Christmas Diet Tips – Surviving Christmas on the Dukan Diet

Here are a few dieting hints and tips to help you through the holiday period.  I hope you will find them helpful.

With very best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Slimmer New Year.

Amber:) x

Tip No 1 – Be realistic

Unless you intend to spend the Christmas holidays as a hermit in a cave, is it really realistic for you to expect to lose a couple of pounds each of the week over Christmas and New Year. Why not aim for a short period of managed stagnation in order to allow yourself to carefully indulge in the wonderful food and drinks that are always so abundant at this time of year.

Did you know that recent research in the US found that weight gain in the six week holiday period from Thanksgiving through to the New Year accounted for more than half of the annual weight gain. So imagine how good you will feel about yourself if you can get to the middle of the first week in January without having gained any weight.

Tip No 2 – PP days

Plan in as many PP days as you can into your schedule, making sure you do not exceed one for every two days in the period.

Tip No 3 – Schedule in some exercise

Whilst it may not be practical to continue your normal exercise routine over the holiday period this is no excuse to become a couch potato. You don’t have to go out running, why not spend some quality time with your family and/or friends being active and experiencing activities that will give you memories that will last forever, like long walks, dancing at a party or just playing catch.

You can also add in some additional exercise by parking your car further away when visiting or carrying out shopping or other chores.

Tip No 4 – Have a Party Damage Limitation Plan

  • The best way to control what you eat or drink at a party is to host it.  That way you can make sure there will be plenty of suitable food and drink for you to enjoy.
  • Don’t go to a party either hungry or thirsty.  Have a filling snack of protein and a glass or two of water before you leave home.
  • Have a couple of pieces of gum at the party as this will stop you eating and drinking so much.
  • Don’t stand next to the food table as you are more likely to graze and nibble.
  • Fill your plate wisely with low fat, low calorie foods but add one or two small treats.  I’ve often put the salad garnish from dishes on my plate.  It helps fill my plate up and adds color and I find it refreshing to eat.
  • Alternate alcoholic drinks with low calorie non alcoholic drinks such as water diet sodas, tonic water or other mixers.

Tip No 5 – Cutting Calories on Christmas Day

  • Go big on vegetables.
  • Go easy on the extras such as cranberry sauce or jelly.
  • Remove the skin from your serving of turkey.
  • If you are making gravy with the juices from the turkey drain off all the fat .
  • Use less oil to roast your potatoes by par boiling first and then brushing with oil.

Tip No 6 Be indulgent

  • Why not allow yourself to enjoy some of the healthier foods options that aren’t allowed in the weight loss phases of the Dukan Diet like fruit.
  • Go for quality not quantity rather than have two bottles of wine go for one more expensive one and take the time to savor the experience of drinking it.

Tip No 7 – Clear your Cupboards

Once the holidays are over clear your house of any surplus food that is left or you will be tempted to eat.  If it is suitable why not donate it to a homeless shelter or food bank. It will do you good and make you feel good too!

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