Can Vegetarians Follow the Dukan Diet?

The quick one word answer to this question is yes, vegetarians can follow the Dukan Diet.  However I’ve a strong feeling that most people asking this question, once they know the answer, will also want to know how vegetarians follow the Dukan Diet.

My UK version of the Dukan Diet book has very little information about how a vegetarian would follow the diet, but both the UK and US Dukan Diet sites do have an FAQ which gives a little more information.  How you adapt the diet really depends upon what foods you do eat.  If you eat fish, dairy and eggs you can follow the normal Dukan Diet rules eating fish, tofu and eggs as your sources of pure protein.

If you don’t eat fish you have to adjust your diet to concentrate on tofu and soy products, dairy products and eggs (eating three egg whites for every one egg yolk).  In addition you also have to increase your daily consumption of oat bran to four tablespoons a day and have two tablespoons of lentils (any kind) on PP days with unlimited amounts on PV days.

One of the other places I regularly visit to keep my knowledge of the Dukan Diet current is the online chat sessions that are held at three times a week.

On 10 July 2011 “danielahaerter” asked if it was OK to eat Quorn during the Attack Phase and “sonja” replied saying  that you can have “plain Quorn” but advised to avoid other products as they may contain fat or other ingredients not suitable for the diet.  Quorn is made from mycoprotein (“myco” is Greek for “fungi”).  The mycoprotein used in Quorn comes from Fusarium venenatum, which was first discovered in a field in Buckinghamshire, England.

On 22 July 2011 “Cathy” one of the UK dietitians of the UK diet also advised that textured soy protein was also OK for vegetarians to use.

On 9 October 2011 “sonja” one of the UK Dukan Diet coaches also advised that it was OK to eat seitan, a form of wheat protein.



43 Responses to “Can Vegetarians Follow the Dukan Diet?”

  • Malé on August 30, 2017

    Hi, Can I eat soy meat during cruise phase instead of any kind of protein?

    • Amber on September 16, 2017

      Hi Malé

      TVP can be eaten in the vegetarin version.

      Best wishes


  • amy on November 21, 2014

    hi amber
    it is very difficult to find swiss or chedar cheese in indian market.
    can u plz tell me d alternative or grams of fat it shud contain per 100gms so that i can search for dat.

    in case of vacations ven im out of station it get very difficult to manage in case of curd so plz tell me for curd also hw much gms of fat is acceptable in market packed curd.

    • Amber on December 14, 2014

      Hi Amy

      Swiss and Cheddar cheese aren’t included in the weight loss phases. Are you on Consolidation? Quark is a form of curd cheese and it needs to have 2% or less fat content. I don’t know what size a market packed curd comes in but for every 100 g there needs to be 2 g or less fat.


      • amy on January 17, 2015

        thanks amber.
        no im bt to start consolidation after 1 month. so gathering information before i do.
        thanx for ur v useful advice dear.

  • amy on November 21, 2014

    thanks amber
    plz tell me is sugar free tabs n sugar free beverages harmful to health. i hv heard they r carcinogenc.
    is it true??
    n plz tell me maximum tabs i can take in a day.

  • amy on October 17, 2014

    thank u Amber.
    i want to ask abt consolidation phase im bit confused.. like frst of all v hv to divide d days into two equal halves acc to wt lost . then in first half does it mean i cn take one starchy food item like in lunch or in dinner i.e. one starchy dish. once a wk and in the same wk one celebratings meal consisting starter main meal dessert n wine….. on whole in d same wk v can hv starchy food n celebrating meal…
    n in secnd half two starchy dish n two celebrating meal in a wk d same wk for both.
    plz tell me dis

    • Amber on October 22, 2014

      Hi Amy

      You seem to understand how the Consolidation phase operates.

      Kind regards


      • amy on October 28, 2014

        please amber tell me…abt consolidation phase.

        • Amber on October 28, 2014

          Hi Amy

          What do you want to know?

          Kind regards


          • amy on November 3, 2014

            dear plz tell me abt d celebration meal n starchy food.
            whole wk it vl b same as wat v followed in attack n cuise phase combi of dem bt ven n how to take celebration meal . can i take starchy food n celebration meal in d same wk.
            if im wrong sumwhere plz coreect me amber
            bcuz soon im gonna enter consolidation phase

          • Amber on November 13, 2014

            Hi Amy

            Consolidation is 6 days of PV with 1 day of PP only. On the PV days you can add the additional foods. You can have starchy food and the celebration meal in the same week but not on the same day.

            Kind regards


  • amy on October 15, 2014

    im following duken diet since aug 2014 n rite nw in cruise phase. lost 8 kgs n need to reduce 10kgs more.
    bt im fed up wid non veg diet. cn i switch over to veg diet or can i mix veg n non veg.
    n i hv to start wid attack phase of veg diet ?
    plz tell me cn i mix both veg n non veg diet acc to me.
    also i hv not understood abt one thing in consolidation phase abt celebrating mean … plz explain me dat also.
    thank u

    • Amber on October 15, 2014

      Hi Amy

      You can switch to the vegetarian version of the Dukan and if you do this you shouldn’t start with another Attack phase. I wouldn’t recommend mixing the two diets as you are unlikely to get reliable results. I’d suggest a minimum of 5 days on each version before switching to the other. The celebration meal is a 3 course meal with one glass of red wine but no seconds and no food is off limits.

