Treating Constipation on the Dukan Diet

Constipation is one of the most common side effects of following the Dukan Diet and as the diet relies heavily on low fat high protein foods particularly in the Attack Phase this should really come as no surprise particularly to anyone who is prone to this condition.

But what steps can you take to get your digestive system moving again.

In the Attack Phase

  • Double the amount of oat bran that you are eating each day to three tablespoons.
  • Add a tablespoon of wheat bran as wheat bran has a different composition to oat bran.  It is high in insoluble fiber.
  • Drink a glass of ice cold water first thing in the morning and then have a hot drink.  The ice cold drink is an official Dukan Diet recommendation, the addition of the hot drink is mine.  I think the alternating temperature helps but this is not based on anything other than my own experiences.
  • Make sure you are drinking 2 liters of fluids per day.
  • Eat a tablespoon of goji berries each day.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks as this cause bloating and gas.
  • Have 200 g of stewed rhubarb, this is allowed in Attack to treat constipation.
  • Do some sets of ten of abdominal crunches.
  • If none of these tips help ask your pharmist or doctor for a mild laxative.

In the Cruise Phase

In additon to all of the above

  • Make sure that you are eating plenty of green vegetables on PV days
  • Increase to two tablespoons of goji berries on PV days.
  • Count your stewed rhubarb as a tolerated item to help with weight loss.
  • Have one teaspoon of linseeds/flaxseeds per day but avoid if your weight loss plateaus.
  • Again if none of these tips help ask your pharmist or doctor for a mild laxative.



31 Responses to “Treating Constipation on the Dukan Diet”

  • Alex on September 24, 2017

    Hi Amber
    Can we use psyllium husks during cruise phase .and if yes how much ?
    Thanks in advance

    • Amber on September 25, 2017

      Hi Alex

      Use the recommended amounts to treat constipation.

      Best wishes


  • emmy on September 25, 2016

    I am on cruise now but iam having a problem with constipation.i had lost weight since i started the dukan diet.i was 105,now i am at 90. My scale at home weigh me 90 kg but when i go yo the dr scale it weight me more which one is right

    • Amber on October 16, 2016

      Hi emmy

      Have you tried the tips in the post?

      You will vary in weight through the day but your doctoras scales are more likely to be accurate.



  • Sandy on November 13, 2015


    I am on day four of the attack .. Have not had a BM at all . Can I take calm magnesium powder? Feeling pretty bad at this point. Thanks Sandy

    • Amber on November 19, 2015

      Hi SAndy

      Yes you can take a natural contsipation remedy to help.

      Kind regards


  • Enza on October 29, 2015

    Is miralax ok on the cruise phase? I have severe constipation. Thanks.

    • Amber on November 5, 2015

      Hi Enza

      If other means have not worked it will be fine to use.

      Best wishes


  • Julia A. on March 13, 2015

    I am on day 5 of my 5 day attack and I’m adding veggies in tomorrow. I have some “Smooth Move” tea do you think it would be okay to drink a cup of that to get things moving again?

    • Amber on March 15, 2015

      Hi Julia

      It is fine to use natural laxitive products – just make sure you read all of the information on the side of the box before using it.

      Best wishes


      • Julia A. on March 15, 2015


      • Sam on May 9, 2015


        I have started the Attack phase but although the diet allow us to eat as much as we want protein I stick to 3 meals and two snack and find myself eating less than 1400 calorie. Should I force myself to eat more or can I have more oat bran for my digestive system instead?



        • Amber on May 14, 2015

          Hi Sam

          I wouldn’t worry unduly about calorie intake in Attack as this is part should have the lowest calorie intake but if you struggle to eat around 1400 calorie after you move to Cruise trying adding in some extra foods rather than more oat bran so that you get a greater variety in your diet.

          Best wishes


  • ayse on January 16, 2015

    Hi amber,
    how much yogurt I can eat daily (atack).

  • Lanne on December 1, 2014

    can we add benifiber to our water on the attack phase to prevent constipation?

    • Amber on December 11, 2014

      Hi Lanne

      This product contains 4 g of carbohydrates per serving so I wouldn’t recommend it.


