How Many Eggs Can You Eat on the Dukan Diet?

Although the Dukan Diet has very simple rules there are some areas where things get a little confusing and one of the areas of confusion is over the number of whole eggs that you are allowed to eat.

My UK version of the Dukan Diet advises that you can safely eat 2 eggs a day in the temporary Attack Phase unless you have cholesterol problems in which case your egg yolk consumption should be no more than 3 or 4 a week but it contains no information on how many to eat after the Attack Phase. The latest information included in the Daily Mail articles being published this week also confirms this advice for the Attack Phase but doesn’t provide any advice the Cruise phase of the diet.

One of the FAQs of does deal with eggs and it doesn’t say that this advice applies only to the Attack Phase

Question: Can I really have the allowed foods in unlimited quantities?

Answer: Yes. We only suggest that you restrict your egg consumption. You can have one or two eggs, with the yolk, per day.  However, you can have egg whites in unlimited quantity.

There is also an FAQ on

Question: How to conciliate the diet with cholesterol

Answer: You have to be careful with eggs. If you haven’t got a threatening cholesterol you can eat a whole egg yolk per day. In that case make your oat bran pancake with the white only. If you have got any cholesterol problems have the egg whites as much as you want and try to restrict yourself to 4 yolks per week except if your doctor doesn’t agree with that.

(This has always been the information on which I’ve based the advice and information I provide on this site).

However it is not difficult to find conflicting advice.  For example the online chats at advise you to eat a much lower number of eggs .  I’ve provided a copy of the Q & A from the online chat of 1 July 2011.

Question : How many eggs am I allowed to eat in day? Is there a max amount. Thank you

Answer : Hi! you can have 5 yolks per week actually (three in case of cholesterol), but you can have as many whites as you want as this is where the proteins are. Keep going!

If you want to go the other way and look for guidance that you can eat more than two eggs a day you can get this inferred from the latest series of articles in the Daily Mail which I’ve already referred to above.

  • The Day One Meal Plan uses two eggs for scrambled eggs for breakfast and two eggs to make cookies and then also includes two eggs in the Lemon Cheesecake recipe but I’m not sure how many this is intended to serve.
  • The Day Two Meal Plan uses two eggs for an omelette for lunch, one egg for the baked fish if it is four servings and says you can have up to two hard boiled eggs as a snack.
  • The Day Three Meal Plan uses 1/3 of an egg for Rosemary Burgers, 1 egg for the Cod fishcake if it is three servings and 1 and 1/2 eggs for the Cinnamon Tart.
  • The Day Four Meal Plan uses 1 egg for breakfast muffins, 2 to 3 eggs for Prawn Stuffed Eggs and 2 eggs yolks for Chocolate Pannacotta.
  • The Day Five Meal Plan uses 1/2 an egg  for muesli, one hard boiled egg for a snack and one egg in the Orange yogurt cake assuming it has three servings.

So what conclusion have I drawn from this – I’ve decided for now to continue as before using the rule of thumb of one egg per day unless you have raised cholesterol when you should limit yourself to no more than four per week.




25 Responses to “How Many Eggs Can You Eat on the Dukan Diet?”

  • Marianka on August 22, 2017

    Hi Amber,
    speaking from experience, I had my cholesterol skyrocket with 3-4 eggs per day during cruise and consolidation.
    Following my doctor’s advice I cut on to 2 eggs per week maximum and my cholesterol dropped to an excellent rate. The doctor also advised I can have as many egg whites as I want to.
    Hope my post helps others with this tricky issue.
    All the best,

    • Amber on August 28, 2017

      Hi Marianka

      Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m so glad that you have now got your cholesterol to an excellent level.

      Best wishes


  • Lauren on April 18, 2017

    Hi amber!

    After a while the meat can get tiring by itself, so I was womdering if I am allowed to put mustard on anything? All it contains is organic mustardseed organic paprika, organic vinegar, and salt. Is it ok to add to eggs for example, or other forms of protein? Thank you so much.

  • Melody on December 7, 2016

    I am 27 years old. I tried a lot of diets before. For now, i am doing Dukan Diet but I don’t know something. Someone told me i can eat eggs unlimited and can use coconut oil too.
    I didn’t know, I can’t have chewing gum. Could you please, let me know what do i have to eat and how much per day?
    Thank you

    • Amber on December 8, 2016

      Hi Melody

      Eggs are unlimited but coconut oil is off limits. You can have up to 5 pieces of sugar free chewing gum a day. You can’t follow the Dukan without understanding it so I’d recommend either buying a book or reading the information on sites like this one.

