Dukan Diet: Dukan Protein Thursdays Explained

I was flicking through my copy of the latest UK Dukan Diet book “The Dukan Diet Life Plan” when I thought I’d noticed that Dr Dukan had changed the rules of “Dukan Thursdays”. I then checked my copy of “The Dukan Diet” and found that Dr Dukan hadn’t changed his rules it was me who hadn’t read the book properly!

I’ve now read both books again more carefully and have found that Dukan Thursdays in the Consolidation Phase are different from Dukan Thursdays in the Stabilisation Phase. I’d assumed that they were both the same and hadn’t bothered to check.

Dukan Thursdays in Consolidation

On these days you eat only “pure protein” foods using the list of 72 foods that you used in the first two phases of the diet – Attack and Cruise and you have no tolerated items but can eat and drink the other allowed food items. As Dr Dukan explains he has included this day “….by way of security,one full day of the pure protein diet that you’ve already tried and tested.”

Dukan Thursdays in Stabilisation

The rules for Dukan Thursdays in Stabilisation have some very important differences which Dr Dukan has added because the Dukan Thursday in Stabilisation is the only real restriction that you have to make up for the sweets and treats that you allow yourself on the other six days of the week. So what are these differences

  • Some of the 72 “pure protein” foods are off the menu.  These are the ones with high fat content and include all offal, sirloin steak, veal chops, quail’s eggs, the fattier bits of chicken like the thighs, wings and Parson’s nose and oily fish such as mackerel, sardines, and salmon.
  • Look to keep the carbohydrates in your dairy products as low as you can.  Some of the zero fat products have added milk protein which increases the carbohydrate level of these foods.
  • Cook these foods to eliminate the maximum amount of fat.  Broiling/grilling, braising or roasting are all OK and remember well cooked beef or steak has less fat content.
  • Your water intake needs to be at least 2 liters to allow your body to flush out your system.
  • Salt and mustard should be avoided to allow the water you are drinking to pass quickly through your system.
  • Dr Dukan relaxes his total avoidance of protein powders to allow their occasional use provided they are at least 95% protein.

If you have been particularly over indulgent in the week before try to steer towards foods that will restrict your calorie intake such as white fish and egg whites.


24 Responses to “Dukan Diet: Dukan Protein Thursdays Explained”

  • Msajuma on February 19, 2016

    Hi Amber

    Thanks for all information very helpful. Just a quick question regarding protein powder. What is recommended or prefered in the diet, soya or whey?.

    • Amber on February 23, 2016

      HI Msajuma

      Neither is recommemded or preferred as Dr Dukan doesn’t recommend using protein powder/shakes.

      Kind regards


  • Percy Maggs on May 28, 2015

    Hi I need your help my Dylan diet worked but I lost only 1.9 .was that ok on attack

    • Amber on May 31, 2015

      Hi Percy

      The rate of weight loss varies so don’t worry about the amount of weight you’ve lost.

      Best wishes


  • Michelle on March 3, 2015

    I only have 11 pounds to loose- how long should I do the attack phase? Thanks

  • Molly on April 16, 2014

    Hey amber. I gave birth about a month ago and I am not breast feeding so I decided to go back to the dukan diet. I am on day 4 of the attack phase following all the rules and I have not lost one pound!! What could this be?? It’s frustrating because the first time I did it I lost 5lbs in attack.. Help!!! 🙂 thanks in advance

    • Amber on April 16, 2014

      Hi Molly

      Congratulations on the birth of your baby. You may have started the Dukan a little too soon as your body is recovering from the exertion of pregnancy and child birth and your hormones have probably not settled down into your normal monthly rhythm. On top of the impact on your body you have the huge upheaval that a new arrival has most probably had on on family life so don’t be too hard on yourself. My advice would be to put off dieting for another couple of months and make sure that your body is getting everything it needs to recover fully from the ordeal it has just been through, without eating to excess of course.

      Best wishes



  • Ambrosia on March 25, 2014

    Hi Amber:

    I am on the stabilization phase and enjoying my new weight!

    Can I eat Green Bean Vermicelli on the normal days (i.e. not Protein Thursdays) ? It says green beans and water in the ingredients and has zero fat, zero protein but has 42g of carbs and 1g fibre for 50 g worth of noodles. Just wondering if eating this often instead of rice for example, is better and a good alternative to rice. Thanks!

    • Amber on March 26, 2014

      Hi Ambrosia

      Green bean vermicelli is made from the starch of green mung beans and because of the very high carb content I wouldn’t recommend using this food as a replacement starchy food for rice/pasta.

  • sherry on February 27, 2014

    Thanks so much for posting this. I was wondering about whey protein shakes on my dukan thursdays in stabilization. When I was first starting the dukan diet I read your site constantly! There really isn’t much info on the Stabilization phase so this helps me a lot. I’ve kept the weight off since August 2013 so I’m a believer! Just want to keep it that way now 🙂

    • Amber on February 28, 2014

      Hi Sherry

      Dr Dukan isn’t a great fan of protein shakes as he believes we should eat real food but if you had one every now and again it would be OK.


