Can I Use Oil or Fat Whilst on the Dukan Diet?

Whether you can use oil or fat on the Dukan Diet is another question that people often ask and I think it is because people think of the Dukan Diet as being a variation of the Atkins Diet. It has been described in the Press as “warmed over Atkins” or “Atkins with a French twist”.  Whilst Dr Pierre Dukan the author of the Dukan Diet will freely admit that the Atkins Diet did influence him there are some significant differences between the two diets.

One of these differences is on the use of oil and fat. The Atkin Diet does allow followers to use oil but the Dukan Diet restricts the use of oil to one teaspoon a day.  (This guidance was amended by Dr Dukan in December 2011 to one teaspoon.  He had previously amended it in November 2011 to two teaspoons from the longstanding previous guidance of using  just 3 drops of oil in the Cruise Phase).  This is because although the Dukan Diet is a low carb, high protein diet like Atkins, it is not so high in fat.  One of the ways it achieves these lower levels of fat is by restricting the consumption of fat and oil.  This is also the reason why you can only eat lean meat, why you need to remove skin from chicken and why you have to trim any visible fat from your meat.

So now knowing that very little oil is allowed on the weight loss stages of the Dukan Diet this has probably prompted another question, how am I going to cook my Dukan Oat Bran Pancake?  The answer is that you dry-fry using a non stick frying pan and this method can be used to cook meat and fry eggs and omelettes.  There are two ways to dry-fry you can either place a few drops of oil in the pan and then wipe it around the pan using a piece of paper kitchen towel or you can use spray oil.  You can either buy a spray oil or buy your own sprayer in which you can use the oil of your choice.  I prefer to use my own sprayer as it allows me to add herbs to the oil providing some additional flavor.  I use two sprayers, one with herbs added and the other with just plain oil.

13 Responses to “Can I Use Oil or Fat Whilst on the Dukan Diet?”

  • Atousa on July 31, 2017

    Hi is dry seaweed isbok is attach phase

    • Amber on August 5, 2017

      Hi Atousa

      Seaweed is a vegetable so it wouldn’t be added until Cruise.

      Kind regards


  • joann on September 20, 2015

    Can I eat future life cereal on the dukan diet in the morning

    • Amber on September 25, 2015

      Hi Joann

      Sorry no the only cereal allowed is oat bran.

      Kind regards


  • Sammy on January 18, 2015

    In cruise phase, can I have (& how much) just the liquid of chicken soup that was cooked with chicken breasts & vegetables ?

    • Sammy on January 20, 2015

      sorry, the Miracle cabbage soup recipe, in the cruise phase, how much am I allowed per day? can this be a snack ?

      • Amber on January 21, 2015

        Hi Sammy

        This is unlimited on PV days in Cruise.

        Best wishes


    • Amber on January 21, 2015

      Hi Sammy

      There is no limit on chicken stock made in any phase provided you don’t use the chicken skin when making the stock.

      Best wishes


  • Sandra on January 17, 2012

    Can I use PAM cooking spray?

    • Amber on January 17, 2012

      Hi Sandra

      Here is a reply taken from the US Dukan Site dated 2 October 2011.

      “We don’t recommend that you use cooking sprays as they can be very difficult to measure in serving size (1/8th of a second of spray is a serving!).”

      Since this reply however Dr Dukan does allow you to use one teaspoon of olive oil or rapeseed oil per day so you could probably use the Olive Oil Pam sparingly.

      Best wishes


      • aaron on March 10, 2014

        Hello im just starting the diet and wanted to know if its ok to mix tuna in water with low fat mayo

        • Amber on March 10, 2014

          Hi Aaron

          Low fat mayo isn’t suitable to use on the Dukan as it is too high in fat.

          Kind regards


        • jd on September 11, 2017

          Atkins might be a better choice for you or something between the two. Eat restively healthy and generally follow the guidelines and you’ll see results.

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