Losing Those Last Few Stubborn Pounds on the Dukan Diet

This is another post that I’ve put together by request.  Slimmermee posted a comment yesterday asking for my help.  She is just five pounds from her target weight of 9 st 6 lbs and is finding it very hard to lose these last few pounds.  If you too are like Slimmermee the most important thing to do is not to give up.

Having difficulties losing those last few stubborn pounds is not restricted to those following the Dukan Diet as there are common reasons for these problems

As you lose weight you need fewer calories –  Every time you lose a pound your body needs 8 calories less.  When you look at this in isolation it seems like a trivial amount but it does mount up.  If you have lost 10 pounds you need 80 calories less, 20 pounds means 160 calories and so on.  This means that to maintain the same rate of weight loss you need to eat less.

The closer you get to your target weight the more likely it is that you will let your guard down –  You’ve been successfully following the weight loss plan for several weeks or in some cases several months and as you are so close to the end it is so easy to think that you’ll start to slip in the odd treat here and there in readiness for when you come off your diet.

You’re bored – The chances are that you’ve slipped into the habit of eating the same foods again and again whilst on the diet and now you’re really fed up and are not looking forward to following the diet for a few more weeks.

Your friends and family apply pressure for you to stop dieting –  They have all seen the difference that your weight loss has made and think you look wonderful so they want you to stop before you go too far.

So how do you overcome these problems and lose those final few pounds.  You reinvigorate your diet by re-motivating yourself and by fine tuning the diet.

Ways to Remotivate  –

Reflect and refocus

You need to remember how far you’ve come and what benefits your weight loss has provided.  Why not get a pen and piece of paper and write down all the great things that your weight loss has provided so far.

It could be that you’ve dropped two dress sizes, or that you can now wear a pair of jeans that you wore in college.  It might be that you can now play with your grandchildren without getting out of breath or that your blood pressure is back where it should be.  Don’t forget all the great compliments you’ve had too!

Now write on the paper what further benefits you hope that losing those last few stubborn pounds will give.  It could be to get down another dress size, be comfortable in those college jeans or that you want to take your grandchildren on holiday or reduce the cholesterol medication that you are taking.

Remember those last few pounds do matter!

If you are ever feeling that perhaps you don’t need to bother losing those last few pounds, get a bag and fill it up so that it weighs the same as those last few pounds and carry it around for a few minutes.  If you are getting pressure from friends or family give the bag to them to carry for a while.  Then remember that this is the additional burden that your body is currently carrying around every day.

Use Visualization if it helps

How about giving names and unpleasant personality traits to each of the last few pounds so that you can visualize finally getting rid of these people.  For example one of the pounds could be Pesky Peter a hanger on who always manages to get recognition for the efforts of others.  Just think how good you’ll feel when you’ve shown him the door!

Break the Task Down

Instead of looking at the target weight, set yourself a target of losing a couple of pounds and agree that you will buy yourself a small treat to celebrate.  You then repeat this process until you reach your target weight.


Ways to Fine Tune Your Diet –

Shake up your Diet – Look to introduce some new dishes each week into your diet.

Make Food Swaps to save calories – although the Dukan Diet isn’t a calorie or carb counting diet it still works by reducing your calorie intake.  See how you can help this process along, for example if you have a skinny latte every day swap this for a green tea or diet soda or rather than using chicken thighs in a recipe use chicken breast instead.


Dukan Specific Tips to Fine Tune Your Diet –


  • Tolerated Items – Either do without these altogether or have just one tolerated item each day or just have them at the weekend.
  • Pure Proteins – Avoid the more fattening proteins on the list of allowed foods.  These are the proteins that are not allowed on Dukan Thursdays in Stabilisation.
  • Increase the amount or the intensisty of your exercise
  • Decrease the amount of Dairy you are eating from 1 kg to 500g and only eat yogurt, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, fromage frais and milk.
  • Replace a couple of your normal PP days with White Days.
  • Try Dr Dukan’s Non Stop Green Tea Plateau Buster.


43 Responses to “Losing Those Last Few Stubborn Pounds on the Dukan Diet”

  • Garnet on February 8, 2015


    I’m thinking about going off this diet. It hasn’t worked for me at all. I bought the book and read it and followed it strictly. I’m more than half way through cruise phase and haven’t lost any weight.