      Kind regards


  • Toni on May 13, 2014

    Two years late, but I just wanted to say that according to the official Dukan Diet-website you’re allowed to have as many eggs per day as you want (yes, even nine), if you’re not worried about cholesterol. Here’s the quote:

    “Yes. We only suggest that you restrict your egg consumption if you have or are worried about cholesterol issues. You can have two eggs with the yolk per day. Egg whites are unlimited, and eggs are unlimited if you do not have cholesterol issues”.

    • Amber on May 13, 2014

      Hi Toni

      Unfortunately poor translation into English makes it very confusing as Dr Dukan is contradicting himself. 14 eggs a week would be totally unacceptable for a person suffering with high cholesterol so my guess is Dr Dukan is recommending a limit of 2 whole eggs per day with unlimited egg whites but your guess is as good as mine.

      Kind regards


      • Jessica on March 29, 2017

        Hi amber, I’m wondering if I can have steak every night if I wanted to if so what kind of steak is ok?

        • Amber on April 8, 2017

          Hi Jessica

          Yes you can have steak every night if you wish but try to eat a wide a variety of different foods as you can. You are looking for a cut than is low in fat. This post might be helpful.

          Best wishes


  • vanessa on April 12, 2012

    i would like to know if i could drink milk, also id the protein that they sell in GNC i could drink.

    • Amber on April 12, 2012

      Hi Vanessa

      You can drink milk but if you drink a lot it can stop you losing weight. This is one of the reasons why the Dukan coaches recommending restricting dairy to 1 kg per day.

      Dr Dukan doesn’t approve of the use of protein powders/shakes.

      Best wishes


  • Andy on January 22, 2012

    You can eat as many eggs as you like, the lecithin in the yolk breaks down any bad cholesterol. I have eaten at least two eggs per day, often four , since I was ten years old. My cholesterol is very low, and I am now 62, and slim. I will carry on eating at least two eggs a day, they contain 11 vitamins and minerals, vitamin D, more lutein than spinach and other green vegetables, choline, which is necessary for healthy cell membranes, iron, and many other things our body needs.

    • Amber on January 22, 2012

      Hi Andy

      Eggs certainly don’t appear to be as bad for us as we had been led to believe but the official Government guidelines at the moment don’t go quite as far as you suggest. As my site is primarily for those following the Dukan Diet I try to provide the information given by Dr Dukan but as you can see from my article this guidance isn’t consistent.

      Kind regards


      • Andy on January 22, 2012

        I agree with you, however the Dukan Diet is linked to the Atkins diet, and the Charles Saatchi egg diet, high protien, low carb ?

        • Amber on January 22, 2012

          Nine eggs a day seems a little OTT!! There are definite similarities between the Dukan Diet, Atkins and Mr Saatchi’s Diet as they are all based on eating a high percentage of protein although Dr Dukan goes to great lengths to distance his diet from the Atkins Diet which he considers to be too high in fat.


          • Ilonka on January 19, 2013

            Hi Amber!
            I agree… 9 eggs!! Too definately OTT. I also agree on the “too high in fat” comment… Dr Dukan’s diet… if applied wisely and following all the tips (okay, “rules”)… is quite balanced in my opion.
            Thank you for an AMAZING site!!

          • Amber on January 19, 2013

            Hi Ilonka

            So pleased you like my site.

            Kind regards


  • liou on December 19, 2011


    I am on the first day of the Dukan Diet Attack Phase and I did not know that I had to limit it to two eggs per day and I ate three, is that very bad? Does that mean that mean that today’s diet did not count as the first day actually?

    Thank you.

    • Amber on December 19, 2011

      Hi liou

      Don’t worry about that extra egg. Just carry on as if nothing had happened.

      Best wishes


  • Jane on October 5, 2011

    Hi Amber,

    I’m still reading your articles and find them interesting. most of my questions are answered here. By the way, have you considered organic eggs? It is claimed to have about 0.01% cholesterol.


    • Amber on October 5, 2011

      Hi Jane

      I’m pleased you are finding my site interesting. The research that I found said that the cholesterol was up to one third lower in eggs from pastured raised chicken. The problem is working out which eggs come from pastured raised hens as free range doesn’t mean the same thing.

      I must admit I decided that it was much easier to leave this issue alone and let people decide to eat what type of eggs to eat based on their budgets and beliefs rather than the possibility that they might contain less cholesterol.

      Kind regards


    • Andy on January 22, 2012

      The only commercial free range eggs in the UK, pastured raised, have the soil association stamp on. I think Duchy eggs from Waitrose are the only supermarkets that sell them now.
      Farm shops may have them, or farmers markets.

      • Amber on January 22, 2012

        Hi Andy

        Thanks for providing this helpful information.

        I’ve also included a link to Wikipedia about pastured poultry which others might find interesting.


        • Andy on January 22, 2012

          That is very interesting, and the same as Soil Association standards for egg production.

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