Dukan Diet Tips: Why Dieting Causes Food Cravings

Food cravings have many causes.  What you might not know is that dieting can trigger these  overwhelming desires to eat certain foods.

There are several reasons why dieting can lead to food cravings:

  • Not eating enough – Our bodies are programmed with a very strong survival instinct.  When we reduce the amount of food we eat, skip meals or go long periods without eating, our brain becomes concerned by the lack of food and it starts sending out very strong messages to encourage us to eat.  This of course the exact opposite of what our conscious self is trying to achieve!
  • Very boring and bland food – When we diet we seem to eat the same foods again and again and often these foods are quite dull and bland.  Research has shown a link between a boring, bland repetitive diet and food cravings.
  • Not being able to eat a certain food –  It is strange how suddenly not being able to eat something because we are on a diet makes that food almost irresistibly desirable!

What is great about the Dukan Diet is that it can help prevent two out of these three causes of food cravings due to dieting and may have acceptable substitutes to help in the third.

As you are allowed to eat from the list of allowed proteins and vegetables without restriction the question of our bodies thinking that we’ve not eaten enough should not be an issue.  Although Dr Dukan actively discourages the skipping of meals and advocates a mid morning and mid afternoon snack, I do know that many people are tempted to skip meals whilst following the Dukan Diet and that they can go several hours between meals.  Even if you don’t experience food cravings from skipping meals or going long periods between meals you might well be eating more at the next meal without realising as your brain compensates for the lack of food.

In view of the many seasonings, herbs and spices that are allowed on the Dukan Diet your meals do not have to be dull and boring.  It just takes a little time, thought and planning to make sure that you are not just eating chicken breast and yogurt!

Whilst most of the foods craved by us all are not allowed on the Dukan Diet there are sometimes foods that you can eat that can take the place of the food craved.  To give a couple of examples whilst you can’t have bread you can have Dukan Oat Bran Bread and chocolate bars are of course totally off limits a hot chocolate made with reduced fat sugar free cocoa powder can be had.

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