    But I’m not over weight to begin with. I just wanted to loose these 2 stubborn pounds I gained. I’ve never had problems with weight for years since I was on a permanent Atkins diet due to hypoglycemia until I gained weight. I’m not sure if my 2 pounds is the cause of muscle gain since I did gain 3 inches of muscle on my bottom but my other dimensions stayed the same. I was doing dozens of weighted squats almost daily.

    I’m killing myself trying to loose these 2 pounds. I’ve tried calore restriction, pgx, atkins, paleo, modeately low carb and low fat vegetarian with lots of protein (my favorite, felt the best), now I’m taking pseudoephedrine to try and suppress my appetite even further.

    Thank you for your help.

    • Amber on February 8, 2015

      Hi Garnet

      I’m a little confused. You say you are not overweight yet you want to lose 2 pounds that you think you’ve probably gained due to increasing your muscle volume. My advice would be not to be fixated by the figure on your bathroom scales and to stop beating yourself up trying to achieve weight loss by dieting. If you really want to lose weight, stop exercising and this should reverse your muscle gain.

      Best wishes


      • Garnet on February 9, 2015

        Thank you for your advice. I will try and stop obsessing. Some people ask me if I lost weight and I reply that I gained weight and they look confused. So maybe it is all muscle. I have problems with body image so the only way to gauge my shape is by the scale.

        • Susy on December 13, 2017

          Hi Garnet, you say the only way to gauge is the scale. Seems to me the worst way! Sounds like you simply gained muscle. I say congrats!

  • sumbal on December 10, 2014

    I’m on dukan diet for last 4 weeks. I lost few kgs in first two weeks but second two weeks I dint lose a single pound which is very disappointing. I’m following the diet strictly but still no satisfying results. I still have 12 more kg to lose, the way it’s going not sure how I’m gonna make it.

    Plz if anybody can help me

    • Amber on December 14, 2014

      HI Sumbal

      A stall in weight loss is very common when a lot of weight is lost at the start of the Dukan. If you stick with it you will soon see the scales start to move in the right direction.


  • Jen on August 6, 2014

    Hi Amber,

    I am 2 kilograms away from my target weight but I have stayed stagnant for weeks whilst following the cruise phase intently. However, I am satisfied with the inches I have lost. Is it ok to go on to consolidation or should I still stick to the cruise phase til I lose the 2 kilograms? I have been on the cruise phase for 2 months now. Thank you and best regards.

    • Amber on August 7, 2014

      Hi Jen

      As you are happy at your current weight I’d move to Consolidation.

      Best wishes


  • GS on July 24, 2014

    Hi Amber!
    I’ve been browsing through your site and i have to say – you are wonderful! everything is made simple and organised in such a beautiful way!

    i have a question – it said somewhere here that protein will should make you feel fuller for longer….with me it is opposite, i keep to the diet strictly ( in cruise now) but i am constantly hungry…. i think im craving vegetables and fruit… any advice?
    im afraid my weight loss is not going all to well because i keep eating permitted stuff!
    thank a million,

    • Amber on July 25, 2014

      Hi G

      We are all different but protein is usually more difficult for our bodies to process and this is why it is normally more satisfying. If you don’t find protein satisfying my advice would be to switch to another diet plan that isn’t based around eating protein.

      Kind regards


  • ruth on September 19, 2013

    dear amber,
    i have a big issue as I stopped losing weight…I can reat it looks liek common but it demotivates me a lot. I am 4Kg away from my target but since 5 days I keep taking about 200g a day and not loosing anything…

    any suggestions? I am very careful with what I eat and I haven’t introduced anything new in my diet except I use spices to avoid using oil and salt…I have also cut down on my portions and I do feel hungry sometimes..

    thanks for any help!

    • Amber on September 19, 2013

      Hi Ruth

      I know it isn’t easy but it is really important that you stick to the diet until you get through this period of stagnation.

      Here is a link to one of my posts that contains some information that you may find helpful.

      Try not to allow yourself to get hungry as this can result in you eating more at the next meal to compensate.

      Try to stay strong.


  • sophie on June 7, 2013

    I have been doing the dukan diet for 2 weeks now. I only wanted to lose 3-4 kilos so I stayed 2 days in the attack phase and two weeks to the cruise phase. I haven’t lost a kilo since although I exercise every day and eat only proteins and vegetables when allowed. I ate small portions of low fat cheese (10%), normal portions of beef, chicken, fish, eggs, milk (2%) and yogurt with sweeteners. I don’t understand why I don’t lose weight, I am a little tired of trying….

