Christmas Greetings from Amber

This is just a very short post to wish everyone who has visited my site during 2011 a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Try to stay strong and stick to the rules of whatever phase of the Dukan Diet you are on but do not despair if you have the occasional lapse here and there.  Remember you are only human after all and having one glass of wine or a mince pie does not make you a bad person.

My advice to you all is to get through this very tempting holiday period is to use a damage limitation policy.  Try not to lapse but if you are going to lapse, lapse so that it does the least damage BUT don’t use one lapse as an excuse for the next and the next.

For example if you feel your willpower weakening when faced with a slice of Christmas cake and a slice of turkey is just not going to work what about having a piece of fruit instead.  If you are tempted to have a glass of wine think about having a spritzer instead and halving the damage.

These are the sorts of choices that you need to fit into your eating and drinking habits when you’ve reached Stabilisation and want to maintain your hard fought for target weight.

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