How Often Should I Weigh Myself on the Dukan Diet?

One of the questions that I’m often asked by visitors to my site how often they should weigh themselves while following the Dukan Diet and it is not surprising there is some confusion as official Dukan Diet sources do provide conflicting advice.

The UK version of the Dukan Diet advises you to

  • “Weigh yourself frequently especially during the first three days.  From one hour to the next, you could see new results”.

This advice is repeated in the Dukan Diet Life Plan which says

  • “During the Attack phase, keep on weighing yourself because this will keep you in good spirits as, hour by hour, you see your scales veer in the right direction”.

However in the On-line Chat on 5 April 2013, Jemma one of the Dukan coaches advised

  • ” We recommend you to only weigh yourself once in the morning before breakfast, after being to the toilet and unclothed as it is the more realistic weight. If you weigh yourself in the evening, after eating and drinking through the day it is normal to encounter an increase of your weight,”

Jemma’s reply was in response to this question from mirunakaveczki:

  • “Hello. I usually weigh myself in the morning, after I get up at around 8:30 am. Sometimes when I weigh myself during the same evening, my weight is higher than in the morning with more than 1kg. I am in the attack phase. What causes this situation?”

    If you have a lot of weight to lose and have a lot of retained water you may see  “new results” “hour by hour” in the Attack phase.  This is due to the fact that the pure protein you are eating has diuretic properties which help your body shed water.  So provided the amount of retained fluid being lost through the day is sufficient to more than wipe out any weight gains that occur during the eating from eating and drinking the scales will “veer in the right direction”.

However a lot of people are like mirunakaveczki and find that their weight goes up through the day so my advice would be to follow the guidance given by Jemma and to only weigh yourself first thing in the morning after having been to the toilet, but before having anything to eat or drink.  To get consistent results it is also a good idea to weigh yourself without any clothing or footwear.


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  • Sophia on July 6, 2015

    I am enjoying Dukan diet and don’t feel hungry i want to lose a lot of weight do you suggest I do 5 day alternate days when I move to next stage I am currently still on attack phase

    • Amber on July 11, 2015

      Hi Sophia

      If you are going to be following the Dukan for sometime I’d recommend the 1 day PP followed by 1 day PV. The 5 day version is more difficult to stick to when used for long periods.

      Best wishes


  • Sam on October 11, 2014

    Hi Amber,
    I am new here. Just finished my 5 days attack phase. I want to know why I only lose 400g in 5 days. The first 2 days and last day didn’t lose any. I only can’t go to toilet on the last day of my attack phase. I do follow everything on this diet except I didn’t do my 20 mins walk the first 2 days as I was feeling very weak. When I see everyone lost so many weight on their attack phase how come I only lost that little. I feel very defeated and should I start my cruise phase or should I stay on attack phase longer? Thank you in advance.

    • Amber on October 13, 2014

      Hi Sam

      The calculation of weight loss is an extremely complex calculation as there are so many variables such as, were you dieting before you started,
      how much waste solid and fluid is stored in your body at the time of each weigh in, constipation and water retention prevent weight loss registering on the scales,
      medications, monthly hormones cycles, age and gender all also influence as does of course the level of activity of the person and the amount of food/drink consumed.

      I’d suggest moving to Cruise as you has a couple of days when you felt weak and now are slightly constipated.

      Kind regards


      • Sam on October 14, 2014

        Thankyou Amber. I moved on to my cruise phase. Today will be my 3rd day. I wasn’t dieting before this diet as I put on so much weight in last 2 years (about 12kgs) and i started to concern myself. I was cubby when I was young so I tried many diet. I think it maybe more than 10 times. Will it affect my weight loss? But it was so many years ago and my last diet properly 7 years back before I had my first child. As I said I followed all requirement and do my excrise. I increase excrise to 30-35 mins brisk walk a day and didn’t eat after 8 pm. The last 2 days I lost another 200g so that mean now my attack phase plus my 2 day cruise was totally lost 600g. I feel hungry all the time and easy to get tired. But I do have a good night sleep thou. Constipation isn’t really a problem yet as I can go to no.2 every second day. I weight every morning after toilet before drink water. What did I do wrong to lose this little? Sorry to ask so much but I really would like to lose 14 kgs to go back to my pre pregency weight. Thanks

