The Cruise Phase of the Dukan Diet Explained

The Cruise Phase is the second of the four stages of the Dukan Diet. It is also the second of the two weight loss stages. The Cruise Phase is the part of the Dukan diet where followers lose the remaining pounds needed to bring them to their target weight.

How long you will need to stay on this phase of the diet does of course depend upon just how much weight you have to lose. As a rough gauge you will lose about a pound for every three days spent cruising.

In this part of the diet you alternate a pure protein (PP) day as in the Attack phase with a protein and vegetable (PV) day. The high protein foods which can be eaten on PP days remain as in the Attack Phase and there are 28 permitted vegetables that can be added on PV days.

Whilst cruising you should usually follow a rhythm or pattern, this is the way in which you alternate the PP and PV days. When the diet was first published the recommended rhythm was 5 PV days followed by 5 PP days however many found this regime difficult to fit into their routines. The current recommended rhythm is 1 day PV followed by 1 day PP.

The 1 day PV/ 1 day PP rhythm does have some definite advantages. It allows you more variety and needs less willpower. 5 days of PP in one stretch is not an easy feat to repeat time and again. It also adds the additional fiber from the vegetables in a more evenly distributed way.

You could of course devise your own rhythm and say have PP only days on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with PV days for the rest of the week. The PP days can equal but should never exceed the PV days and there should not be more than 5 consecutive PP days. If you adopt a personalised rhythm you may not lose weight so quickly but you may find it easier to maintain.

In this phase of the Diet you increase the daily amount of oat bran consumed to 2 tablespoons a day and up the amount of daily exercise to 30 minutes.

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  • Andriz on March 10, 2015

    Hi Amber,

    I have a question and I should warn you that it might be a lengthy one. In reality what I want to ask is your opinion. I started the Dukan diet on:

    (I’ve converted the weights from US pounds to Kilos)

    2/10/15 @ 80.7 kilos – Attack phase for 5 days
    2/14/15 – 78.01 kilos
    2/15/15 – 78.01 kilos – started cruise phase
    2/17/15 – 77.11 kilos
    2/23/15 – 75.75 kilos
    2/25/15 – 75.29 kilos
    2/28/15 – 75.65 kilos
    3/3/15 – 75.65 kilos – No change in a week’s period
    3/10/15 – 76.29 kilos – I’m gaining weight at this point.

    After 3/6/15 when I realized that I did not lose any weight, I decided to switch to the more drastic cruise pattern which is 5 PP/ 5 PV in hopes that I would lose weight, but after 4 days (3/10/15) I GAINED weight!

    I’m not sure what to do at this point. Because of the results, I must be doing something wrong, but I’m not sure what it is. I’ll tell you what I ate yesterday, just in case that helps:

    2 pan fried eggs w/ 3 strips of turkey bacon (reduced fat) @ 6:30 am

    1/2 pound of salmon season with salt and baked… Dessert: Vanilla flavored fat free Chobani yogurt.

    2% fat cheese stick. 1 bottle of Diet coke 0 calories (really stressful day)

    Panfried chicken breast. Dessert: Lemon flavored fat free chobani yogurt.

    Oat bran porridge w/ fat free milk.

    I did have 3 pieces of chewing gum as well. And two pieces of hard sugar free candy.

    If you have any ideas, I would appreciate it so much. I’m really scratching my head and I’m not sure what I should. I was thinking of completing the 5 days of PV and going back to a super strict attack phase.

    • Amber on March 15, 2015

      Hi Andriz

      You are eating yogurts with added sugar in the form of evaporated cane juice which is adding carbs to your intake. The lemon Chobani has 12% carbs and the vanilla 10.67% so they are much higher than the 7% recommended so this won’t be helping you weight loss efforts but non fat plain Chobani is OK. You pan fried eggs and turkey bacon and the chicken breast. If you added oil over and above the 1 teaspoon allowed this can also make a difference. Try to broil/grill meat so the fat drips of rather than allowing the food to soak in it.

      Also was the 2% cheese stick made with 2% milk – if this is the case it has far more than 2% fat in the finished product. For example Kraft Polly O Twists have 3.5g of fat per 21 g which is 16.67%.

