Dukan Diet: What are the 10 Most Satisfying Foods?

The UK Dukan coaches have just started mentioning a list of 10 most satisfying foods in their coaching chats and I’ve managed to obtain details of this list to share with you all through a visitor to the site who is also signed up for the coaching. (Thank you D!).

  1. Oat bran
  2. Hardboiled egg .Only 5 yolks per week.
  3. Prawns/shrimps
  4. Low fat Normandy fromage frais
  5. Turkey
  6. Crab
  7. Fresh Tuna
  8. Sardines
  9. Chunky vegetable soup
  10. Chicken liver

I must admit that I was surprised by a lot of the entries so I decided to do a little research and share the information I found.


  • Oat Bran
I found nothing which mentioned oat bran but I did find quite a lot of information which confirmed that oatmeal or porridge served with milk was probably the most filling breakfast cereal available.  It is a high fiber complex carbohydrate which encourages a slow digestion helping you to feel full for longer. It was found in research to be more satisfying than Muesli, All-bran, Special K or Cornflakes but it was only the third best food at keeping hunger at bay. The two foods which rated higher in this Satiety Index research were plain boiled potatoes and steamed white fish.  Oat bran is higher in fiber than normal oatmeal or porridge oats so it might have performed better in the research. Plain boiled potatoes are of course off limits while on the Dukan Diet but white fish isn’t and this doesn’t even make it to the top 10.


  • Hard Boiled Eggs
I find it difficult to eat hard boiled eggs and I would really struggle to eat three but find no problem to eat a three eggs in an omelet or scrambled eggs.  It is the combination of fats and proteins which make eggs so satisfying but you do need to watch how many you eat.


  • Prawns/Shrimps
I think that the larger prawns/shrimps are more satisfying as they are more meaty and take more time to chew.  The small ones almost disintegrate when you put them in your mouth.  They are a very high protein food which is low in calories and fat but like eggs they also contain a lot of cholesterol.


  • Low Fat Normandy Fromage Frais
I’ve seen a lot of articles which listed fat free Greek yogurt as being a slimmer’s friend but none listing fat free fromage frais.  Looking at the nutritional content on livestrong.com 100g of fromage frais contains 49 calories, 4.2 g of carbs and 8g of protein and 100g of Greek yogurt contains 52 calories, 4g of  carbs and 9g of protein.  As you can see there isn’t a lot to choose between them but I think I’d give the edge to the Greek yogurt.  A calcium rich diet is also said to boost your metabolism and help you lose weight.


  • Turkey
I was surprised to see turkey but not chicken on the list as I thought the two foods were fairly similar.  When I actually checked the nutritional content I found that they were not as close in similarity as I’d thought.  I think that turkey probably made it over chicken because it is lower in calories and fat.


  • Crab
This isn’t a food that I eat and it looks as if this made the list because it is high in protein and low in fat and calories like prawns but it does contain quite a lot of sodium and cholesterol. The table below gives some interesting comparisons of different types of seafood.


Species Calories per 100 grams Protein % Cholesterol MG per 100 grams Fat % Sodium MG per 100 grams
Crab 84 18.29 42 .60 836
Halibut 110 20.81 32 2.29 54
Shrimp 106 20.31 152 .91 148
Salmon 146 21.62 39 5.95 46


  • Fresh Tuna
Fresh Tuna is a different type of fish from the one which is put in cans and if cooked correctly it will have a higher nutritional value so this is why fresh tuna makes the list.  However if  making your hard earned cash go further matters you might prefer to substitute the one that comes in the tin.  I find a lunch of tinned tuna on a bed of rocket and a generous number of tomatoes extremely satisfying!


  • Sardines
Depending on whether it is a PP day or a PV day a can of sardines in spring water or tomato sauce can be very satisfying.  They are quite high in fat but it is fat which is good for you.


  • Chunky Vegetable Soup
This does have to be eaten on a PV day but it is an excellent way of filling you up.  There is some research that has been undertaken which shows that people who eat soup to start of their meal eat less calories in total.  This is believed to be because the soup fills them up.  On PP days you could have a chicken broth with a few onions herbs and spices instead.


  • Chicken Liver
The only time I’ve ever eaten chicken liver is in pate and it isn’t a food that I’m attracted to eating so I don’t know if it is satisfying or not but it is very very high in cholesterol.

2 Responses to “Dukan Diet: What are the 10 Most Satisfying Foods?”

  • Susan on February 10, 2016

    Hello: I don’t really like hard cheese. For the cheese serving each day, what can I substitute? I might have an occasional serving of melted (the only way I will eat cheese) mozzarella or cheddar cheese but can I have ricotta cheese also? If no cheese, what can I have?

    Also, I don’t like most breads and don’t eat it. For my daily 2 slices wholemeal bread, can I substitute one serving oatmeal in AM and one serving whole wheat pasta for lunch or dinner? If not what are some alternatives?

    • Amber on February 13, 2016

      Hi Susan

      There are no official substitutions provided for any foods. If you don’t like hard cheese you could substitute another cheese that has the same amount of calories. For the bread one serving of oatmeal and one of pasta is much more than 2 small alices of wholemeal bread so this wouldn’t work as a replacement. One small slice of wholemeal bread has around 60 calories http://www.caloriecount.com/calories-warburtons-bread-i70996. You could replace with a wholewheat crackers/crispbread to the calories equivalent.

      Best wishes


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