  • Dana on January 31, 2014

    Hello Amber

    Today is my 85th day in cruise and my weight hasn’t changed since more than 2 weeks, what should I do to end this stagnation period? It’s really disappointing and I want to loose some weight before the end of this week because I have a special occasion

    • Amber on January 31, 2014

      Hi Dana

      It might be the 85th day since you started Cruise but there have been a quite a few days during this period when you’ve not been following the Dukan Diet as intended. In your own words you “cheated a lot”. Only a couple of weeks before Christmas on 12 December 2013 you were 3 kg away from your target weight. Yet by 4 January 2014 you were then 8-10 kgs away. If you keep allowing “special occasions” to sabotage your diet you may never reach your target weight.

      Here is a link to some tips that may help.

      Kind regards


      • Dana on February 3, 2014

        Hi Amber
        I am still 8-10 kgs away from my target weight, the question about Christmas was actually for my mother who was 3 kgs away from her target weight.
        I will do 5 days PP starting from today and then continue with my 1PP/1PV plan.

        • Amber on February 3, 2014

          Hi Dana

          That explains a lot!

          Best wishes


          • Dana on February 3, 2014

            Hi Amber

            I want to keep you updated about how I am doing so that it won’t be easy for me to cheat and to make sure I am not doing anything that ma be the cause for my weight stagnation.
            Today was my first PP day, I had oat bran for breakfast, drank one can Pepsi diet, had chicken breast for lunch and 2 boiled eggs for dinner, I just had a cup of milk with Nescafé and drank 2 liters of water.. I just need to do 30 minutes of exercise and that’s all for today.
            P.S.: my family brought a chocolate cake and I survived this and refused to eat 🙂


          • Amber on February 3, 2014

            Hi Dana

            I’m happy for you to check in every day if you feel that will help. You certainly aren’t eating anything you shouldn’t, if anything you are probably eating too little. I can understand that you are probably doing this to help break your stagnation. You do need to be careful though not to continue to eat at this level for too long or it might have an adverse effect on your metabolism. Our bodies have a very strong survival instinct and if a person eats at low levels for too long the body thinks there is a shortage of food and it slows down the rate at which fat is burned to help preserve fat supplies and keep you alive until food becomes more plentiful again. Well done for refusing the chocolate cake!

            Best wishes


          • Dana on February 4, 2014

            Hi Amber..

            Today I had two boiled eggs for breakfast, then a snack ( oat bran), I had ground beef for lunch and dinner was a spleen sandwich.. I drank one cup of milk with Nescafé, 1 can of Pepsi, 2 liters of water.
            I am finding it very hard to stick to proteins specially for dinner and lunch, I need to d some changes or maybe use new recipes, is there anything you can advise me to try?

          • Amber on February 4, 2014

            Hi Dana

            I had no idea what a spleen sandwich was so I Googled it and found this

            “For more than a century, Ferdinando’s Focacceria has been crafting their own spleen sandwich, also called the “Vastedda.”

            Chef Francesco Buffa, whose father-in-law started the restaurant in 1904, said the traditional Sicilian snack is made with chopped spleen and fresh ricotta on a homemade focaccia roll.

            “It tastes like liver,” he said.

            The restaurant, found at 151 Union St., still uses the same menu created by Buffa’s father-in-law, who taught the Sicilian chef how to cook, he said.

            “Same location, same ceiling, same floor,” said Buffa.

            The organ, usually beef spleen, is first boiled for roughly an hour, then allowed to dry for a few days and finally placed in a cold room for almost a week, said Buffa.

            Then, the sliced spleen is sauteed in pork lard and served in the sandwich.”

