Dukan Diet News: New Study Finds Aroma Reduces Amount Eaten

I thought I’d share some news that I read today on the Internet which I thought anyone who is trying to lose weight would find interesting whether they are following the Dukan Diet or not.

A study carried out by Dutch scientists from the Top Institute of Food and Nutrition at Wageningen University in the Netherlands found that stronger aromas caused a reduction in the amount of food eaten.   You might think that volunteering to be a subject in a food trial might be quite enjoyable because you may have visions of the volunteers sitting at a dining table being served various different dishes.   Well  in this study to be able to control the aroma of the food and to be able to measure the amount of food eaten the volunteers had to sit in a dentist’s chair with a nose piece over their noses that deliver the aroma and a straw in their mouths through which the creamy vanilla dessert was delivered.

The study used ten people aged between 26 and 50 and they were randomly either given no aroma, a weak aroma or a strong creamy aroma as they ate the dessert and the stronger creamy aroma resulted in the volunteers eating between 5% and 10% less of the dessert.

The study is of course too small to be able to draw any definite conclusions but the taste of food is very closely associated with the smell of the food.  This is why food seems to have less taste when we have a blocked nose.  How many times have you said or heard someone say that their cold has affected their tastebuds.

Perhaps the strong aroma signals our brains to consider the food to be more nutritious than a bland tasting food so it decides we need less.  Certainly eating boring and bland food makes sticking to any diet difficult and it can lead to us craving different more fattening foods.

So from a practical point of view you might want to see if you can use the various herbs, spices and seasonings that are freely allowed on the Dukan Diet to increase the aroma of the food you are eating and see if this helps you to feel more satisfied.   It could be as simple as slicing a few scallions/spring onions on to your cottage cheese or adding some curry spices to a meat dish.

Details of the study can be found  using this link http://www.flavourjournal.com/content/1/1/3/abstract to BioMed Central’s open access, online journal Flavour which contains peer reviewed articles on flavour.

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