Dukan Diet Food List: 100 Healthy Protein & Vegetable Foods

The Dukan Diet Plan is a high protein, low fat, low carbohydrate diet which has at its heart the use of 100 allowed foods.  The Dukan Diet food list of 100 allowed foods is actually made up of two separate lists, a list of 72 allowed low fat,  protein rich foods and a list of 28 permitted vegetables that are low in starches and sugar.

The Dukan Diet List of 100 foods are not the only foods that you can eat and as you find out more about Dr Dukan’s very popular Dukan Diet you’ll discover these other foods which can be combined with the list of allowed foods to make a wide variety of tasty and interesting meals that making losing weight just that little bit easier.   The most well known of these additional foods is of course oat bran.  You’ll find details of these other foods in my posts What Else Can You Eat and Drink on the Attack Phase? and Dukan Diet Tolerated Foods.

The reason the Dukan Diet  food list of 100 allowed foods is split into two separate lists is because the two weight loss stages of the diet are based on days where you eat only protein rich foods and on days where you eat protein rich foods and vegetables.  The Attack Phase is the first phase of the Dukan Diet Plan and in this short initial phase of the diet you eat only protein rich foods and this gets your weight loss plan off to a flying start.  The Cruise Phase is the second phase of the diet and this phase lasts until you have reached your target weight.   While you are in this phase you alternate protein only days with days where you eat protein and vegetables.

The Dukan Diet List of 100 Natural Foods That Keep You Healthy

List of 72 Protein Rich Foods

Beef (7)

Dr Dukan lists seven types of beef which can be eaten:

Beef Steak, Fillet of Beef, Sirloin Steak, Roast Beef, Rump Steak, Tongue and Bresaola (a type of air dried beef).  There are actually 29 lean cuts of beef which have less fat content than skinless chicken thighs which I consider can be used on the Dukan Diet and I’ve provided details of all of these cuts of beef in my post Dukan Diet: Lean and Extra Lean Beef Cuts.  The most versatile of these other cuts is 95% lean ground or mince beef which is relatively inexpensive and can be used to make so many different meals.


Veal escalope and veal chops are allowed.

Meat Offal(2)

Kidney and Calf’s liver.

(Calf’s liver has about 4.5% fat content and Pork liver is very similar but Lamb liver has a much higher fat content at around 13%.  I therefore consider Pork liver acceptable to use.  Chicken livers are also OK but they are listed under Poultry!)

 Deli Counter (3)

You can have precooked ham slices with the fat and rind removed, precooked chicken or turkey slices and fat reduced bacon. (I know this is 4 items but Dr Dukan has chicken and turkey slices listed as one food).

Game (2)

Venison, pheasant, partridge, grouse, rabbit and hare! (My counting makes 6).

Poultry (8)

Chicken, poussin, chicken liver, guinea fowl, ostrich, quail and turkey.

Fish (26)

Bass, cod, crabsticks/surimi, Dab/lemon sole, Dover sole, Grey mullet, haddock, hake, halibut, herring, mackerel, monkfish,plaice, pollock/coley, rainbow trout/salmon trout, red mullet, salmon, smoked salmon, sardines, sea bream, skate, swordfish, tuna, turbot, whiting and fish roe from cod, salmon,herring or mullet.

Seafood (14)

Calamari/squid, clams, cockles, crab, crawfish/crayfish, Dublin Bay prawns, lobster, Mediterranean prawns/gambas, mussels, oysters, prawns, scallops, shrimps and whelks. (I counted 3 types of prawns too!)

Eggs (2)

Hen’s and quail’s eggs.

Fat free Dairy (5)

Fat free cottage cheese, fat free fromage frais, fat free Greek yogurt, fat free quark/plain yogurt and fat free milk.

Vegetarian Protein (1)

Tofu, but if you are a vegetarian there is a specially adapted diet that you can follow which includes other sources of vegetarian protein. There are details of these adaptation in my post Can Vegetarians Follow the Dukan Diet?

List of 28 Vegetables

Dr Dukan has quite an unusual way of grouping these vegetables to get to just 28.  He lists them as follows – artichoke, asparagus, aubergine (egg plant in US), beetroot, broccoli/purple sprouting broccoli, cabbage: white/red/Savoy/cauliflower/Chinese leaves/kohlrabi/Brussels sprouts, carrot, celery/celeriac, chicory,courgette (zucchini in US), cucumber, fennel, French beans/string beans/mange tout, leek, mushrooms, onion, palm hearts, peppers (sweet), pumpkin/marrow/squash, radish, rhubarb, salad leaves: all types of lettuce/rocket/watercress/alfalfa/curly endive/sorrel, soya beans sprouts *, spinach, Swiss chard, tomatoes and turnip.

