target weight before deciding to amke that extra push to lose a few more pounds.

      Do some research for your holiday. See if you can find restaurants that offer Dukan friendly foods on their menus. Ask your hotel if they will provide Dukan friendly meals for you.

      Make the best choices you can while still having a great time.

      Best wishes


  • Dahlia on October 15, 2017

    I am from Egypt and i finished frist step i lost 1 kg and 2weeks in the second but i didn’t lose any gram .i was prefect but i gain weight 8 kg cause of monopuse .
    So can i change to dukan 2 .cause in thise period i need fruits .
    Also how many kg i ll lose every week
    Thanks alot

    • Amber on October 22, 2017

      Hi Dahlia

      Going through the menopause means that losing weight is not going to be easy. Stick with it and hopefully you will steadily lose 500g to 1 kg each week.

      Good luck


  • Philippa on October 4, 2017

    I have started the Dunkan diet, today would be my 4th day in attack phase… In not seeing any results on the scales yet but my hunger has disappeared… Am I doing it right? … I’m only consuming oat bran with natural 0% fat yogurt in the morning and pure protein meat when I get Hungary (about twice a day) and drinking water.

    • Amber on October 7, 2017

      Hi Philippa

      It is most likely due to constipation. You probably need to be eating more. Add a couple of snacks mid morning and mid afternoon and make full use of the tomato and onion allowed to give variety to meals on PP days.

      Best wishes


  • Asma on September 6, 2017

    I’ve been following the original dukan diet for a while now, and I lost around 12 kgs.. then before hitting the 3rd phase, I strted cheating, eating more of the dukan biscuits, so I gained 4 kgs.. afterwards, I started cheating more every two weeks, so I gained more weight.. now I have around 8 kgs to lose.. I’m not as motivated as when I began the entire diet, I got bored as I’ve been on the diet for too long, this is why I keep cheating every couple of weeks.. I was wondering if Dukan 2 would be suitable to help me lose 8-9 kgs? In around 2 months? And if I follow it, can I’m remove some of the items or should I follow it strickly? I’m fine with not eating bread, so I can make it one slice, and such? Is that okay, or I should follow it as it is? I want to combine both dukan 1 and 2 for faster results, what do you think?

    • Amber on September 16, 2017

      Hi Asma

      The original Dukan will give you the best weight loss. Look at the foods you have been eating and shake up you diet so that it is not so boring and ditch the biscuits. When your willpower is low it is hard to resist temptation.

      Best wishes


  • Ozlem on September 5, 2017

    Hi Amber,

    I have completed the Attack phase which was for 3 days. I’m now on Cruise stage for the last 18 days. My total weight loss up to now is 3.2 kg and I aim for another 5.5kg. Can I stop at any day of the Cruise stage and start this 7 day mini Dukan diet, knowing the fact that my weight loss will be slower?

    Thank you

    • Ozlem on September 5, 2017

      Hi again Amber,

      Found the answer in the other comments.

      Thanks for the great insights.


  • Nouran on September 1, 2017

    Hello, what can I do if i followed this diet and reached my target weight ? Is there any other steps I could do later ?

    • Amber on September 16, 2017

      Hi Nouran

      You would follow a period of Consolidation where you introduce foods slowly back into your diet everyday and then follow Stablisation where you have one day of PP each week and have your daily serving of oat bran but other than that no food is off limits.

      Best wishes


  • zain on August 21, 2017

    hi Amber
    Im from south Africa, ive been on the original Dukan diet, and lost 11 kg, but due to menopause has gained 2kg back, can I do the Dukan Diet 2 and will it help to lose the weight around my waist and thighs.

    • Amber on August 28, 2017

      Hi zain

      There is no reason why you could not follow the Dukan Diet 2 to lose the 2 kg you’ve regained due to the menopause. However it can’t target areas of body fat to lose.

      Kind regards


  • Ariadni on July 3, 2017

    Hello..I’m very satisfied from this diet,but I have a question..what about milk and yogurt?Can I eat until 2% or only 0%?

    • Amber on July 3, 2017

      Hi Ariadni

      0% is best but 2% can be used.

      Best wishes


  • Kerry on June 23, 2017

    Could you have a small can of kopparburg instead of the glass of wine I don’t like wine

    • Amber on June 29, 2017

      Hi Kerry

      The red wine doesn’t have a replacement in the official diet. It is included because of the health benefitis of drinking small amounts of red wine. 125 ml of red wine has 110 calories while 330 ml of Kopparburg has 181 calories so it isn’t good substitute.

      Kind regards


  • Patty on March 17, 2017

    What is the daily oat bran allowance with the staircase?
    I’m currently taking 30g (in stabilization) but need to lose a few pounds.
    This looks like a good plan for maintenance.

    • Patty on March 17, 2017

      Thanks but I found my answer in the oat bran FAQ…it’s 2 tabsp or 20g.

  • Allison on March 13, 2017

    Instead of wheat bread is it ok to eat Ezekial or gluten free bread?
    Thank you!

    • Amber on March 16, 2017

      Hi Allison

      In my view a swap for something similiar is fine.

      Best wishes


  • Hele on March 8, 2017

    Do we lose more if we skip starchy food on celebration day or if we eat it?

    • Amber on March 8, 2017

      Hi Hele

      It would depend on what you had instead.

      Kind regards


      • Hele on March 8, 2017

        How about if we just skip the pasta meal all together and don’t add anything instead?
        Also, can we have soya beans and soya bread?

        • Amber on March 10, 2017

          Hi Helen

          That would increase your rate of weight loss. Soya beans/bread are not permitted foods.


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