Eating Tomato on the Attack Phase and PP Days of Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet is always being tweaked by Dr Dukan and his team and this is an adjustment that will make the Attack Phase and PP days a little easier for all of us.

The information below is an extract from the online coaching session on 28 October 2011

Mishy85 : Could you please clarify a bit about tinned/chopped tomatos, passata and puree…It says under the ‘cupboard’ sections that I am allowed these on both PP and PV days? Is this correct – I am currently on the attack phase.

Cathy : Welcome to our live chat Mishy85. As you are actually in the attack phase, you can only have a little amount of tinned and chopped tomatoes, as well as tomato paste (without additional fat and sugar) as a seasoning, in order to stay on the ketosis phase. A little amount means that you cannot have more than 1 tsp per day on PP days. Once you will move into the cruise phase, tomatoes won’t be restricted on PV days (but the rules is available on PP days). Have a nice Friday!

This information comes from the online coaching session of 4 November 2011

 Maryam80 : Hello :-)can I have a tbspoon of tomatoe puree during attack phase?

Cathy : Hello Maryam80, you can add a tbsp of tomato puree to your PP dishes in the attack phase, providing that it is fat free and that it doesn’t contain additional sugar. Enjoy your coaching!

From the two extracts you’ll see that there is a little confusion over the quantity allowed so until I find any different information I’ve decided to go for the tablespoon rather than the teaspoon .

In the UK tomato paste is the same tomato puree but this is not the case in the US where tomato puree is less concentrated than tomato paste.

A tablespoon  of tinned and chopped tomatoes may not make a lot of difference to a dish that you are cooking but a tablepoon of tomato paste/puree can provide some additional flavor as it is very concentrated.  It is also very low in calories a tablespoon has just 13 calories!  It is yet another way in which you can increase the nutritional content of your diet as cooked tomatoes are a very good source of the antioxident lycopene and a number of other vitamins and minerals.

Apart from being able to add it to dishes you could instead use it to make a small amount of relish to accompany your meal.  You could have a raw relish in which you mix very finely diced/chopped onion and pickle/gherkin with your tablespoon of chopped tomato together with a few herbs and a little freshly ground black pepper or you could cook some diced/chopped onion and pickle/gherkin with a tablespoon of tomato paste/puree with a little sweetener and some seasoning.

2 Responses to “Eating Tomato on the Attack Phase and PP Days of Dukan Diet”

  • erin on November 9, 2011

    hi amber,
    if you have any recipes that incorporate tomato in the attack phase it would be great if you could share or direct me to them!

    • Amber on November 9, 2011

      Hi Erin

      Because this is a new addition to the Attack Phase none of my Attack Phase recipes have any tomato as yet.



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