Dukan Diet Phase 1: 15 Key Points of Dukan Diet Attack Phase

Although I have written quite a few posts already about the Attack Phase I wanted to write one which summarized the key points of the first phase of the Dukan Diet in a format that will be easy to read and understand.


15 Key Points of the Dukan Diet Attack Phase 

  1. Oat Bran – Eat 1 to 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran each day, preferably in one serving.
  2. Water – Drink a minimum of 1.5 liters/litres of water daily
  3. Exercise – Walk briskly or exercise for at least 20 minutes a day.
  4. Fat Free Dairy Products – Try to have less than 1 kg of fat free dairy products or 700g if using soy/soya “dairy” products.
  5. Permitted Proteins – Eat as widely as you can from the permitted list of 72 protein foods .
  6. Additional Extras – Make full use of the additional items which are allowed.
  7. Nothing Else – Do not eat anything which is  not listed as a permitted protein or an allowed additional item
  8. Sodium – Try to keep your salt intake down to prevent water retention.
  9. Wheat Bran – Use the optional 1 tablespoon of wheat bran allowed each day to help avoid constipation.
  10. Meals – Eat three meals a day plus a mid morning and mid afternoon snack.
  11. No Missing Out Meals –  Do not be tempted to skip meals.
  12. No Added Sugars or Starches – Ensure that the food that you are eating has no hidden sugars or starches
  13. Weigh In – Weigh yourself once a day first thing in the morning before breakfast but after going to the bathroom
  14. Vitamins – Take a daily general purpose multi-vitamin tablet
  15. No Extension – Do not be tempted to extend the Attack Phase beyond the recommended number of days.

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  • Roseli OLIVEIRA on January 18, 2017

    Hi Amber
    I saw somewhere that we can use tomatoes.
    Can I have it as tomato salad.for example: raw tomatoes with parsley?

    I also found that Honest Tea cinnamon sunrise don’t have any calories or sugar but I very sweet because the cinnamon. I live it and I drink it when I am craving.


    • Amber on January 18, 2017

      Hi Roseli

      It is only a tablespoon of chopped tomatoes or pureso not enough to make a salad but it does help with other dishes.

      Cinnamon is one of may favorites too. I like it with yoghurts or on my oat bran porridge.

      Kind regards


  • Bilo on January 18, 2017

    Hi amber please tell us what we need to check on labels, when we buying any product. ..what intakes , we shouldn’t go above ?
    How it should be General label reading ?
    For example cottage cheese ?
    What should be looking before buy it ? and what should be intakes ?
    For example tell me that don’t go above that much … carb ,or fat or calori etc.
    I hope I have explained what’s my questions.

    • Amber on January 18, 2017

      Hi Bilo

      You are looking for pure foods that don’t have added ingredients that don’t make it to the list of permitted foods. For Dairy protein it needs to have a maximum of 2% fat and lower is better. You might need to bend the rules about additional ingredients for yoghurts as many diet yoghurts are bulked out with water and starch to reduce the calories so if a yoghurt has under 7% carbs as well as 2% or less fat contentthese can be eaten too.

      Best wishes


  • Maria on January 8, 2017

    Hi Amber can I eat pastrami?

    • Amber on January 8, 2017

      Hi Maria

      Yes you can as pastrami is made by placing raw meat in brine, partially drying it, before seasoning with herbs and spices, then smoking and steaming.

      Best wishes


  • Allie on March 4, 2016

    Hi Amber,
    I’m on my 4th day of the Attack phase and I’m starting to feel like I’m about to get sick…. :(. Can I take oil of oregano drops as a preventative. Another question, is OK to have Goji berries – 1 Tbsp with my oat bran ?

    Thank you,

    • Amber on March 6, 2016

      Hi Allie

      Yes x 2.

      Hope your are soon feeling better.

      Best wishes


  • Niveen on January 20, 2016

    Hi Amber
    I just started the attack phase today
    I already suffer from constipation it runs in the family so can i keep taking Milk of magnesium to help ?

    • Amber on February 6, 2016

      Hi Niveen

      You may find that the Dukan Diet isn’t suitable for you becasue of the very low fiber content. Keep taking any medication or over the counter medication recommended but if you get problems you may need to switch to another diet.

      Hope everything goes well.


  • Dew Drops on November 9, 2015

    Hello Amber,
    I just got to know about Dukan diet recently and I got so excited to start. all my live I’ve been a chubby, overweight girl. I started dieting since I was 15.. now that I am 37 and I am still overweight. I never reached my ideal weight, I always quit and get bored and depressed specially in the past couple of years that my body is not responding to diets anymore. I work 10 hours/day… I am a mother for 2 kids.. not much time to workout but I still go to the gym and try to workout whenever possible but it’s not regular!

    I am starting my attack phase today but reading that some people didn’t lost in their attack phase kind of put me down.. if people didn’t lost due to constipation and water retention, if they managed to solve these issue in the cruise phase do you think they will lose more in the second phase??
    any tips you have to maximize the results of the attack phase? and not feeling hopeless in the cruise phase?

    thank you

    • Amber on November 10, 2015

      Hi Dew Drops

      Where the lack of weight loss is due to water retention or constipation fixing the problem solves the lack of weight loss. If you have already been following a diet before starting the Dukan the impact of the Attack Phase is reduced.

      Rather than start the Dukan looking for a quick fix approach it as a overhaul in the way that you eat and look upon it being a journey towards a new way of eating that will help you achieve and then maintain your target weight. There will be set backs along the way but it is how you deal with them which dictates whether or not you will be successful.

      Best wishes


  • Sara on October 21, 2015

    Hi Amber

    I’m doing the Attack Phase and wondering if you can help me. I can’t have dairy, that includes lactose-free. Can I have soy milk in my tea or coffee and is there a yoghurt you can suggest. I have previously had co-yo coconut yoghurt which has no added sugar but is high in fat so not acceptable for Dukan

    Thanks I have learnt a lot from the advice you have given previously


  • Aanton on October 17, 2015

    Hi Amber, i am following the diet for five days, did three days attack phase and today is my second day of cruise phase, i am doing one day pp and another pv. I didnt lose any lb although i followed all the advices. I came out from doing ten days of Cambridge diet maybe this is the reason, please advice as i am thinking to stop following it. Thanks

    • Amber on October 19, 2015

      Hi Aaton

      The Dukan will not produce the same result if you were following another diet close to or immediately before starting the Dukan. If you were on a very low calorie Cambridge Diet you need to take care not to slow down your metabolism so I’d suggest keeping on Cruise for another couple of weeks before passing any final judgement on whether the Dukan works for you or not.

      Kind regards


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