Goat Meat: An Alternative Lean Protein for the Dukan Diet

Depending on where in the world you live or what your religious beliefs are, goat meat may already form a staple part of your normal diet.  If this is the case you will be very pleased to know that goat meat is easily comparable to the lean beef and chicken that can be eaten without restriction on the Dukan Diet.

Goat meat is so low in fat that it actually meets  the USDA guidelines of “extra lean” where a 3 ounce serving of the cooked meat with all visible fat removed would have to have less than:

    • 2 grams of saturated fat
    • 5 grams of total fat
    • 95 mg of cholesterol
A 3 ounce serving of cooked goat meat actually has:
    • 0.8 grams of saturated fat
    • 2.6 grams of total fat
    • 64 mg of cholesterol

(Source http://caloriecount.about.com/calories-goat-i17169)

Goat meat is widely eaten in Africa, Asia and both South and Central America, and Caribbean, Mexican, Indian, North African and Middle Eastern cuisines use this meat.  Goat meat is also widely known as “mutton” in many parts of the world even though the word technically only refers to sheep meat.  It is also sometime called “chevon” or “cabrito” or “kid” if the meat is from a young animal.

The taste of goat meat will vary depending on how old the animal was when slaughtered and how it had been raised.  It ranges in tastes from being similar to lamb to being similar in taste to venison or veal.

Because it is very low in fat the meat needs to be cooked at a lower temperature for a longer period to prevent it drying out and becoming tough.  It can be stewed, roasted, curried, barbecued,  grilled/broiled.It can be minced or ground like other meats and made into sausages or even turned into jerky.

11 Responses to “Goat Meat: An Alternative Lean Protein for the Dukan Diet”

  • Jacquie on February 5, 2016

    Dear Amber

    I eat a fair bit of kangaroo. I understand it is very low in fat and high in protein. I believe it would be suitable for all stages of the diet. Is that your view?



    • Amber on February 6, 2016

      Hi Jacquie

      You are right. Kangaroo meat would be suitable to use in all phases of the Dukan Diet.

      Best wishes


  • Ambrosia on April 28, 2013

    Hi Amber, does this mean that any part of the goat meat (i.e leg, shoulder etc. ) can be consumed during the attack phase and subsequent phases in unlimited amounts?

    • Amber on April 29, 2013

      Hi Ambrosia

      I’m not an expert on goat meat but everything I’ve read points to it being a low fat meat so if you trim off all visible fat of any cut you should be fine and then you can eat it exactly as you would chicken or beef in unlimited amounts.

      Kind regards


      • Ambrosia on April 30, 2013

        Hi Amber,

        Thank you so much for your reply. I can now confidently choose the goat meat if I decide to include it in my diet — and will post here about the taste as well 😉

        • Amber on April 30, 2013


          I look forward to hearing about this as I’ve never eaten goat meat.

          Best wishes


          • Ambrosia on May 1, 2013

            Hi Amber – yes will sure post my experience – thank you so much for your assistance. 🙂

  • JJ on October 25, 2012

    Hi Amber,

    I am in Australia, on day 2 of attack :/
    I am planing on having Kangaroo meat for dinner tonight. Yum!

    found a link to for the nutrition


    • Amber on October 25, 2012

      Hi JJ

      Kangaroo meat looks to be just perfect!

      Kind regards


  • Sankalp on March 27, 2012


    I am on day 2 of the attack phase and live in the middle east and would like to know if the above, mutton/goat meat in a mince form is acceptable?


    • Amber on March 27, 2012

      Hi Sankelp

      Yes you can use lean minced goat meat. If you put together some Dukan friendly recipes that use goat perhaps you could share them as I know nothing about goat meat!

      Best wishes


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