Stabilisation: Dukan Thursday Meal Ideas

I’ve put this post together just for Sophie who told me that she was struggling with ideas for Dukan Thursdays.  She said that her meal plans for these days have become very plain and that these days had become a chore for her.  She asked me to put together some meal plans suggestions for her.

When you are following the first three phases of the Dukan Diet, building in variety to your meals almost becomes routine.  However once you’ve moved on to  Stabilisation and are able to eat normally 6 days a week, it is so easy to get out of the Dukan way of eating and fall into the habit of eating  just one or two dishes every week on your Dukan Thursdays.

Dukan Thursday are a little bit more difficult than ordinary pure protein days in the other phases of the diet because some of the fattier meats and fishes are excluded as I explained in this post.

I’d suggest that to overcome this that you treat Dukan Thursday as a special occasion rather than a day just to get through.  Celebrate your success on reaching your target weight and staying at your target weight each Thursday.

These meal ideas are of course also suitable for the Attack Phase and PP days of Cruise and I often suggest to people who have reached a plateau in their weight loss to switch to the more restrictive rules of Dukan Thursdays in order to get their weight moving again.


Dukan Galette or Oat Bran Pancake  This could be savory and topped with a poached egg on top or cottage cheese or sweet served topped with yogurt and a few goji berries or with lemon using this recipe Mrsj2008′s Zesty Lemon Dukan Pancakes.

You could have a boiled egg served with chicken breast soldiers.

Another easy breakfast is of course oat bran porridge – this could be plain or flavored with cinnamon or vanilla.


You can of course have any of the main meals listed under evening meals below and any of these suggestions could of course be used for your evening meal instead.

Piri Piri Chicken – I suggest cooking this the evening before using chicken breast so that you can have it cold for lunch.

Turkey Burgers – This should also be cooked the evening before and could be cooked as a burger or meatballs.

Serve these with a yogurt dip seasoned with a little chili or curry and some raw onion rings

Make up a couple of omelettes made with egg whites to use as wraps in to which you put shredded chicken breast, low fat ham or cottage cheese and some sliced onion.

Herby Omelette

Evening Meals

Lemon Chicken Breasts

Chinese Shirataki Noodles

Pan Fried Trout with Lemon & Bay Leaf

Steak Au Poivre Dukan Style

Spicy Firecracker Prawns

Mexican Coriander Prawns

Beef Kebabs


8 Responses to “Stabilisation: Dukan Thursday Meal Ideas”

  • Slimmermee on May 24, 2012

    Hi Amber,
    Please help!
    Having been on the diet since Febuary, my Dukan advised goal weight of 9 st 6 lbs although insight,( I’m now this morning 9 st 11lb) seems unattainable! Last week I came so close at 9 st 8lbs, then the weight went up, I persevered, it stagnated and saddly with friends birthdays and comments about ‘you’ve lost so much and don’t need to do this anymore’ I gave in and had the birthday meals, cakes etc hence the now 9 st 11lbs.
    Although I’m happy with how I look now, I’m too close to give up, or balloon up from not following it through but at this stage, it’s tough! All allowed food seem to taste the same now and im only half way there. Could you write something about losing those last few pounds or consider a forum for people at different stages of the diet? The white only day has also helped.
    Your site is brilliant :0)

  • Sophie on May 22, 2012

    Hi there Amber,
    Inspired I went off and attempted the lemon pancakes. I think that the ingredients aren’t quite right. The gallettes should only be made with fat free fromage frais or zero fat quark. The quantities all seem at variance with the gallette recipe titled Dukan Oat bran Pancake on the site. I could taste that the lemon pancakes are a winner,even though they didn’t stick together, so I will try again with the new ingredients and quantities.
    I think that I have been living a bit on Stabilisation still because I could not commit to the Thursdays. Just need my partner to catch up so we can really share our meals together. Its been easier to cater for his diet needs. Not much longer for him to go now.
    Between us we have told many people about your site. We get such good feedback about our improved figures that we have to tell them one of the secrets to our success.

    • Amber on May 22, 2012

      Hi again!

      I think that Mrsj2008 was trying to make a slightly lighter pancake and this is why there is less oat bran and more egg and yogurt in the mix. You are not alone in having problems with this recipe – my suggestion to make a thicker mix were to use less yogurt and possibly add a small amount of cornflour. When you’ve got your recipe perfected perhaps you can share it?

      It will be much easier when you and your partner are synchronised on Stabilisation and then perhaps you can make your first Dukan Thursday together a special celebration.

      Thanks for spreading the word about my site and I’m so pleased to be one of the secrets of your success!

      Very best wishes


  • Sophie on May 22, 2012

    Wow, thank you for that comprehensive reply. I think that the mind set suggestion is a total winner and we, my partner still working through his final phase, can definitely toast to our success on Thursdays now we have some menu ideas.
    Are the Dukan muffins still allowed on these days and do you still take the three tablespoons of oatbran?
    Thanks again

    • Amber on May 22, 2012

      Hi Sophie

      You can still have the muffins and three tablespoons of oat bran on this day, you will of course need to include the muffins in working out your oat bran for the day.

      Best wishes


      • Ileana Keller on March 5, 2016

        HI amber
        I am in stabilization phase already.
        My questionnaire is, on Dukan thursdays, can i have mushrooms And peppers? I Heard mushrooms have Almost zero carbs.., And peppers also

        • Amber on March 6, 2016

          Hi Ileana

          If you start to add different foods to Duakn THursday you will reduce the effectiveness of the day in keeping your weight stable. I wouldn’t recommend any deviation.

          Kind regards


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