Can You Eat Bean Sprouts on the Dukan Diet?

I have been asked this question twice in the last week so I thought I’d put together a quick post so hopefully people looking for an answer to the question “Can I eat bean sprouts on the Dukan Diet” will be able to find the information they need.

As the name suggests bean sprouts are sprouted beans and you are allowed to eat the sprout as a vegetable on PV days in the Cruise Phase but you can not eat the bean as it is too high in carbohydrates. To help demonstrate I’ve taken two pictures from Wikipedia.  The first picture is of fully sprouted beans which contain no beans and these are fine to eat while the second is only partially sprouted and as you can see contains lots of beans and these aren’t suitable.

Bean sprouts


You do need to be mindful when you buy and use bean sprouts as commercially grown sprouts have been been found to contain harmful bacteria like salmonella and E coli.  You can find further information on this topic in this useful article.

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