    • Amber on June 10, 2013

      Hi Sophie

      10% fat content cheese isn’t allowed as normal dairy products have to have 2% or less. However as a tolerated item 30 g of 7% fat content cheese is allowed. How much dairy produce are you have each day in grams, using 1ml to 1 g conversion.

      Don’t start again with the Attack Phase as it is too soon for your body, just continue on Cruise.

      Best wishes


      • sophie on June 11, 2013

        Hello again, thanks for replying! I stopped the cheese (I used to eat around 30gr) 5days now. Still no changes on my weight though. I eat 1kilo of yogurt 0% and milk (together, not 1 kilo of each), mince beef, chicken, salmon and other fish. 1 teaspoon of oil, if any. My 2 tablespoons of oat everyday, plus around two litters of water.
        On my PV days I eat plus 1 or two tomatoes, lettuce, a little onion, 1/2 cucumbers, and some peppers.
        I also drink coffee,tea and rarely diet coke, and sometimes an infusions that helps constipation without any calories.
        Finally I exercise A LOT (I also did before). I do a maximum of 1 hour running and one hour body building day after day and walk 30-60 min on the days that I don’t. For the past five days I did two hours of gym everyday.
        Is it possible that the diet doesn’t work for me? Do you find anything wrong in what I do?
        Also one last thing in a week I will go on holidays and it will be hard to continue, can I go to the next phase and start the PP/PV when I will return?
        Best, Sophie

        • Amber on June 11, 2013

          Hi Sophie

          There doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with what you are eating now you’ve stopped the cheese. When people are stuck at a certain weight one of the suggestions the Dukan coaches make is to cut dairy consumption in half to 500 g but you may find it difficult to exercise so much with a lower level of carbs.

          Yes you can move to Consolidation temporarily whilst you are away on holiday and then resume Cruise on your return.

          How close are you to your target weight and do you think you might be converting fat to muscle?

          Hope you have a lovely holiday.

          Best wishes


          • sophie on June 12, 2013

            Thank you Amber!
            Well, I weighted 57 kg and after 3 weeks only went to 56 kilos. I just want to lose 2 more kilos. My body is quite muscled How can i know if I do convert fat to muscle and how can I still lose some weight?
            Best Wishes,

          • Amber on June 12, 2013

            Hi Sophie

            Given the amount of exercising you are completing, it seems very likely that you are replacing some body fat with lean muscles mass. The good thing is that fat takes up more room than muscles and it burns less calories. Do you feel thinner? Are you over ambitious in the amount you want to weigh?

            I’m afraid our bodies don’t listen to our brains.

            Best wishes


    • sophie on July 11, 2013

      I read that Dukan was banned as a doctor as he caused many deaths with a drug he provided for weight loss and that his diet has been voted as ‘the worst celebrity diet’ by the British Dietetic Association in 2011….

      • Amber on July 14, 2013

        Hi Sophie

        I’ve amended my reply as I’ve now found the information you were referring to.


        Dr Dukan was given a week’s ban from practising medicine and ordered to pay €6,000 in legal costs to the complainant referred to as Marie-Claude in the French media. She had consulted him wanting to lose weight back in 1971. Many years later she found she had heart-valve damage which medical experts said was likely to be directly related to taking Mediator.

        The medical body found that Dr Dukan prescribed the drug outside its principal recommended use for a significant period and without sufficient tests or follow-up.

        The drug Mediator is at the centre of one of France’s worst-ever pharmaceutical scandals. The amphetamine derivative was marketed to overweight diabetics but was also prescribed to healthy women as an appetite suppressant when they wanted to lose a few pounds. Up to five million people were given the drug between 1976 and November 2009, when it was withdrawn in France, years after being pulled in Spain and Italy. It was never authorised in the UK or US. More than 100 doctors have been sanctioned by the French medical body for prescribing Mediator.

        Dr Dukan is certainly a controversial figure and as this article explains http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/9270592/Dukan-Diet-guru-Pierre-Dukan-struck-off-French-medical-register-at-own-request.html he was struck off the French medical register at his own request although he probably would have been struck off had he not done so himself.

        The Dukan Diet is not popular with dietitians because of the exclusion of food groups but it is popular with many dieters because it works.

