Readers’ Poll Makes Dukan Diet the Most Successful Diet Plan

We all know that the Dukan Diet comes in for a lot of criticism as far as the medical profession is concerned so it was not of course any surprise to me that the Dukan Diet came twelfth in a list of commercial diet programs some time ago.

However I just happen to come across this article again today and noticed the results from the voting buttons of readers which I wanted to share as I found them very interesting as although the Dukan Diet came last in these results as judged by the so called experts it actually produced the best weight loss success rate as voted by readers of the article with a success rate of 81.4%.

So based on this totally unscientific poll the Dukan Diet could be considered to be the most successful commercial diet of all twelve!!!!

Weight Watchers

Lost Weight

Yes 8020    No 3539

Success rate 69.4%


Jenny Craig

Lost Weight

Yes 726       No 2260

Success rate 24.3%


Biggest Loser

Lost Weight

Yes 457    No 498

Success rate 47.9%


Slim Fast

Lost Weight

Yes 483    No 2824

Success rate 14.6%


Flat Belly

Lost Weight

Yes 510   No 156

Success rate 76.6%



Lost Weight

Yes 697      No 1907

Success rate 26.8%


Abs Diet  

Lost Weight

Yes 65   No 113

Success rate 36.6%


South Beach

Lost Weight

Yes 1002        No 9350

Success rate 9.7%


Zone Diet

Lost Weight

Yes 373           No 8808

Success rate 4.1%



Lost Weight

Yes 2543      No 1117

Success rate 69.5%



Lost Weight

Yes 4311            No 19013

Success rate 18.5%


Dukan Diet  

Lost Weight

Yes 707      No 162

Success rate 81.4%



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