Dukan Diet – Update on Using Olive Oil and other Oils

This information has now been amended again by Dr Dukan – Read the latest update .

I’ve just been reading the history of today’s online coaching chat on the Dukan Diet’s UK website and I’ve got an update which comes straight from Dr Dukan himself, as he was taking part in the chat today.

One of the followers asked if she was harming her health by not eating oil, as she is being told that this harms her heart and her health and that she was becoming worried by this.

Dr Dukan answered  her question personally and explained that we do need some fat in our diets, but pointed out that his 72 protein foods do contain fat and this would provided enough fat for your health needs.  He then continued to say

” ….But I have good news for you, since one month, I have decided especially for Mediterranean people, who are used to cook with olive oil, to include in their diet two tea spoons of oil (rather rapeseed or olive one). And now, I have opened this new element to every other country. have a nice day.”


This increase in the amount of oil that can be used in phases following on from the Attack phase will be welcomed by many followers as it will mean that you can have the occasional roast potato, or be a little more liberal with your salad dressing, or it will just making cooking meat or fish that be easier.


Later one of the followers then said so the 3 drops of oil is now 2 teaspoons and asked if the tolerated list would be updated.
Virginie, one of the French coaches said


“…Yes you can now have 2 teaspoons of oil allowed, not tolerated !…”


So the two teaspoons of oil don’t even have to be counted as one of your two tolerated items!

3 Responses to “Dukan Diet – Update on Using Olive Oil and other Oils”

  • shrin on November 21, 2013

    Hi amber
    Im following cruise phase vegetarian version can I eat basmati rice instead of Brown rice as Brown rice contains more carbs and fat than basmati rice.

    • Amber on November 21, 2013

      Hi Shirin

      The brown rice does have more fiber but other than that there isn’t a huge difference in nutritional value. Basmati rice isn’t officially approved but if you want to adapt the diet you could try and see if you have any problems.

      Kind regards


  • Nancy on May 2, 2012

    Thanks, Amber, for this information!

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