        Kind regards


  • Jenny Bogod on June 5, 2013


    I am on day 3 of the attack phase, and I have the following questions:

    1) is beef jerky allowed during this phase, or during PP days (in the next stages)? I couldn’t find one without sugar in the ingredients, but I can’t imagine there being a high quantity of sugar there. Also, I am right about going crazy without having snacks…especially at work.

    3) I am sorry to put this private information, but I have been extremely constipated (only went, a little, today, day 3), Should I take a laxative at this point?

    3) I read the Dukan book and I didn’t see any restrictions on sugar-free items, so I have been having sugar free gum (Excel white- the pink one) – about a pack a day.. Is that bad? What are the recommended aspartame/sweetner doses during the attack phase? Meaning, if i had a pack of gum today, should I no longer be adding sweetner to my coffee etc?

    4) Where does one get goji berries? I am in toronto

    5) Do you have any suggestions with regards to eating out? How do I maintain a social life while on this diet? especially during attack phase?

    I want to thank you for this amazing website – it has really helped me and given me great ideas.



    • Amber on June 5, 2013

      Hi Jenny

      1. Beef jerky is allowed but it shouldn’t contain any sugar. You can try the brand that you are able to buy and see if this impacts on your weight loss or not.
      2. Constipation can be a real problem on the Dukan Diet especially in the Attack Phase. If you are uncomfortable a laxative might be a good idea.
      3. The rules given in the books and those in the paid coached versions do differ. The coached version is more up to date but the version in the books will stil work too!
      4. You can get goji berries in a health store.
      5. Eating out is really difficult on PP days so unfortunately the best thing to do is to avoid eating out and perhaps join your friends after they’ve finished eating. sorry!


      Kind regards


  • Ambrosia on April 28, 2013

    Hi Amber,

    I started the attack phase on the 16 April 2013 and today is 28 April 2013. Here is what I did:

    Since Day 1 (i.e 16April 2013), I used 3 tbsp of oatbran instead of 1.5 tbsp oatbran — this is all I had for breakfast and I added 2% milk to my oatbran. I also used extremely low amount of pure coconut oil ( a few drops) occasionally on my chicken breast simply for the flavor. I also occasionally had 3.2% fat yogurt (which is not allowed but was cheaper). I ate only pp (i.e chicken breast)

    Weight on 16April 2013 morning (empty stomach): 60.1kg

    Day 2: It seems I lost a pound as I was 59.6kg

    Day 3: Lost another pound 58.6kg (scale showed from 58.6-58.9kg)…

    Fast forward these days, I asked a question to Amber about whether it was ok for what I was doing above even though I was not having more oatbran/ using a little coconut oil/ occasionally eating 3.2% fat yogurt. Amber kindly responded that the Dukan diet does not allow those amounts. By that time it was already 24 April 2013 (8days attack phase).

    25 April 2013: I rectified eveything — i.e started 1.5 tbsp oatbran, had strictly no oil whatsoever — not even for flavor and has no yogurt.

    I continued on until today 28 April 2013. i.e now 4 days strictly as prescribed for the attack phase. My weight as of this morning is showing 59.2kg.

    What I observed is since 25 April 2013 I have not lost weight according to the scale. However, I have been doing ab exercises eveyday for the past 10 days and it is showing that my ab/hips/ waist have reduced. Like it is readily visible.

    So today is 28 April 2013 evening — like today’s attack phase is almost over. I also just prepared some homemeade chicken burger (all breasts, LOTS of fresh corriander, parsley and chives, a little soy sauce and salt– no oil*)I has a few of those while cooking — they were delicious and will have it for dinner as well.

    Ok basically I have been on the strict attack phase for 4 days now — but been on “attack phase” since 16 April 2013 (hope this makes sense — please see above – i.e since I started.) So all in all I have been having strictly pp for 12 days.

    Now my big question is, and this is why I wrote everything in detail so you know exactly where I am at:

    — Why am I not losing weight on the scale anymore — even though I am visibly losing in the ab/hip area because of the targetted exercise?

    (Also I am to have my period in a couple of days or so — could it be the reason why I am not seeing a drop in the kgs on the scale?)

    — What should I do from this point forth? Do I need to stop the attack phase and move to cruise phase — because I read that it is not good to stay more than 10 days on the attack phase.


    Do I wait until my ‘period time’ is over and then start cruise phase?

    — It seems to me that since 25 April 2013, it is the exercise that is making me (or at least it looks this way visibly), lose weight but for sure the diet is helping — should it not be the other way round in the attack phase at least?

