Dukanising Recipes for the Dukan Diet

I’ve put this post together following a suggestion from Alison who emailed me with links to a couple of recipes that she thought could be adapted to make them suitable for the Dukan Diet and asked me to check them over.  She suggested that I share the links and the adaptations on the site with you all and I thought that this was a good idea.  Not only does it give you a couple of different recipe ideas, I’m hoping it may give you ideas as to how you can “Dukanise” other recipes.

It is important to remember that the Dukan Diet is a two part plan, which when you follow the four phases takes you through a process in which you lose your excess pounds and also learn how to eat to maintain your target weight.  It is unfortunate that a large number of followers of the Dukan Diet abandon the process after they’ve reached their target weight and then end up putting the weight they’ve lost back on again because they’ve not retrained their eating habits.

The Dukan Diet isn’t a miracle diet and if you expect to be able to maintain your weight in Stablisation following your old eating habits by just eating 3 tablespoons of oat bran, never taking an escalator or lift and only eating protein one day a week you will be disappointed.  The oat bran, exercise and protein only day will only slow the rate at which you put back on the weight that was lost.

The Dukan Diet is designed to encourage you to eat real whole foods, not processed or fast foods.  This is why many of the slimming yogurts are not considered suitable, they have been made low in calories by replacing yogurt with starches and thickeners and have small amounts of sugar added to make them taste better.

Here is a link to the first recipe – Thai Minced Chicken Salad a recipe suitable for PV days in Cruise.

There are three ingredients here which aren’t Dukan Friendly, the vegetable oil and the sesame oil and the fish sauce.  The fish sauce doesn’t contain any prohibited ingredients but it does contain a lot of salt.  If you don’t suffer with high blood pressure or water retention you could use the fish sauce.  If you want or need to replace the fish sauce you could use a low sodium soy sauce and a little more lime juice.   You can replace the oil by initially dry frying and then adding a little water.

Here is a link to the second recipe – Hot and Sour Broth with Prawns a recipe suitable for PP days in Cruise or the Attack Phase.

This recipe needs only one change, to swop the caster sugar for sweetener.


3 Responses to “Dukanising Recipes for the Dukan Diet”

  • miss.amaryllis on October 14, 2011

    Thank you Amber for this good advice!

    How absolutely right!

    Speaking for myself. I really do feel that my appetite and eating habits have been re-trained. I agree with our fellow-successful- dieter Alison re: the cautious re-introduction of carbohydrates.

    ( I am just a little worried myself as I begin to plan Christmas food though – it’s a very difficult time of year coming up. But I love slipping into my old small size clothes so much – even as I am planning the Christmas Pudding! And brandy butter…..)

    I got out a few old Atkins-style low-carb cookery books to see if there are any recipes that I could amend – there are a few recipes in which ff yoghurt could replace the Atkins cream?

    I like that Hot and Sour Broth with Prawns recipe – thanks Alison!

    And thanks again Amber for your risk-of-putting-it-back-on advice!

    • Alison on October 15, 2011

      Thanks Amber and Miss Amarylis!

      I’m also trying to work out how Christmas will work! It’s about a week from the end of my consolidation phase. I plan to be very good on the days I don’t have any seasonal meals / get togethers, stick to the one PP day each week and dukanise other stuff as much as possible. Glad I’ll be in the 2 celebration meal stage, and that turkey is such a lean protein!

      • miss.amaryllis on October 16, 2011

        Hi Alison!

        We must have succeeded with Dr Dukan at about the same time! Usually now I’m dreaming up a fantastic Christmas Cake – but this year the major Cake-Eaters won’t be here, so I’m not doing one. That would be a major agony – you know (if you like rich fruit cake) how you just tidy up the edge and eat a few bits, and then, what the hell, you eat a slice and then…

        Turkey! Lean protein, ditto the ham. And alas, my soldier son won’t be here, enjoying his Great Big Tin of Quality Street. My daughter (and newborn baby) will insist on healthy eating. And now that alcohol makes me feel quite evil…

        We will maintain our fab new Dukan weights. Anyway, I just don’t think I could bear to put it back on again. Courage, mon amie!

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