The Four Phases of the Dukan Diet Explained

So what are the key principles of the Diet.

It is a four part eating plan which doesn’t require you to count calories and allows you to eat as much as you want while you lose weight. It then provides you with a blueprint which can be followed for life. The first two parts are followed while you are losing your excess pounds while the final two are those that you follow to keep the weight off for good.

  • Part 1 is the Attack Phase which is followed for between 2 and 10 days where you eat as much as you want of 72 high protein foods.
  • Part 2 is the Cruise Phase. You follow this part of the diet until you reach your target weight adding a further 28 vegetables that you can eat on alternate days.
  • Part 3 is the Consolidation Phase where you add other foods such as cheese, fruit and bread and are permitted two celebration meals each week. You follow this phase for 5 days for each pound lost.
  • Part 4 is the Stabilisation Phase that you follow to maintain your ideal weight. You gradually increase the amount of carbohydrate in your diet, whilst having one protein only day each week The protein only day is usually recommended for Thursday, which is why the “Dukan Thursday” menus in France developed. You are also allowed one special meal per week where you can have a starter, main course and dessert of your choice.

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