            Based on this information it doesn’t look to be a suitable food to have.

            I’d suggest having your oat bran as a porridge or galette for breakfast with a yogurt, having a sugar free jello for a snack and then this leaves eggs to be used for a lunch or dinner instead. I also think your suggestion to try some different recipes will really help as the diet can become quite boring if you are sticking to the same foods.

            Best wishes


          • Dana on February 4, 2014

            Hello Amber,

            I wasn’t sure if it was suitable, it’s just something my mother cooks and I thought since its protein it wouldn’t be a problem, but anyway the sandwich was very small so I hope it won’t have that effect on my weight.
            I am looking now for new recipes to make sure I don’t get bored

            Thanks 🙂

  • Mariana on January 23, 2014

    Hi Amber,

    I am 32, 5ft and started the diet at 133.8 pounds. I did 4 days of attack, at the end of which my weight was down to 129.4 pounds. I then started the PV days and started gaining weight immediately. I did 4 days of PV (since I read on Dr. Dukan’s site that you can do up to 5/5 alternation) at the end of which my weight was back to 131.6. Do you know what could be teh reason for such weight gain? I followed the diet to a T. The only thing that maybe suspicious is I used EVOO spray to cook, but only used one long spray per batch of food which I would eat across 3 days or so.

    Thanks a lot for your help, this website is really a big hand!

    • Amber on January 23, 2014

      Hi Mariana

      Vegetables have a tendency to make you hold water while protein is diuretic and has the opposite effect. My guess is that when you start your 5 days of PP the scales will start moving in the right direction.

      Stay strong!

      Best wishes


  • Bella on October 2, 2013

    Hi Amber ! I’m in the consolidation phase and this week on Wednesday I weight 300g more than I did last week on Wednesday. Today (Wednesday) I’m due for my celebration meal but now im not so sure as i dont want to start gaining. Does the 300g gain mean I’m starting to put on weigh as a whole or is it not enough to tell? I’m sorry if this seems like a silly question! I’m just getting all confused !! I haven’t eaten any different from the other weeks, so I’m just confused. Maybe I should weigh myself only on Fridays after my protein Thursday instead? How much weekly should I gain before I should worry? Thank you amber and sorry if this is a silly waste of time question!!

    • Amber on October 2, 2013

      Hi Bella

      With such a small difference it is difficult to see a trend of your weight increasing. It could be due to you having slightly more water in your body or even more waste material. Our weight can vary by several pounds in the same day and can go through a natural monthly cycle of gaining and losing weight. I think it is a little earlier to panic but if you continue to gain 300 g every week for the next few weeks you may need to make some adjustments. Let me know if this happens.

      Having put the effort into losing weight it is very natural to be worried about regaining the weight again.

      Kind regards


  • amalia on July 29, 2013

    Hi Amber,

    I’m on the Dukan Diet three weeks now and (I think!) have lost 4,4 lbs. I need 8 more lbs to reach my target weight. However, I have tried many diets before and about a year ago I lost 33 lbs. Since then the only progress I have seen is this weight loss, which however happens very gradually. The fact that I have recently ( a year ago) lost so much weight affects my progress with this Diet? I’m losing slowly and what is disturbing is that my weight has many ups and downs during a day so I’m not sure about my exact weight. I’m 143,4 pounds and 5.5 ft. Thank you so much for your help and support!!!

    • Amber on July 29, 2013

      Hi Amalia

      Large variations in weight through the day are totally normal. This is why you need to weigh yourself each day at the same time.

      The closer you get to your target weight the more difficult it becomes so your progress may be a little slow but it will be worth it!

      Best wishes


  • natosha on July 23, 2013

    question about calories.. I’m starting at the second phase cause don’t really need to lose but my question is about how much is too much… I try to eat every few hours cause my head begins to hurt and feel ill

    I was for 3days ok same weight then today I was up a pound, but after my exercise it was down again..could it just be from the salt in the cheese I am having?

