Can You Eat Broccoli on the Dukan Diet?

It wasn’t until I checked the Google Analytics that I realised that this was a question that so many people were trying to find the answer to. It seemed a little odd that so many people were asking a question which I thought most people would know the answer to or would be able to find it quite easily so I had a look in my copy of the UK version of the book and on page 88 where it lists the vegetables you can and cannot eat there is no mention of broccoli (or cauliflower) in either category.

To find the answer you need to look at the list of 100 Natural Foods That Keep You Healthy and on page 318 at number 77 you will find listed broccoli and purple sprouted broccoli.

So the answer to the question Can You Eat Broccoli on the Dukan Diet is YES!

(Cauliflower is listed at number 78 under various types of cabbage.)

2 Responses to “Can You Eat Broccoli on the Dukan Diet?”

  • Joan ann Perry on September 12, 2017

    No mention of cauliflower or cabbage on my page 78 Dukan ?

    • Amber on September 16, 2017

      Hi Joan

      It is not easy to find this information but both cabbage and cauliflower are in the list of 32 allowed vegetables on the official Dukan website for the UK and US.

      32 vegetables: starting from the Cruise phase

      Artichoke – Asparagus – Bean sprouts – Beet – Broccoli – Brussels sprouts – Cabbage – Carrot – Cauliflower – Celery – Cucumber – Eggplant(Aubergine) – Endive – Fennel – Green beans – Kale – Lettuce, arugula, radicchio – Mushrooms – Okra – Onions, leeks, shallots – Palm Hearts – Peppers – Pumpkin – Radishes – Rhubarb – Spaghetti squash – Squash – Spinach – Tomato – Turnip – Watercress – Zucchini(Courgettes)

      Best wishes


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