Dukan Diet Update: Goji Berries Back in Attack Phase Again

Just a very short post to let you know that there is now one tolerated item allowed in the Attack Phase each day and this is one tablespoon of goji berries.  This change will be welcome news for all those who find that they miss eating fruit and it also adds a small amount of additional fiber.

This information comes from the UK Dukan Diet online coaching chat of 19 April 2012.  A question was asked about having fruit on the Attack phase and the Dukan coach advised

” Actually you can have one tablespoon of Goji berries per day starting from your Attack phase as one tolerated.  Goji Berries are the only tolerated food you are allowed to have starting from Attack phase.  Enjoy!”

This now puts the official advice back in line with the information in the Dukan Shop which is that:

  • In the Attack Phase you can have one tablespoon per day
  • In the Cruise Phase you can have one tablespoon per day on PP days and 2 tablespoons per day on PV days
  • In the Consolidation Phase you can have three tablespoons per day

The only problem with information in the Dukan Shop is that it doesn’t make it clear that you have to treat the daily serving of goji berries as one of your tolerated items.


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