    I eat plenty of lean chicken breast 4-6 a day or mix in some
    ground turkey 99% fat free
    made into burgers

    I boil to cook
    and have 4 eggs
    some mushrooms or tomatoes

    for cheese I tend to have 10 a day of string low fat cheese

    If its the salt do you think if I have whole egg in place or try something else would be better or is it ok ??
    eat about 5-6 times a day ty
    just need to lose 2lbs

    • Amber on July 23, 2013

      Hi Natosha

      The low fat string cheese probably won’t meet the less than 2% fat and 7% carbs rule for dairy based on the nutritional information I found here These snacks have 50 calories each so 10 would set you back 500 calories and 25 g of fat. As you also point out they are quite high in sodium and 10 sticks would provide you with 70% of your RDA.

      The foods you have chosen have minimal carbs so it is not surprizing that you are feeling a little strange. As you only have two pounds to lose I’d suggest a Cruise Phase based solely on 6 days PV and 1 day PP. Hopefully adding in more vegetables will start to make you feel better.

      Kind regards


      • natosha on July 25, 2013

        ty, so far day 7 same weight but do look slimmer and toned more mainly I’m not much on fat on my body but muscle lol but wow I am still hooked on those cheese things I went down to 8 cause well even tho crave more try to limit two per meal and haven’t been as hungry for many meals but I do pile on large plates of food.. I have bit lactose intolerance so I might not really get much carbs from dairy in but I don’t know I do feel that my craving for greasy fried chicken or fatty foods like low carb types are on my mind since last night.. but I love that I can eat and same weight.. having 4 whole eggs is good but if I didn’t have cheese might rely on whole eggs but would add too much fat lol… I just need something crunchy and the cheese I sortof you could say microwave fry for 2 mins making for a roasted crispy outer part and becomes like alternative crackers lol but with think 2.5 grams fat each is much but I don’t really have much fat in the day

        mainly want to try a little beef in the mix for flavor reason for cheese need some taste or feel like getting spoiled lol or i’d be off the diet lol

        but have been having like

        99% fat free ground turkey
        chicken breast try remove any side fat some keep on but the main part is off most of them are nicely clean and fat trimmed already lol

        and 4 eggs
        8 strips string cheese
        herbs parsley fresh from garden, and basil
        might try usng green peppers but not feeling for them cause not sure how to make yummy without using it in a greasy pan for stirfry with onions lol

        but so far feel ok taking senna which keeps me regular daily

        I guess I am trying find alternative to the cheese but I need some faty flavor or atleast crunch then

        boiled chicken breast and such

        I guess I just if I can find an alternative be great but that cheese is good protein 7grams per serving more then one egg and less fat then it 🙂

        so not sure what to do lol 🙂

        one idea is to try ground or lean steak type beef

        I notice yesterday a 3.5 lbs about of lean ground beef in the 90percent area for 14.99 so maybe if I replaced it with that

        or steak at leanest ones and cut into strips and serve up with chicken and such for a little flavor make it well done but like carmalaied in pan with garlic and herbs yum might also work
        just hurts my teeth too much steak

        so unsure 🙂

        but do feel happy no weight gain and feel great
        like body getting use to it just
        wish could have butter lol crave or feel as i’m having something fatty

        • Amber on July 25, 2013

          Hi Natosha

          If you are looking slimmer and more toned and don’t have a lot of body fat there is probably very little you are going to gain from being on the Dukan Diet. Why did you start the diet?