    — What do I do from this point to maximize my weight loss diet-wise?

    * I understand it is ok to use an unlimited amound of fresh corainder, parsley and chives — so I hope it is ok that I use quite a lot in my chicken breast burger.

    I look forward to your help Amber — and hope this post gives you the exact picture of where I am at and more importantly will help you provide me the best guidance in my situation. Thank you.

    • Amber on April 29, 2013

      Hi Ambrosia

      You must move on to the Cruise Phase immediately as it is not good for your health to eat on such a restricted basis for so long. The Attack Phase is only ever followed for 10 days when you have medical advice to this effect and you have large amounts of weight to lose.

      Staying on the Attack Phase more than twice as long as recommended does not more than double the amount of weight you will lose as it can actually reduce your metabolism and decrease the calories your body is using. Our bodies have very strong survival instincts and when faced with what it perceives to be a famine of food it slows our bodies down to try to keep us alive until food becomes more plentiful again. However everyone is different and it is quite unusual not to be quite badly constipated after going without vegetables for over 12 days.

      Your period can definitely impact on the amount of weight lost and as you are able to see visible losses from your ab/hip area it seems likely that the weight loss on the scales will follow when your period ends but if you are replacing fat with muscle the scales may not show as much weight loss as you are expecting. This is because muscles are more dense so the same volume of muscle will weigh more than the same volume of fat. The good thing is that muscle uses more calories than fat.

      You can use herbs as a seasoning in food in unlimited amounts so your chicken burgers should be fine.

      The best thing you can do is to follow the Dukan Diet as intended and be patient and stick with it as people very rarely lose weight in a straight line one the way to their target weight.

      Best wishes


      • Ambrosia on April 30, 2013

        Hi Amber,

        Thank you very much for your encouraging reply. It is now much clearer to me regarding the weight that I am seeing on the scale. Also, I will be embarking on the cruise phase tomorrow — (would have done it today itself but it is already near my bedtime when reading your post 🙂 ) – so tomorrow will be my DAY 1 — cruise! and it may sound funny, but I am so looking forward to have a large amount of iceburg lettuce salad + will add grilled chiken to it!

        I am also glad that you confirmed about the unlimited herbs as I did put a LOT in there 🙂

        I will do PP,PV,PP,PV ….. until I reach my weight goal — cause that’s how cruise is done as far as I understand it — correct?

        • Amber on April 30, 2013

          Hi Ambrosia

          1 day PP followed by 1 day PV is the most popular rhythm for Cruise Phase and this is the one usually recommended by Dr Dukan.

          Kind regards


      • Ambrosia on April 30, 2013

        Hi Amber,

        Thank you very much for your encouraging post. I will start the cruise phase first thing tomorrow morning. I understand that it is like this:

        1 – 2tbsp oatbran instead of 1.5 tbsp from now on regardless whether it is PP or PV days

        2 – tomorrow i.e day 1 of cruise phase I start PV followed by PP (so it’s like PV,PP, PV, PP and so on)

        3 – On PV days all listed vegetables allowed in unlimited quantities — also okra, bok choy (pak choy) unlimited

        4 – on PV days I can eat as much protein and vegetables as I want to — but if I am full with little amount of protein + vegetables then I must not overeat. Therefore this may result in eating less protein that PP days given that I add vegetables on PV days. However, each meal must contain protein on PV days.

        Did I get all that correctly?

        I want to make sure I continue in the right direction.

        I posted here earlier and I think I lost my post 🙂

        • Amber on April 30, 2013

          Hi Ambrosia

          I’ve numbered your comment to make it easier to reply to

          1 & 2 are correct.
          3 Not all vegetables are unlimited carrots, beetroot and artichokes should be limited to one serving a week. Okra is OK to eat
          4 Try to eat a ratio of 2/3 protein to 1/3 vegetables as it is the protein which fills you up.

          Best wishes


          • Ambrosia on May 1, 2013

            HI Amber thank you for clarifying. Is pak choy ok to eat in unlimited quantities on PV days?

            Also, regarding the 2/3 protein and 1/3 vegetables rule, do I have to have that ratio at every meal — even if I am not hungry (for example, on a PV day, if I have lunch as 2/3P and 1/3V, can I simply have a large iceburg lettuce salad for dinner without any P or hardly any protein?