(* Dr Dukan has amended his guidance on soya beans.  If you have one of his books soya beans are listed as an allowed vegetable but due to the high fat content soya beans are no longer permitted.  Dr Dukan has replaced this vegetable with soya bean sprouts.)

If you what to know more about following the Dukan Diet to lose weight and keep it off forever you might find the following posts of interest

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136 Responses to “Dukan Diet Food List: 100 Healthy Protein & Vegetable Foods”

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  • Moni on October 12, 2017

    Aloha amber. Thanks for all the information. I really enjoy going through your website. Tons of info. Started the dukan diet last Tuesday n starting the cruise phase today. So far I’ve lost 4 lbs but glad for something crunchy. I’ve decided to follow the 1/1 pp pv schedule for cruise. Is kale allowed in this phase and Just to confirm I can eat as many of the allowed veggies along with protein as long as protein exceeds veggie condumptionThanks for your time

    • Amber on October 14, 2017

      Hi Moni

      Yes kale is allowed and there is no limit on vegetables but as you say you need to keep your consumption of protein up.

      Best wishes


  • Chandni on August 6, 2017

    Dear Ms. Amber,

    I have just started the 4 phases Dukan Diet in an attempt to lose 19 pounds. Since I am a Ovo-lacto Vegetarian, I don’t eat any meat or seafood. So I obtain my proteins from Fage 0% Plain Greek Yogurt, homemade Cottage Cheese (made from Low-Fat Milk & Skimmed Yogurt), and Egg Whites. I have heard a lot about how effective Dukan Diet is and I want to do it the right way and not take any shortcuts like trying to include beans since or any grains in order to replace the meats/seafood part in my diet.

    I’m currently on Day 2 and my meals consists of the following food quantities:

    1. Homemade Cottage Cheese – 200g with little Spring Onions (Approx 200Cal)
    2. Egg Whites – 12 Large (500g) with 1 Onion (Approx 250Cal)
    3. 0% Fage Plain Greek Yogurt – 1 Litre (570Cal)
    4. 1.5 tablespoon Oat Bran – 35 Cal
    Total Calorie Intake = Approx. 1100 Cal (Protein 175g, Carbs 72g, Fat 3g, Fibre 6g, Sugars 53g)
    I tried eating Tofu. but I cannot tolerate the taste. I love Cottage Cheese, and don’t mind Soya Chunks or Soy Flour. But i want to lose weight the right way and follow the guidelines very strictly. I love Dairy a lot, and I can eat unlimited amounts of Cottage Cheese, Yogurt, and Milk. But I refrain from it since I’m mindful of the maximum limits and hence resist the urge to drink any Low-fat milk also during the day. I have few questions that I would be grateful if you could please answer for me.

    1. Does the 1Kg/1Litre Dairy limit include Greek Yogurt? And if yes, my current intake is 1L 0% Fage Plain Greek Yogurt plus 200g Homemade Cottage Cheese. Is this acceptable?
    2. What is the maximum limit of Egg Whites that I can eat in a day? And is it required to eat one of the to get some of the fat.
    3. Can I include Soya Chunks or Soy Flour in my diet? If yes, then what is the maximum allowed limit?
    4. Can I increase my Cottage Cheese quantity as I feel hungry with the current diet? If yes, then what is the total allowed quantity? I don’t mind reducing my Egg Whites or anything else in my diet to compensate for the Calories.
    5. Any other advice which you think would help me in aligning by diet as per Dr. Dukan’s principles?

    I’m currently on Day 2 of the Attack Phase and I plan to do this for 10 days.

    Many thanks in advance for your kind help and support.

    Best Regards,


    • Amber on August 8, 2017

      Hi Chandni

      1. The 1 kg limit does include Greek yogurt. You can exceed this amount but it might prevent or slow your weight loss.
      2. Egg white is unlimited. It is not a required element but eating as varied a diet as you can is a strong recommendation.
      3. You can include soya or textured vegetable protein but not soy flour.
      4. I’d suggest adding different foods rather than increasing the quantity of cottage cheese you are eating.
      5. Given the amount of weight you have to lose 10 days of Attack is too long and not likely to be fully effective. Adding vegetables on PV days is going to help provide more variety and give you more to eat.

