Vegetable Recipes for the Dukan Diet

It is very important to make the most of the vegetables that you are allowed on PV days as they

  • increase the vitamins and minerals that you are getting in your diet
  • provide different textures and tastes
  • add extra fiber to your diet to help prevent constipation

They are also a great substitute for a lot of starchy foods – ribbons of vegetables can be used to replace pasta, vegetables can be mashed to replace potatoes and cauliflower used to make rice or a pizza!

Vegetable Recipes for the Dukan Diet





27 Responses to “Vegetable Recipes for the Dukan Diet”

  • sasha on December 18, 2017

    hi y’all!!!!

    I am done with phase 1 and moving on phase 2, i am so tired of meat!! 8 days and attacked 12 lbs…

    • Amber on December 20, 2017



  • Amy on October 12, 2015

    Hi Amber
    Long time
    I completed my dukan diet in mid of sep
    Bt nw i hv gained 5-6kgs of my wt.
    Can u suggest me i have to start with attack phase or cruise phase?????
    N if attack phase then for how many days for attack phase????

    Also suggest me some vegetarian protein food items

  • amy on January 31, 2015

    hi Amber, thank u so much i vl surely follow ur advice.
    i feel very lucky to find u and this chat room.

    i have seen ur posts abt consolidation phase, want to ask u that is it mandatory or is it a fixed rule of dr.dukan to introduce the food in 3rd phase as u have described- like dividing frst half with 5 and second half with 3………. rest u have explained in that post. bcuz if this is a rule then im unaware of this till date.

    thanx Amber once again.

  • amy on January 23, 2015

    hi Amber
    1) i just want to ask what to do with loose flabs now. i have on my arms n belly n thigh area.
    is it ohk to do gyming to tone my muscles to give it defined shape.
    2) plz tell me what else i can take instead of wine?
    3)one more thing amber, as i dont want to eat non veg on tuesdays due to some religious believes can u plz tell me that can i follow veg diet on that day , im abt to enter consolidation phae, i have managed till cruise phase anyhow but i want to knw what else i can have apart from non veg. or i can fast on this day if there is no other option. bcuz earlier u told me if i want to do veg diet then min of 5 days i have to follow. is this rule is same for 3rd phase also.

    • Amber on January 26, 2015

      Hi Amy

      1) Yes, it is OK to go to the gym to tone up.
      2) No alternative , sorry.
      3) If you need to eat a vegetarian diet on Tuesdays now that you are about to start Consolidation that will be fine.

      In Consolidation you need to slowly adjust back to a normal way of eating that should have you eating in a more mindful way so that the weight stays off for good.

      Best wishes


      • amy on January 29, 2015

        hi Amber thank u soo much for ur advice.
        from past arund 7-10 days im not able to shed any kilos and this is irritating me. in total till date i have lost 20kgs, nw im trying to loose 3-4kgs only considering this for any gain further if occur during 3rd or 4th phase. but im not able to even after PPday its stuck im doing workout also.
        plz reply on this dear.

        • Amber on January 29, 2015

          Hi Amy

          As you are trying to get below your target weight it is likely to be a very slow and difficult process and you don’t need a buffer to move on to Consolidation. My advice would be to move on to the next phase.

          Best wishes


          • Amy on January 30, 2015

            Hi Amber
            Thank u Amber
            Bt one new thing i m observing is day before yesterday i did PP n when i weigh myself if was still same weight that was same as after doing PV. Which never hapnd with ne till date. Bcuz after PP weight always shed. Bt this time i dnt knw what is happening. Then nxt day when i did PV and weigh next morning my weight was increased by 300gms.
            Amber im very tensed, i have to start my 3rd phase now but in this way i will keep on increasing my weight??? A nightmare for me ,this is very depressing from past 3 days Amber.
            Plz advice something on this.

          • Amber on January 30, 2015

            Hi Amy

            My advice remains the same move to Consolidation, but also try not to fret so much, there is no reason for you to start gaining weight in Consolidation.

            Take care


  • amy on January 21, 2015

    hi Amber
    Im bit confused n v happy to tell u that i have lost 20kgs since 20th aug.
    Im confused of my true wt bcuz whenever i calculate my true wt everytime it is different. plz u tell me hw much i need to do more keeping that margin of wt gain when i will be back on normal eating that is during and after stabilisation period.

