Can I Eat Fat Free or Low Fat Cheese on the Dukan Diet?

This is a simple question which doesn’t have straight forward answer.  This is because there are different types of cheeses and the rules change depending upon what phase of the diet you are on and which country you are in.  This means I get a lot of questions on this topic.

In all phases of the Dukan Diet you can eat fat free or low fat (up to 2% fat) cottage cheese, fromage frais or quark  In the US version of the diet you are also allowed to eat fat free ricotta cheese and cream cheese.  Then as a tolerated item in Cruise you are allowed 30g (1 oz) of fat free, or low fat cheese and for this low fat means up to 7% fat. In Consolidation you are then allowed a small daily portion of “normal” hard cheese.

There are many fat free and low fat cheeses available. Because of this many people are interpreting Dr Dukan’s diet as allowing them to eat any fat free or less than 2% fat dairy products. This is however not the case as the edited extract of an online chat on the official US site from 5 April 2012 shows.


Why can’t we have fat free cheese on PP days when we can have fat free milk, yogurt, etc?


It is tolerated for you to have 1 ounce of fat free cheese. The reason why it is not unlimited is because fat free cheese has too many artificial ingredients.

This is another edited extract from the same site but this time from 4 January 2012.


 I am a huge lover of cheese.  I could eat cheeses all day long if I wanted.  I know that they are something I should stay away from. So…I started eating the weight watchers low-fat string cheese or polly-o low fat mozzarella cheese.  I am wondering what do I eat for my cheese cravings?  I also like to put a slice of cheese on my turkey burgers or get chicken with a slice of cheese on it.  So…any advice on this? Thanks


 Officially – As written in the book – Dr. Dukan does not recommend FF Cheese as it tastes terrible and because it’s full of chemicals. It’s not in the list of 100 foods. We suggest you wait until Consolidation to eat real cheese. And no – not even FF Feta it’s SUPER high in sodium ounce per ounce. Yes it is used as a garnish in some recipes – it is not meant for every day use – but to be used sparingly. Members who choose to add fat free cheeses tend to lose slower, so keep this in mind if you decide to use it.


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  • Nazia on January 3, 2018

    Dear Amber.
    I use my home made chesse and as you know those water remain from making cheese is sooo nutritive which is the basis form of Whey protein powder sold for athletes. Could u plz tell me that should i consider that as dairy or protein? Since i have to consider the matter of 1 kg of dairies per day.

    Thank alot for your kidness

    • Amber on January 3, 2018

      Hi Nazia

      Home made cheese could be very high in fat. Do you know whether your cheese has 2% or less fat content?

      The whey would have to be treated as a dairy protein and go towards the 1 kg daily limit. Again it would need to have 2% or less fat content.

      Best wishes


      • Nazia on January 5, 2018

        Thanks alot dear Amber
        Absolutly i use 1.5% fat milk to make cheese.
        Wish you the best.

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