      Best wishes


      • Chandni Lalwani on August 9, 2017

        Dear Amber,

        Thanks a lot for your kind reply.

        I’m currently on Day 4 and I have not lost any weight since the past 2 days. I want to lose weight quickly and not at such a slow pace. Since I do not eat meat, I only eat Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, Egg Whites, & 1.5T Oat bran everyday. Would you suggest adding Soya Chunks to my diet and if yes, then in what quantities in each phase? I don’t want to negatively affect the diet and want to follow this very strictly.

        Can you please suggest how many more days of Attack phase should I do? And if doing 5 of PV & 5 of PP Days in the Cruise phase would be good?

        Thanks a lot once again.

        Best Regards,


        • Amber on August 9, 2017

          Hi Chandni

          Trying to lose weight too quickly usually ends badly. Our bodies are programmed to fight against the loss of our bodies fat stores.

          It is important that you eat enough so that you don’t feel hungry as this is when our resolve is weakest. Also eating too little can reduce your metabolic rate

          The Vegetarian version of the Dukan usually provides a slower rate of loss as it is usually higher in carbs.

          Please be patient and eat as many different types of food as you can.

          Best wishes


          • Chandni Lalwani on August 9, 2017

            Dear Amber,

            Many thanks for your kind advice. Please can you specify the quantity of Soya Chunks that is acceptable to add everyday in my diet?
            (eg: 50gms dried Soya Chunks would be 168 Cal and 26g Protein, 17g Carbs, & less than 1g Fat)

            And how long should I be doing the Attack phase?

            Thanks again.

            Best Regards,


          • Amber on August 10, 2017

            Hi Chadni

            You should have an Attack Phase of 5 days and you could have up to 100 g of soya chunks per day.

            Best wishes


          • Chandni Lalwani on August 12, 2017

            Dear Amber,

            Many thanks for your kind advice. I did the Attack phase for 5 days, wherein I lost only 0.5 kg on the first day. I’m currently on Day 3 of the Cruise phase and I have still not lost any weight. I’m doing the 1:1 of PV/PP days and ensuring I consume enough protein on all days and eating only no/low fat sources of protein. I also exercise everyday regularly and I have still not seen any weight loss. I still have 18 pounds of weight loss to go and feel very confused as to why my weight has stagnated.

            Please can you guide me as to what I can do to achieve weight loss.

            Thank you very much.

            Best Regards,


          • Amber on August 13, 2017

            Hi Chadni

            Our bodies are very complex. If you were already on a weight loss regime or were eating low carb/low fat foods the impact of starting Dukan can be much reduced.

            The vegetarian version is slower due to the higher level of carbs eaten so it is really just a case of having patience and lowering your expectations a little.

            Best wishes


  • Carol on July 12, 2017

    Are yellow summer squash an allowed vegetable in stage 2?

    • Amber on July 13, 2017

      Hi Carol

      Yes they are – all pumpkins, squashes and marrows are fine to include.



  • Elizabeth on March 4, 2017

    Hi there can you eat sea urchin while on attack phase please

    • Amber on March 5, 2017

      Hi Elizabeth

      Yes you can eat any seafood/fish.

      Kind regards


  • Noura on February 12, 2017

    What are the permitted food on Dukan diet ? I’m allowed 2 portions today ??

    • Amber on February 12, 2017

      Hi Noura

      You need to understand the Dukan Diet a little more so I’d recommend either getting a book or researching online using sites this mine. What are you allowed two portions of?

      Kind regards


  • Yeliz on February 2, 2017

    Hi Amber,

    How much veggie can we eat? Is it also umlimited as meat in attack cruise?

    May i eat carrot salad just lemon and salt on it? But thet would have 3 or 4 carrots in it.

    Thank you

    • Amber on February 3, 2017

      Hi Yeliz

      Vegetables are not limited but you need to remeber the emphasis needs to be on the protein so eating large amounts is not advised. Carrots are limited to one serving per week but could be eaten as a salad. Lemon juiice does have small amounts of sugar so be careful with the amounts used.