      Best wishes


  • noura on August 24, 2013

    hello everyone; i have been wondering all around for a couple of days hoping to find help somewhere. i started my diett on the 9/7/2013 9 prior to our fasting (ramadan) and i was 63.7 kilos, wanted to reach a target of 57.4 . on the 10th of August i achieved a weight of 60.3 (eating 4 tablespoons of oatbran as recommended by my coach and vegetables the last days in ramadan which worked). from that time till now i am stable and since two days i have noticed an increase ( that now sometimes i reach 61.9 again) i am really frustrated, trying everything and dont know what to do. N.B: I DONT CHEAT, i finished the assumed time for the cruise phase.

    • Amber on August 24, 2013

      Hi Noura

      Are you still eating 4 tablespoons of oat bran and vegetables every day or was this just during Ramadan? If you are still eating the extra oat bran and vegetables can you advise why your coach recommended this change?

      One of the most common reasons for stagnation is water retention caused by fluctuations in hormones in a woman’s monthly cycle or because of eating salty food. Do you think either could apply? The next most common reason is constipation. Is this likely to apply?

      Kind regards


  • Katherine on December 6, 2012


    I’m not sure if this is the right place to be asking this question but my i am on Consolidstion and my weight has suddenly jumped up 1Kg after a protein thursday?

    What’s going on? Has this happened before?

    Please help!


    • Amber on December 7, 2012

      Hi Katherine

      I’ve not heard of anyone who has had such a dramatic weight increase following Dukan Thursday but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened before. Assuming that you weighed at the normal time of day the most probable cause of such a dramatic increase in weight is likely to be water retention with possibly a little constipation added in as well. Have you had any salty food or different food or drink in the last few days? Have you noticed any changes in your trips to the bathroom? Have you started taking any medication or is it coming up to your time of the month?

      The thing with sudden unexpected weight gain is that it can be followed be a sudden weight loss that restores the status quo.

      The most important thing to do is not to panic and ditch the diet. Remember the Dukan Diet helped you successfully reach your target weight and it can help you stay there too.

      Best wishes


  • margo on August 22, 2012

    I cannot find for the life of me, in stabilization this one thing: Oat Bran. six days a week 3 tablespoons, even 4 is okay. What about protein day? Mine is wednesday. But still, how much oat bran Pure Protein day is allowed? the usual 3?

    • Amber on August 23, 2012

      Hi Margo

      In Stabilisation you still eat 3 tablespoons of oat bran on Dukan Thursdays or in your case Dukan Wednesdays!

      Kind regards


  • Jana on April 18, 2012

    Hi Amber

    i have started the attack phase, however i did not lose any kilo-maybe because i was eating too much protie, but is that what Dr. Dukan says is ok to do on his diet?
    so in one day i’ll eat chicken, crab sticks, salmon, cottage cheese, skimmed milk 3-4 eggs.
    i now moved to the cruise phase and wanted to ask: can i combine different proteins fro lunch for ex. : chicken and crab sticks along with vegetables

    i need alot of encouragement to continue on the diet specially, that im not losing any kilos

    Thank You

    • Amber on April 18, 2012

      Hi Jana

      I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t lose any weight in the Attack Phase.

      Is there any reason that you are not eating oat bran as this aids weight loss? The oat bran absorbs parts of the food you eat and it then passes through your intestines without being digested. The oat bran is also a very filling food and eating it stops you needing to eat other foods. It also helps prevent constipation which also hides weight loss.

      How many days Attack Phase did you do and have your bowel movements been regular since starting the Dukan Diet?

      Are you drinking enough water as this can also stop you eating so much?

      You are also eating a lot of eggs 3 or 4 eggs a day provides very high levels of cholesterol. Do your cholesterol levels remain normal eating this number of eggs?

      On PV days in Cruise it is fine to mix different proteins with vegetables but you need to aim for a ratio of 2/3 protein to 1/3 vegetables to maximize the weight loss.

      Try to stay strong and stick to the diet and the weight loss should follow.

      Best wishes


  • Linda K on January 16, 2012

    Hi Amber,
    I’m so glad that you wrote this article as I have been in Stabilisation now for about two and a half months and I don’t see much written about this phase. I don’t have “The Dukan Diet Life Plan” book but now that you brought this to my attention about the Protein Thursday being different I thought I better take another look at my book. I have the US/Canadian version of “The Dukan Diet”. I have had salmon on Thursdays so now I know that I should switch to white fish and shrimp instead. I see that I also need to increase my water intake to 2 liters for that day.

    I have a couple of questions.
    1. In my book it says that “Sirloin and flank steak are probably the leanest cuts of beef. You can even find frozen beef burgers and ground beef with no more than 5 per cent fat. You can use all of these without a second thought on Thursdays .” Yet, in your article you have included sirloin steak as being off the menu. Is this something new in the “Dukan Diet Life Plan” book?

    2. The protein powders you mention … are those whey and soy protein powders you are talking about or instant skim milk powder?

    I also want to thank you, Amber, for all the work you do in keeping us up to date and for your quick responses. I visit your site regularly and I appreciate it very much.

    • Amber on January 16, 2012

      Hi Linda

      1. Yes this is something new from the “Dukan Diet Life Plan”. Based on the information in this link I think that Dr Dukan may have found that sirloin steak might not be as lean as he thought. http://www.livestrong.com/article/276203-top-sirloin-steak-nutrition-information/.

      2. These protein powders will be the whey/soy ones.

      Thanks for the lovely compliment. It is very much appreciated!

      Best wishes


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