  • Honey on October 24, 2013

    Are there any alternatives to oat bran or wheat bran? I can’t eat either one due to having celiac, the oat bran that is supposed to be gf also effects me negatively.

    • Amber on October 24, 2013

      Hi Honey

      There are no approved substitutes for oat or wheat bran but I do know of several people who use Psyllium seed husks to add fiber to the Dukan Diet.

      Kind regards


    • Clare on November 3, 2013

      Hi honey! I didn’t eat the bran because I just didn’t like it and it didn’t affect my weight loss in the slightest, I reckon you can just do without!

    • Karen on June 4, 2014

      there is a company called Red Mill that makes Gluten Free Oat bran. 🙂

  • chris on September 10, 2013

    Can I have rhubarb in the attack phase to help with constipation? Its not very clear. Ive lost 7lbs in 4 days so far and have another 6 but am experiencing poor bowels :/

    • Amber on September 10, 2013

      Hi Chris

      I think you must have skipped a line when reading the post:) The 7th blue arrow advises “Have 200 g of stewed rhubarb, this is allowed in Attack to treat constipation.”

      Hope it works!

      Best wishes


  • Pear_Pauline on September 4, 2013

    Hi Amber 🙂

    I just found a tip to have a good digestive system during perform the attack phase of Dukan Diet.

    It is very easy, just drinking warm 0% Fat Milk, or you can add 1 Tablespoon of Oat Bran and a bit Splenda 😉

    Well, you should also drink lot and lot water or warm water after drinking warm 0% fat milk.

    I am very happy with my diet plan now \(^0^)/

    • Amber on September 4, 2013

      Hi Pauline

      I love warm milk just before going to bed; it helps me to sleep. I’ll have to try this recipe.

      Best wishes


  • Pear_Pauline on August 29, 2013

    Dear Amber 🙂

    First of all, I would like to say thank you to you for creating this good website.

    I am on the third day of attack phase, I have planned to do this phase for 7 days. However, I am quite worried about the digestive system. But all my worried are gone since I have read your beneficial contents.

    I wish I can reach my goal, lose 10 kilos when I finished the second phase.

    Thanks so much again.


    • Amber on August 29, 2013

      Hi Pear Pauline

      I’m very happy that you’ve found my site helpful and wish you well on your weight loss journey. Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

      Best wishes


  • BeaG on August 19, 2013

    Hi Amber,

    Once again thank you for your help and dedication to this website. I started the diet last Monday with 3 days of attack and lost a couple of kilos and felt great. I am on day 5 of cruise and I gained a kilo. Last Thusday I weighed 56.4 and today Monday I weigh 57,8 I am having a problem with constipation and have only been to the bathroom twice since last Monday…and I had to take mild laxatives for that to happen (sorry TMI) I am really getting discouraged with this whole thing and I am scared I will continue to gain weight. I am approaching that time of the month but I think the biggest issue must constipation. I have been having my oat bran with the daily allowance of wheat bran but its not really working. I was thinking of adding one fruit yoghurt per day (the ones that suppose to help with digestion) it would be one of my 2 tolerated items per day. But should’t I avoid tolerated foods if I am having problems with the weight loss? I live in South America and the variety of fat free dairy available is very limited and almost all of the fat free yoghurts have some kind of sugar. It’s really hard to follow the diet with such little permitted foods available but I am determined to make it 🙂
    I don’t want to keep on taking laxatives because I know you end up getting use to them but I really don’t know how am i gonna loose weight if I don’t eliminate what you ate somehow…

    Please help me understand if I am doing something wrong or if there’s something I can do to succeed.

    Thanks so much for your help.

    kind regards,


    • Amber on August 19, 2013

      Hi BeaG

      I think you are right to blame the constipation for your weight gain but your approaching period may also be contributing some water retention.

      I’d add in the yogurt as you suggest as you aren’t really stagnating it’s more a case that you aren’t eliminating. If you do need a little help bulk-forming laxatives such as Metamucil are generally considered to be gentler than stimulant laxatives. There are also some further suggestions in this post that might help.

      Hang in there!

      Best wishes


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