      Hopefully these tweaks should get you back on track.

      Kind regards


  • Eva Scensna on February 10, 2015

    Hi Amber, I read that wheat gluten can be used as a tolerated item ( same as a cornflour) but homemade seitan is allowed with no limits. Its that true? Can I use homemade seitan for baking bread?

    • Amber on February 11, 2015

      Hi Eva

      Seitan is allowed in the vegetarian version of the Dukan Diet as a protein source. I wouldn’t recommend using seitan to make bread as you are likely to end up eating more.

      Best wishes


      • Eva Scensna on February 11, 2015

        thanks :-)

  • Justine on February 1, 2015

    Hi I just wanted to clarify with the Quark does it have to be a fat fee version? I finally found Quark and have noticed that no where does it mention it being fat free but is used a lot and Yoghurts have to be fat free.


    • Amber on February 2, 2015

      Hi Justine

      Fat free is best but dairy protein can have up to 2% fat content. Allowing up to 2% fat content gives that little bit of flexibilty that may be needed for example in some countries it is very hard to get fat free cottage cheese.

      Best wishes


      • Justine on February 2, 2015

        Hi Amber

        Thankyou for your reply. I have found Biodynamic organic Quark at Woolworths in Australia and the Nutritional value is
        Per 100g

        Fat Total 7.8g
        sat fat 5.7g

        Carbs 4.7g
        sugars 3.0g

        I don’t understand the percentages so would this be ok ???

        Thanks again

        • Amber on February 3, 2015

          Hi Justine

          This Quark is too high in fat and works out at 7.8% fat content. Take a look at this product which is German style Quark it should be available in Woolworths according to the site . It has 0.2% fat content and 5.4% carbs.

          Best wishes


  • Suzie on January 27, 2015

    Is Oikos nonfat greek yogurt (vanilla) permitted?

    • Amber on January 28, 2015

      Hi Suzie

      I’m afraid not it contains added sugar as sugar and fructose which increase the carbohydrates in the food.

      Best wishes


  • emily on January 26, 2015

    i’m to start cruise phase in 3days..want to lose 20kilos.did attack phase for 5days.nw my question is which faster 5/5 or 2/5 or 3/4 or 1/1 what to lose a kilo a week preferably

    • Amber on January 26, 2015

      Hi Emily

      The most effective Cruise is to have an equal number of PP to PV days. 1/1 will give you the most even weight loss and is usually the easiest to maintain.

      Best wishes


  • Vivienne on January 18, 2015

    Hi Amber,
    I’ve started the diet on the 8th of January, but for some strange reason, have not lost a gram. Although I have not cheated at all. I gave up standing on the scale as it would be so disappointing, seeing this again,so I started to measure myself with a a centimeter and a fat measuring caliper.
    Since I’ve started the Cruise phase ( I even accidentally cheated with beans, because I misread the description), I’ve lost two centimeters from hips/belly and the fat started to be limp, like when it starts to disappear. I’m walking way more than the diet advises, too.
    Do you know why have I not lost weight during the attack phase?Before the diet I was eating a lot, especially at night, the loss must have been dramatic,mustn’t it? (I’m 65 kg-s, would like to lose 10 kg-s btw)
    Thank you.
    Kind Regards,

    • Amber on January 18, 2015

      Hi Vivienne

      The scales don’t always show the fat loss that has taken place especially if your body is concealing weight loss through constipation or water retention. The dramatic weight losses in the Attack Phase are most often from those who have much more than you to lose and who weren’t active before starting the Dukan, but it does seem very strange that you didn’t lose any weight. It is good that you switched to using the tape measure and calipers so that you could see the benefits of the diet.

      Stick with the diet and the scales will start to move.

      Best wishes


  • Jane on January 14, 2015

    Hi! Can we use corn starch and gluten for baking on cruise phase?

    • Amber on January 17, 2015

      Hi Jane

      Corn starch and soy flour are tolerated items and 1 tablespoon equals one tolerated item so are allowed on the Cruise phase. The vegetarian version allows the use of seitan which is made from gluten flour but it isn’t in the non-vegetarian version.