    Im scared of eating and adding food to my diet now , scared of regaining it back , just thinking of my hardwork n patience.

    2) I wanna ask u one more thing is dis diet possible or allowed for pregnant ladies also and also for lactating mothers.

    • Amber on January 21, 2015

      Hi Amy

      It is wonderful that you’ve lost 20 kg since 20 August- Congratulations!

      Don’t get hung up on your target weight, 69 kg is in the right range but a kg either side would be fine. Remember that some weight fluctuation is normal, it is when all the fluctuations are going the wrong way that you need to step in to make some adjustments.

      Add the additional foods in Consolidation in gradually and no the Dukan diet is not suitable for Lactating mothers or during pregnancy. It is too restrictive, the mother’s body needs the best nutrition possible to feed the rapidly growing baby inside and outside of the womb.

      Best wishes


      • amy on January 22, 2015

        hi Amber
        thank u soo much n im so soooo happy.

  • Amy on January 1, 2015

    Thank u sooo much Amber
    I vl get back to u wid the list.
    Thanx alot dear

  • amy on December 2, 2014

    plz tell me is sugar free tabs n sugar free beverages harmful to health. i hv heard they r carcinogenc.
    is it true??
    n plz tell me maximum tabs i can take in a day.

    i hv few more ques plz help me asap :

    1) can i have coffee from cafe coffee day, barista, starbucks. actually i need to go out of station for 24 days so can i have it from outside

    2) wanna ask if i carry nestle milk powder along will it be ohk to take it as milk , in tea or in coffee.

    3)soya chaap is very famous in indian market n said to be high in protein. so is it allowed as boiled, steam or roasted form.

    • Amber on December 14, 2014

      Hi Amy

      Please see my earlier reply re diet drinks.

      You need to be careful with the coffees that you buy and ensure that they have no added sugar and are made with fat free milk. I don’t understand what you mean by going out of station and having it outside.

      Provide the milk powder is made from skim/fat free milk and has no added sugar it will be fine to use.

      Soya chaap is made from soya flour and this isn’t an allowed ingredient on the Dukan Diet.


      • Amy on December 28, 2014

        Hi amber
        Thank u soo much
        I mean to say im out of town for vacations n here it is difficult to find skimmed milk.. Everywhere tonned milk is available , i dont know how much fat it has. So in that context i was asking you can i have coffee from starbucks,cafe coffee day , barista.

        • Amber on December 28, 2014

          Hi Amy

          Single toned milk usually has around 3% fat content while double toned is around 1.5% so try to mininise the amount of this milk if you can. I’ve checked out , and it doesn’t look as if they use skimmed milk in their coffees. Your best bet would be to have Americano coffee with seperate milk and then add as little milk as possible.

          Best wishes


          • Amy on December 29, 2014

            Thank u sooo much Amber
            V useful advice.

            As i have read the book which specifies the part of chicken to be taken like breast and thigh pieces; n wing which should be avoided bcuz it contain maximim fat. Bt sometimes it is very difficult to find specified pieces. And what about leg piece which is not mentioned ???
            Plz explain me this.

            And can u name few food which we can take it during cruise phase according to Indian market. Because many veggies and non veg items mentioned are not found in India. Few things for Indians plzzzzz

          • Amber on December 29, 2014

            Hi Amy

            Gourds are very similar to squashes so you could have these, brinjal is aubergine/egg plant so you can have this, leafy vegetables like fenugreek leaves or bathua would also be OK. However starchy root vegetables like tara and cassava should be avoided. If you given me a list of indian foods readily available I’ll see what I can find out about them.

            The lower leg or drumstick of the chicken is also fine to eat but it does have a higher fat content than breast meat.

            Best wishes


  • amy on November 21, 2014

    there is differece between cabbage n cauliflower.So is cauliflower allowed in cruise phase PV days ?

    • amy on November 21, 2014

      n capsicum (green, yellow, red color)

      • Amber on November 26, 2014

        And so are all coloured peppers – capsicum


    • Amber on November 26, 2014

      Hi Amy

      Yes cauliflower is allowed.


      • Amy on December 1, 2014

        Hi Amber
        Thank u so much
        I feel v lucky to find u n dis chatroom
        U r literally helping us
        God Bless U Dear

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