          Kind regards


          • natosha on July 26, 2013

            mainly just i love meat and salty foods rather then sweets, can;t stand grains..fruits..veggies lol

            prefer meats and dairy…

            fruits cause sores in my mouth
            grains don’t feel satisfy with and just not filling
            veggies seem bland sometimes lol trying to work them in

            i do like nuts and fats of course cream butter etc..

            guess i wanted to do dukan cause calories
            i love the no count rule so feel free to eat and not sit there weigh food out and think about counting it and stressing over i had 30 cals more today or etc.. lol

            but i guess i find it easier and helps maintain or atleast makes me feel good inside that my food stressing is over with and I’m eating the right stuff

            I do keep wondering if i go to adding in some fat or more eggs etc.. but then i think why mess up what i have but maybe it will boost something lol i don’t know but yeah guess main reason my love of meat

            atknis love but there is calories they say cause after i notice like i felt fatter lol sometimes end up eating alot and felt got bigger rather then lost or anything..

            and I almost felt like you know if your guilty food is candy that like i love meat so much i can’t do the eat high fat and feel full since i love protein more so i’d be eating like
            whole chickens from grocery store.. or like alot eggs and bacon etc.. lol
            veggies not big on so they got cut down to like little to nothing

            but yeah so i guess i do lean more to protein if anything

            hope that makes sense


          • Amber on July 27, 2013

            Hi Natosha

            As you don’t need to lose weight I think you need to make some adjustments to the Dukan Diet to make it suitable to follow on a long term basis. I think it is a good idea to use low fat high protein foods but you also need to incorporate fruit/vegetables/wholegrains. You can also add in nuts and other fats but these do need to be in moderation.

            Have you ever tried juicing fruit and vegetables?

            Best wishes


      • natosha on July 28, 2013

        ok i decided to go no yolks and feel fine 🙂 but today added steak aand chik breast pan non stick seared with mushrooms and bell peper a little and garlic pepper yum n cheese lol but wonder if now hooked had steak and chik breast at each meal be ok or well like that meal at every time hunger lol etc.. with variations to hunger but is this ok:)

        egg whites
        lean steak
        chik breast
        seasonings’ no salt
        low fat cheese lol only treat hooks me in to stay on diethas ome more rich flavor lol

        low carb veggies a litlle
        and liquid and laxative keeps me regular lol

        plus my cardio 36-45 mins

        • Amber on July 28, 2013

          Hi Natosha

          It is good to see that you’ve added in some vegetables. If you could add in more vegetables and some whole grain food you might be able to stop taking the laxative.

          Perhaps you could try eating vegetable soup to add in vegetables?

          I’m glad you’re feeling fine:)

          Best wishes


          • natosha on July 29, 2013

            i feel guilty i’m craving to eat another meal 5th meal lol today un normal for me but oddly same as yesterday feel like hungry its 7:40 pm right now

            had more veggies today mushrooms and little green pepper like 1.5 small size and 3 large msuhrooms.. and had 1.5 steak like 12oz total prob and like 4 chick breast 8 egg whites and 8things cheese my crave and special ending teat per meal lol

            but i feel still hungry like alittle feel like funny like angry but not just like need some more food

            i prob ate 2000 calories but then if 30percent thing works its self in 1580 maybe like but really i don’t know

            does calories realy matter i do crave to eat more and not wake early like today to eat breakfast cause hungry what to do>

            do they really really matter ?? my feelings of is this working i still want food am i alowed to eat or will i be blowing the diet off eating more meat and veggies?

            I did it had more felt better but weight is up a pound.. do feel less hungrier today for sure slept alot better too:) but not sure I get this feeling that it really makes not a diff that am i eating some dry types foods when i could eat differently at same weight.. i guess only was hooked for the all you can eat part not sure am i ok or is this a gain? am eating more veggies and keeping still lean think its the cheese salt intake but onl really main source fat rest is boiled and lean as possible
            steak trim and boiled off and chick breast and egg whites and veggies peppers and mushrooms.. herbs etc.. but wonder am I doing ok still or this a calorie thing?

          • Amber on July 30, 2013

            Hi Natosha

            You don’t need to lose weight so you don’t need to worry about sticking rigidly to the diet. It isn’t good for you to eat such a restrictive diet and it also must be very expensive eating steak and chicken breast all the time.

            If you wanted to do the Dukan Thursday one day a week to control your weight that would be fine but you need to work out how you are going to move to a more balanced diet.