            Today was my first day PV — Day 1 cruise. It was alright. I had the following:

            – Very late ‘breakfast’ (woke up very late – day off) – 1.5 tbsp oat bran + skim 0% fat milk (will move to 2tbsp tomorrow — as I had already prepared my oat bran the day before and did not know if I was allowed 2tbsp on Cruise).
            And Black tea with skim milk.

            – Very late lunch – Fish and green beans + some soy noodles* (pan ‘fried’ with cabbage + chives + soy sauce + salt) + fresh green chilli paste (blended with garlic, onion and white vinegar).

            – Dinner – Fish + soy noodles + green beans.

            – Post dinner ‘snack’ — a tall glass of soy milk (very low fat /low carb combo — sweetened with sucralose)

            Night cap – chamomille tea.

            I am now a bit hungry after doing my exercise. Should I have eaten more during the day?

            *soy bean curd noodles

            per 3 ounces:

            fat – 3g

            carb – 5g (7g – 2g fibre)

            Fibre – 2g

            Protein – 15g

            I must have eaten about 9 ounces throughout the day. Is that ok? and based on the nutrition information, can I have soy noodles as an unlimited food on PV and PP days just like tofu?

          • Amber on May 1, 2013

            Hi Ambrosia

            Pak choy is fine to eat in unlimited amounts on PV days.

            The ratios are those suggested by the Dukan coaches but they aren’t mentioned in the books. The problem with eating large amount ofvegetables is that they can create water retention where as protein has the opposite effect and vegetables are also very high in water. Some people find that their weight goes up a little after a PV day because of this but it doesn’t always happen.

            As far as I can tell soy bean curd noodles are made from compressed tofu and as tofu is allowed in unlimited quantities these noodles would be the same.

            The food you are eating looks to be fine. If you feel hungry after exercising try eating a yogurt as it is quite a light food or save your soy milk till then.

            Best wishes


        • Ambrosia on May 1, 2013

          Hi Amber — thank you and thank you for all your input!

  • susan on November 20, 2012

    My husband and I started this diet a month ago. He’s lost 17 pounds and cheats like crazy (beer, vodka tonics, potatoes, cookies). I haven’t cheated and I’ve lost 9 1/2 pounds…..most of it in the first 5 days (6 lbs). I walk at least 30″ daily. I drink at least 4 quarts of water.
    I am about to give up. The past 5 days I’ve gained either stayed the same or gained and lost the same pound. I don’t know what more I can do, as I’m pretty sure I’m following the diet like the book says. I’m 65 if that has anything to do with it. I need to lose a total of 40 pounds. I’m pretty depressed right now. All pain, no gain, so to speak. Can you help?

    • Amber on November 20, 2012

      Hi Susan

      The one piece of information which struck me the most was the amount of water that you are drinking each day, 4 quarts is around 3.75 liters well above the recommended limit of 1.5 to 2 liters a day http://thedukandietsite.com/2761/how-much-water-should-you-drink-on-the-dukan-diet/.

      Drinking excessive amounts of water may increase blood volume (and body weight) putting pressure on your heart and blood vessels and can also put strain on your kidneys so I would suggest discussing your current level of water consumption with your doctor to be on the safe side. http://drbenkim.com/drink-too-much-water-dangerous.html

      It is very annoying that men seem to find losing weight on the Dukan Diet so much easier as you are far from the first to point out this injustice! As we get older our metabolic rate slows so it does mean that losing weight becomes more difficult with age but you need to remember that you have lost 9.5 pounds in around 4 weeks and this isn’t too bad and some of the weight you lost during the first few days would have been water.

      Very few people lose weight every day and having periods of stagnation is quite common so you need to hang in there and keep following the diet. To give yourself an idea of the benefits gained so far try carrying around a bag weighing 9.5 pounds for a few minutes. You were doing that all the time a month ago.

      Kind regards


  • Michelle on November 6, 2012

    Hi Amber,
    Thank you for your reply. Can you please advise where can i find the suitable custard recipe ? And what is the quantity allowed per day?
    Is diet jello also allowed in my case.
    Are turkey cold cuts allowed in white days PP to overcome stagnation???
    Thank you for your generous help

    • Amber on November 8, 2012

      Hi Michelle

      You can make custard with custard powder having the custard powder as one of your two daily tolerated items or you could use the recipe in this post http://thedukandietsite.com/329/dukan-diet-attack-phase-%E2%80%93-recipes-and-tips-6/. You could leave out the chocolate and have it plain or add some vanilla essence or coffee.