      Best wishes


  • Marlene on January 12, 2015

    Hi Amber,

    I just started the Cruise Phase having lost 12lbs in 6 days on the Attack Phase!!! Can you please clarify if I can eat cheese in the Cruise Phase and if so, what kinds and how much? Also I bought some Chobani non fat Greek Vanilla yogurt…can I eat that in this phase? And, thank you for your reply to my previous question.


  • Catarina monteiro on January 12, 2015

    Good afternoon! I have been following the dukan diet for 5 months now and already lost 30 lbs (yay!!!) – went from 154lbs to 124. I want to keep doing the Cruise Phase for a while more, though. There’s a brand of low carb yogurt called CarbMaster that kroger sells (only has 4g of effective carbs), do you think it’s a safe product for weight loss? Also, I found this bread from Julian bakery (only sells paleo products),, it only has a gram of effective carbs per slice, would you take a look and tell me your opinion on it? Thank you so much!!!

    • Amber on January 12, 2015

      Hi Catarina

      The CarbMaster yogurt is fine to use but the bread isn’t. Coconut isn’t an allowed food.

      Best wishes


      • Catarina monteiro on January 12, 2015

        but the coconut flour has a lot less carbs than cornstarch for example, and corn starch is an allowed food. That’d what I don’t get. Also, flaxseed isn’t allowed and it’s significantly lower in carbs than oatbran…

        • Amber on January 12, 2015

          Hi Catarina

          Dr Dukan decides what foods are included in the list of 100 foods and what are allowed as tolerated foods. He doesn’t often share the reasoning behind his choices. The Dukan Diet is low in carbs but it isn’t a carb free diet and although coconut flour is lower in carbs it contains saturated fat whereas corn flour/ corn starch is fat free. Oat bran is one of the items he has explained and this is included because of the health benefits it provides.

          Best wishes


          • Catarina monteiro on January 12, 2015

            Thank you so much for the prompt reply ;)

    • Mary S on January 16, 2015

      Kroger also has a very good Lite Greek yogurt that comes in a few flavors as well as plain–nutrition counts are almost the same in both kinds.
      Carbmaster has been my lifesaver–love the stuff. Enjoy.

      • Amber on January 17, 2015

        Hi Mary



  • Daniella on December 29, 2014

    Hey Amber,
    Hope you had a nice holiday! i have been on the dukan diet for 2 weeks today. first week – did 5 days induction, lost 4 lbs and since then i havent really lost. i had my period last week so i knew then that that could be the reason i was not losing but i have gained weight. i do mon wed fri pp and the rest of the week pv mostly having protein though. i drink atleast 15 cups of water a day, always have.. my stomach feels much flatter since i have started, dont think i lost many inches but i like how it looks flat better. any ideas of what the culprit might be for no weight loss? should i carry on with the diet? do you think its not for me? i do eat alot of food on this diet, i can easily eat 1800 calories a day of protein. love to hear your thoughts.

    thanks so much,

    • Amber on December 29, 2014

      Hi Daneilla

      If you are able to digest large amounts of protein without it surpressing your apetite it might be that this diet may not work that well for you. One of the reasons Dr Dukan based his diet on protein was because eating protein should fill you up for longer. It is also quite unusual to drink such large quantities of fluid and for it not to fill you up and thereby reduce the amount of food you are eating.

      If you are not suffering from constipation and or water retention it might be that this diet doesn’t suit you. It appears that you are able to digest large amounts of protein without it surpressing your appetite. One of the reasons Dr Dukan based his diet on protein was because eating protein should fill you up for longer. It is also quite unusual to drink such large quantities of fluid and for it not to fill you up and thereby reduce the amount of food you are eating.

      I’d give the Dukan a couple more weeks and if you’ve not lost any more weight I’d look for a different diet plan to follow that will give you a lower calorie intake.