            Kind regards


          • natosha on July 31, 2013

            is this possible i ate less felt less hungry tried up veggies bad idea sortof brings back my bad habits that turns me away to eating healthy and feel grossed out.. so not eating more thats for sure.. However my question I didn’t eat more then norm ate lighter didn’t feel hungry but i think from being constipated i was 2 pounds heavier today.. And my wonder is this possible., and like I felt hungrier so ate more which did help my digestive issue start up but I just wonder now 3 pounds so 2 pounds in one day and 1 pound in one day ……. I just felt slim and now i feel like fat to know that I don’t look it but guessing the muscles weight is making me feel heavier then normal.. I do think i want to try to reduce veggies also cause in the past my eating disorder if i eat a certain food it triggers it and feel like ruining my day.. so i don’t want that.. reason i stay well eating certain foods and not all things..

            However I do wonder is that whats going on the bulk weight of meat adding to the scale since constipated? and I did feel hungrier today added some egg whites to my plate since its ok to eat unlimited but I do feel like no happy if this is working for me or backfiring.. I’m feeling hungrier today and thats why I still feel scared if I’m doing it wrong?

            i guess leaning more on protein today.. egg whites, steak cut one and use for each meal so far and chicken breast one per meal and cheeese still alot but low fat add the flavor..
            I think tho after done cheese might try to replace it but do love the flavor and texture.. I had today,

            6am= 4 egg whites/ .25 lean steak/1 chick breast/ mushroom one large good enough to stuff type size/ black pepper/ all boiled except the eggs pan cooked nonstick no spray and cook it with the meat and toss meat scramble together… and top with two mozz sticks low fat
            diet cola
            senna tea

            diet icetea with lunch
            at 11am- same as breakfast except no mushrooms

            snack 3pm- same as lunch with diet soda

            dinner – prob later at 6 or 7pm
            plan to be same as lunch and snack but might add mushrooms to it , not sure feeling better with out veggies

            and prob end for the day…

            does this sound ok?

          • Amber on July 31, 2013

            Hi Natosha

            You are following the diet fine apart from the lack of vegetables/ no oat bran/ cheese sticks you shouldn’t be eating but when setting his rules Dr Dukan did not expect anyone to follow this part of the diet when they didn’t need to lose weight or to eat such a limited diet with so so few vegetables.

            Constipation and or water retention are the most likely culprits for your recent 3 pound weight gain.

            You know that I’m worried about the effect on your health of eating such a restrictive diet and knowing that you’ve suffered from an eating disorder in the past makes me even more concerned about you. I’m not qualified to be able to help you work through this and find out why fruit and vegetables have such an adverse effect on you. Please try to obtain professional guidance to help guide you through.

            Best wishes


  • tillie on July 19, 2013

    what are the ab excercise do you recommend that people are chatting about? I am not familiar with them. also can you send me a oat muffin muffin recipe, the simplest one that you have.
    are there any i can have on stage 2?

  • Neda on June 4, 2013

    Hi , I did dukan once from sept 2012 to Dec and I lost 18lb to reach almost 110lb then everybody ask me to stop, because it became too much apparently , and in january I started eating junk and I gained back all in few months and since then is very hard for me to get back to diet , the hardest part is not eating fruit and muffin , any suggestion how to get back to my discipline. but anyway I’m working on it , to get back to discipline. thank you

    • Amber on June 4, 2013

      Hi Neda

      You have followed the Dukan Diet successfully in the past so try to remember the foods that you enjoyed eating from this time. This is because eating these foods now will make it easier to go without other foods that you enjoy but are not allowed.

      Depending on how tall you are and what body frame you have 110 lbs could be too little and this might be why everyone said at the time that you had lost too much. Have you checked to make sure that you are aiming for the correct target weight.

      Best wishes


  • Ambrosia on May 14, 2013

    Hi Amber,

    I am currently on the cruise phase and wondering: if I reach my true weight before the date stated on the dukan diet site calculator, do I move to consolidation phase?