      Anyone is allowed up to three servings of diet jello on any day and you can use turkey cold cuts on a White Day Pure Protein day. White meat is best as it is less fatty than the brown meat.

      Kind regards


  • Michelle on November 5, 2012

    Hi Amber ,
    Can i know if i can restart again the diet after following attack and cruise phases.knowing that i’ve been cheating a lot during the last 4 days and i have obviously gained weight. Please advise if go again to attack phase normally?? And is weight loss going to be remarkable as the previous attack phase????
    Thank you in advance

    • Amber on November 5, 2012

      Hi Michelle

      I replied to your questions on another post yesterday but will answer again on this post in case you can’t remember which post you made your comment on.

      The Attack Phase shouldn’t be repeated as it is too restrictive nutritionally and it can also be counterproductive as your body can react to the reduction in calories by reducing your metabolic rate and reducing the calories you are burning thereby reducing the rate at which you are losing weight.

      You need to continue with the Cruise Phase and make a plan for how you will get through next month’s PMS. Perhaps you could make a supply of meringues to have with sweetened Greek yogurt or you could add reduced fat cocoa powder to a yogurt or you could make yourself some custard.

      Kind regards


  • Laura on August 15, 2012

    Hi i’m on day 3 of the Dukan Diet so I’m still in the ‘attack phase’. i heard that your are allowed to have some sugar free/ low fat jello? like just the strawberry flavor. can you tell me if this is true or not??

    • Amber on August 15, 2012

      Hi Laura

      You are allowed up to three servings of sugar free jello, any flavor, each day.

      Best wishes


  • KN on June 14, 2012

    I am 4pounds away from my goal and struggling!! I have not cheated at all but feel like I am eating the same thing every day. I thought I read somewhere you can have fat free,sugar free Jello Pudding if you make it with fat free milk is this true? Also can you have Turkey Jerkey?

    • Amber on June 14, 2012

      Hi KN

      I’m afraid sugar free pudding isn’t allowed. Here is an extract from the US Dukan site daily chat of 26 April 2012.

      is there any type of puddings we can have?
      Nelly – moderator
      Pudding is NOT allowed during the Attack and Cruise Phases. Here’s why: even when prepared with fat-free milk, it has entirely too many carbs for even occasional consumption during the first two phases. To demonstrate our point: as the pudding is mosly consumed as a snack we will compare it to the another item that is usually eaten as a snack -Fat-free Greek yogurt. Fat-fre Greek Yogurt: one serving (4oz) contains 0.03 oz of carbohydrates, In other words, the pudding, even the sugar-free, fat-free version contains 16 times morecarbohydrates than the Greek yogurt. Puddings are out until Consolidation Phase!

      Turkey jerky is allowed as Dr Dukan will be selling this product in his Dukan shops as this extract from the US Dukan site daily chat of 6 June 2012 shows

      when will the turkey jerky be available for sale? what are the nutritional value?
      Grace – moderator
      The Turkey Jerky will be available for sale by the end of the month or early July. The nutritional value of the jerky is here:
      http://www.shopdukandiet.com/coming-soon. We’re very excited for them!

      Best wishes


  • Kathy on June 1, 2012

    I had a hard time losing the last few pounds. But, I was determined not to give up!!! Thank God, because it just fell off after about two weeks of stagnation. And, boy did it feel great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an accomplishment. 38lbs!!! Gone!!! How long should I maintain this “true weight” before I move on to the next phase?

    Now that I have reached my goal I am having anxiety about eating the new “consolidation phase” way. I am so afraid I will gain back the weight or fall back into the bad habits AND gain the weight back. Will I gain any weight when I start the next phase?

    • Amber on June 1, 2012

      Hi Kathy

      You’ll find some more information about the Consolidation Phase in these posts

      You do 5 days in Consolidation for each pound lost so you should be on Consolidation for 190 days. The whole purpose of the phase is to ease you slowly back into eating different foods and whilst you maintain the good eating habits that you’ve developed. Some people do gain a couple of pounds but others can carry on losing. Your weight will start to fluctuate over the week normally increasing leading up to Dukan Thursday and then decreasing again after the day of pure protein only.

      The thing to remember is that you now know exactly how to lose weight and if necessary you can slip in a few days on Cruise when needed to help keep close to your target weight.

      You can do it!!!

      Best wishes


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