      Kind regards


  • susan on January 30, 2017

    Hi Amber
    I’ve been on the attack phase and followed it to the letter but I haven’t lost any weight, I’m now on the cruise and I’ll lose a pound and the next day its back on again, what am I doing wrong??
    I would like to lose 40/50Lbs

    • Amber on January 30, 2017

      Hi Susan

      The losing and gaining of weight might mean you are prone to water retention. Vegetables tend to promote water retention so try to avoid eating high levels of vegetables and avoid salty foods.

      Hope this helps

      Best wishes


  • Jonida on September 27, 2016

    Hi Amber!
    May I use sunflower seed during Cruise phase?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Amber on October 16, 2016

      Hi Jonida

      Sorry – sunflower seeds are not an allowed food.



  • Sandy Leibov on February 22, 2016

    Is flavored fat free yogurt allowed

  • Jenny on October 26, 2015

    Hi Amber,
    Are soups allowed in the cruise phase?

  • Lisa on October 3, 2015

    Can I have this diet protein powder on attack or cruise?
    Per 28.5g serving:
    Fat 2.4g
    Of which saturates 0.2g
    Carbs: 4.2g
    Of which sugars 1.6g
    Protein 18g
    Salt 0.10g

  • Mac on September 20, 2015

    So far so good on the attack phase I went from 198 to 160lbs thank you very much once I reach 155 I’m moving to the next phase. I have a question all along I have been drinking coffee with nonfat milk not realizing there’s 13gms of carbs in it is that OK ?? I guess it is because I still lost the weight. However to be on the safe side I switched to plain almond milk that has less than 1 gm. Also with the fiber part I’ve been drinking Benefiber 2 scoops in my coffee is that just as good as using the oat bran ??

    • Amber on September 25, 2015

      Hi Mac

      You are following your highly adapted version of the Dukan Diet and I can’t help with this.



  • Alrinsa on September 2, 2015

    Hi Amber! Much thanks for having this site here! I just finished up my attack phase, and I’m now moving into the Cruise phase…

    I have a few questions.. I’m Asian and brought up in an Asian country where most of the vegetables I eat are actually local vegetables. They’re all green leafy vegetables. I noticed the vegetable group ‘chinese leaves’, so does this refer to all of the vegetables that I would have typically eaten?

    E.G. Xiao Bai Cai/Xiao Pek Cai, Kang Kong, Spinach, Mani Leaves, Kailan, etc.

    Much thanks!

    Also, I’m a bit confused about the exact list of tolerated foods. Some seem to appear every now and then, but isn’t really is the list?

    E.G. Tomato Puree – I used 1tbsp in my attack phase to slightly spice up my food..

    I understand that only 2 servings of tolerated foods are allowed in a day? Does surimi count as a tolerated food? (It is listed as one in some of the blogs I’ve seen!)

    • Alrinsa on September 3, 2015

      Also! If you don’t mind answering another question – is fat-free mayonnaise allowed in the diet? Thanks amber!

      • Amber on September 6, 2015

        Hi Alrinsa

        It would need to be calorie/carb free too.

        Best wishes


    • Amber on September 6, 2015

      Hi Alrinsa

      Any green leafy vegetable will be fine to eat as a vegetable.

      There are foods that are additional foods that are allowed some of these are tolerated items that are added in Cruise but some are also allowed in Attack and are not tolerated items. For example onion and a small amount of tomato puree additional foods but not tolerated items while cornflour and reduced fat cocoa powder are tolerated items. You can have the additional foods plus 2 tolerated items in Cruise. Hopefully these two posts will help you understand.


      Crabsticks or surimi are best eaten in limited quantities, no more that 8 a day but they are included in the list of allowed pure protein foods.

      Best wishes


      • Alrinsa on September 7, 2015

        Thank you Amber!! 😀

  • Tanya on June 23, 2015

    Can I eat mozzarella cheese and tomato on my pv cruise day?

    • Amber on June 28, 2015

      Hi Tanya

      If you can get fat free mozzarella yes you can.

      Kind regards


  • Wendy on June 11, 2015

    I’m just moving into the cruise phase and wondering if there are any allowable salad dressings?

  • Susie on June 3, 2015

    Hi amber,

    Is macadamia milk allowed on the dukan Diet as a substitute for milk?

    What do you recommend I have to suppress sugar cravings.

    • Amber on June 6, 2015

      Hi Susie

      No nut milks are allowed as replacement for cow’s milk only soy milk.



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