      Best wishes


      Are you suffering from constipation

      • Daniella on December 29, 2014

        I dont go every day (sorry for the tmi) I used to be going after every meal before Dukan, so I am not used to going atleast once in morning, but before I was eating a high fiber diet. I added in psyllium husks to my oat bran every morning and it seemed to help me as does drinking the water. I do eat ALOT of nonfat dairy in the form of yogurt. maybe that is hindering the weight loss? I also chew sugar free gum and use stevia in my coffee…I have an underactive thyroid but am treating it with synthetic medication. I do walk every day for about 45 min to 60 min. I used to frequent the gym 2 times a day before i started this diet but then I had an injury which left me unable to go to the gym. Do you think a lack of fat can cause one to not be able to lose weight? I so badly want the Dukan diet to be the answer to all, I have seen great results from so many!
        Looking forward to hearing from you.

        • Amber on December 31, 2014

          Hi Daniella

          The change in frequency of your bowel movements will be masking some weight loss but only between movements so this doesn’t appear to be the problem. However the non fat dairy might be. On the coached version of the Dukan it is recommended to limit the amount of these foods to a maximum of 1 kg per day (1 ml is treated as equalling 1 g) and this recommendation is reduced to 500 g when weight loss stagnates.

          I think another reason that you may be finding it difficult to lose weight is because your body is used to a much higher level of activity so to lose weight you need to reduce the amount you eat to counteract the drop in activity plus some extra so that you lose weight.

          I don’t believe that a lack of fat is a problem as people with an underactive thyroid are recommended to follow a low fat, low carb diet.

          Best wishes


          • Daniella on January 2, 2015

            Hey Amber,
            Thank you for responding and for all your knowledge! I am going to try to stick with the Dukan way for a few more weeks, regardless of weight loss or not I feel this is a healthy way of eating and keeping blood sugar levels at a good place.

            What do you think of this for a snack? Wink Ice Cream. Heres the nutrition facts:
            Nutrition Facts
            Serving Size 1/2 cup (about 58g)
            Serving Per Container 4

            Amount Per Serving
            Calories 25 Calories from Fat 0
            % Daily Value*
            Total Fat 0g 0%
            Saturated Fat 0g 0%
            Trans Fat 0g
            Cholesterol 0mg 0%
            Sodium 45mg 2%
            Total Carbohydrate 4g 1%
            Dietary Fiber 1g 4%
            Sugars 0g
            Sugar Alcohol 2g
            Protein 2g
            Vitamin A 0% Vitamin C 0%
            Calcium 0% Iron 0%
            * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie dietv

          • Amber on January 4, 2015

            Hi Daniella

            Wink Ice cream is a non dairy ice cream and it contains ingredients that aren’t in the list of allowed foods such as pea protein, tapioca flour and glycerin which is a form of sugar. This means it doesn’t fit the rules. Sorry:(

            Best wishes


  • Susan on August 14, 2014

    I am trying to figure out the dairy…I have read all I can find…but it says no more than 1 kg….is that statig less than 2 pounds? Thanks.

    • Amber on August 17, 2014

      Hi Susan

      1 kg equals 2.2pounds. When working out 1 ml equals 1 g. so a litre of milk would use all your daily allowance.

      Kind regards


  • Georgina on August 14, 2014

    Hi Amber,
    Can you on occasion change the rhythm? For example this weekend I am going to two dinner parties. Can I eat PP days Thursday and Friday, then PV days Saturday Sunday then return Monday to alternating between PP and PV daily?
    Thanks, Georgina

    • Amber on August 14, 2014

      Hi Georgina

      Yes you can move your PP and PV days around.

      Best wishes


  • MAVIS on June 26, 2014

    hello amber,
    i have lost wait, but my belly size is still the same what can i do

    • Amber on June 26, 2014

      Hi Mavis

      Keep going, the weight will shift form your problem area but it might be the last area.

      Best wishes


  • Doug on June 23, 2014

    I like the idea of having my PV days be consistently the same each week. Does Dukan have a problem with a 4PP/3PV set up? WED/FRI/SUN would be my 3 PV days.

    • Amber on June 24, 2014

      Hi Doug

      I personally think a 7 day rhythm is easier to follow as our lives usually follow this pattern. It is a little slower as you will get slightly fewer PP days.

      Best wishes


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