    Aside wanting to lose the overall pounds, I want to lose the belly fat — which currently is decreasing given the diet and ab exercise combo. Therefore, my goal is not just my true weight but also and most importantly I want my abs to get in shape and lose the belly fat.

    So this brings me back to my main question: what if I reach my true weight before the number of days specified for me in the cruise phase by the true weight calculator of the dukan diet site : 1) do I move to consolidated phase 2) Do I remain in cruise phase despite having reached my true weight, until I reach my belly fat ridance goal?

    Your advice would be much appreciated.

    • Amber on May 14, 2013

      Hi Ambrosia

      It is great to hear about your progress. Move to Consolidation when you are happy with the weight you’ve reached which might be a little less than your target weight.

      If you lose more weight you will need to Consolidate for a longer period.

      Kind regards


      • Ambrosia on May 14, 2013

        Hi Amber – thank you so much for your reply. As usual you have been and still always are very supportive — thank you a bunch for this alone!

        I will follow your advice about moving on to the consolidation phase when I reach my target weight albeit a little lower (yes wink!).

        However Amber, I am still not sure what to do if I reach my target weight on cruise and I still have not reached my ‘target abs’. — do I still move on to consolidation even though I still need to lose that layer of fat on my abs ? (specially the lower abs)?



        • Amber on May 15, 2013

          Hi Ambrosia

          You may need to stay on the Cruise phase a little longer to get the abs you are looking for but until you get there you it is a little difficult to say. If you stay on Cruise to lose more belly fat you will need to consolidate for longer.

          Best wishes


  • Gilly on May 12, 2013

    I did 3 days attack and am now day 9 of cruise but my weight has not changed over the last 4 days. I have 1 small 0% fat natural yoghurt daily and dont take milk. I do at least 50 minutes fast walking every day, a few days I have done double this time fast walking. I lost almost 7lbs during the attack phase and lost 3lbs in the first 5 days of cruise, and nothing over the last 4 days.

    I dont drink tea so the green tea option is impossible for me.
    Can you suggest anything to help get the scales moving in the right direction please.

    • Amber on May 12, 2013

      Hi Gilly

      There is nothing to worry about. You’ve lost 10 pounds in just 12 days. No one loses weight every day and nearly everyone has several spells on the way to their target weight which last a few days when their weight stays static and this is most frequently caused by water retention or constipation or both! The secret to success is to make sure that you stick to the diet in these periods of stagnation until the scales start to move downwards again.

      Stay strong and you will come through this.

      Kind regards


  • Fiona on April 16, 2013

    I love these chats Amber, thanks for sharing everything!

    I did 4 days Attack and now on my 9th day of alternating. The scales are up so I’ve increased exercise but no change. Very disheartening. I’ve read about the whoosh, so I’m hoping that will happen….fingers crossed.

    My question is I drink a lot of decaf coffee with skim milk during the day… I believe it’s allowed but do you think it’s messing things up??


    • Amber on April 16, 2013

      Hi Fiona

      Water retention and constipation can make a big difference to weight loss so if you are following the diet correctly it is just a case of hanging in there until balance is restored so to speak.

      If you are drinking a lot of milk this could be a problem – where stagnation becomes a problem the Dukan coaches often recommend reducing the intake of fat free dairy products to 500 g per day. (1 kg is the normal daily limit).

      kind regards


    • Fiona on April 18, 2013

      Thanks Amber. I will reduce the fat free milk to see if that helps.

      Great posts, very encouraging! Thanks again!

  • Michelle on April 8, 2013

    When I first started the diet I weighed myself a lot to see that it was working. However, I found that I got really discouraged when my weight fluctuated, and it sometimes led to messing up.. So now my attitude is that if I am following the diet to a T that is enough and there is no reason to weigh myself until I feel I am close to a goal weight. (However if I ever deviate from the diet weighing in would be very important)

    • Amber on April 9, 2013

      Hi Michelle

      Thanks for sharing your expereinces

      Best wishes


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