New Dukan Diet Books Published

Dr Dukan published two new books on Thursday 19 July 2012.

The Dukan Diet 100 Eat as Much as You Want Foods” and “Pierre Dukan -Love Your Curves: Dr. Dukan Says Lose Weight, Not Shape“.

The first book appears to be a rewrite of the Dukan Diet presumably with some of the latest changes now incorporated such as Shirataki noodles and the daily teaspoon of olive oil or rapeseed oil.

The second book does however seem to be a little different as in this book Dr Dukan delivers a personal message explaining why we should be losing weight but not our shape. Dr Dukan looks at why men and women are different shapes and explores why so many people today are locked into a never ending quest for thinness, believing that thinness holds the key to sexual attraction and happiness and contentment.

Dr Dukan puts forward scientific research and evidence to show although the press and media often make us feel that skinny and shapeless is best, curves are what nature intended us to have and these curves make us much more attractive!

Perhaps this book is Dr Dukan’s direct response to the success of “Six Weeks to OMG: Get Skinnier Than All Your Friends”?

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