      Kind regards


  • Kristina on March 31, 2014

    Hi everyone. I am on a cruise phase and my weight has not gone down for 4 weeks now. I am a bit upset and want to give up. Since the beginning I have lost 5 kg and the weight stopped going down. I am on a diet for two months now. What shall I do? Can I switch to a vegetarian version and if yes do I start from the attack phase again? Thank you.

    • Amber on April 1, 2014

      Hi Kristina

      I know it is so difficult to keep going when you get no encouragement from the scales but try to take strength from the 5 kg you’ve lost as you really don’t want to give up and put that back on.

      You can switch to the vegetarian version but skip the Attack Phase.

      Try to stay strong.

      Best wishes


  • nikita on March 29, 2014

    Are red kidney beans allowed in dukan diet

  • Olga on January 12, 2014

    Hi Amber,
    As a vegetarian, I have enjoyed Gardein brand products in the past. Are these suitable for the Dukan Diet?
    Thank you!

    • Amber on January 13, 2014

      Hi Olga

      Some of the products are a little high in carbs or fat but the chick’n strips/cubes looks to be a fairly good match to Seitan so could be enjoyed. To make up for the higher carbs you want to go for as low a fat content as possible in your protein sources.

      Best wishes


  • Andi on December 18, 2013

    Hi Amber,

    I follow through with the protein very thoroughly but at times it becomes boring. I found some fat free re-fried beans that are extremely high in protein as in over 18g in 1 serving. Is this allowed perhaps? Sodium is 580g with no cholesterol.


    • Amber on December 19, 2013

      Hi Andi

      Unfortunately the beans are too high in carbs to be suitable. Have you tried using tofu for a change?

      Kind regards


  • Sham on October 8, 2013

    Can I have ground nuts in attack phase?

    • Amber on October 8, 2013

      Hi Sham

      I’m sorry but the answer is no. No nuts of any kind are allowed in the weight loss phases of the diet because of the high levels of fat they contain.

      Kind regards


  • rose on October 5, 2013

    hi amber, i wanted to ask if tapioca starch was allowed on the cruise phase of the dukan diet.
    please respond soon, thank you.

    • Amber on October 5, 2013

      Hi Rose

      Tapioca starch isn’t one of the foods allowed on the Dukan Diet.

      Kind regards


  • Holly on May 16, 2013

    I’ve lost 11 kilos with Dukan and have been in stabilisation for about 9 months. I was not a vegetarian at the time I did the diet, but have become a pesco-vegetarian progessively over the past 3 months and am aiming to slowly phase out fish as well.

    As a result of this radical change in my diet (more grains, beans, than I’ve ever eaten in my life), I am starting to slowly put some of the weight back on.

    I live in France (not a country to be a vegetarian in), and Dukan coaching here doesn’t have very many suggestions on vegetarian adaptations to the diet (because there as so few vegetarians in France!) Quorn is not available here, seitan and tempeh are hard to find, etc…

    I am very confused about what i can and can not eat, not only in terms of stabilisation but also to be able to drop the 2-3 kilos I have put back on. I have bought several vegetarian cooking books but it’s difficult to sift through what is OK for Dukan or not. Particularly the different beans and grains, which to me have always symbolised “foods-you-definitely-avoid-if-you-don’t-want-to-gain-weignt!!

    Could you please help me figure out what i can and can’t eat, and get rid of these pounds i’m starting to put back on ?

    Many thanks!!!

    • Amber on May 16, 2013

      Hi Holly

      As you will see in this update you are allowed 100g of cooked starches or grains as a PP food.

      I don’t know if any of these recipes will help but to lose weight I’d suggest eating PV 6 days a week and PP one day a week if you can manage it.

      Once you’ve got your weight back to where it should be start increasing the food you are eating slowly until you find the level at which your weight will remain stable.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind regards


      • Holly on May 22, 2013

        Thanks Amber for this info.
        I am really confused about beans. I bought some vegetarian cookbooks (not Dukan-related) and they all talk about beans – kidney beans, broad beans, azuki beans, lima beans, etc…

        Are beans compatible with Dukan or not ?
        If not, which pulses are other than chick peas and lentils of all colours.

        Many thanks !!

        • Amber on May 22, 2013

          Hi Holly

          I see no reason not to treat all types of beans as pulses on the vegetarian version of the Dukan Diet.

          Best wishes


          • Holly on May 25, 2013

            Hi Amber, thanks again for getting back to me.
            I have one last question for you. Ever since I started Dukan, I have been eating a great deal of no-fat dairy : skim milk, 0% yogurt and and lowfat cottage cheese. I continue to do so, but I am trying to switch to milk alternatives whenever I can (ie in coffee or tea, in cooking…) There are loads of milk substitutes on the market (almond, rice, hazelnut, in addition to soy) but none seem to be lowfat.

            Is there any particular one that is more recommended or not recommended ? I have begun to use almond milk (unsweetened) but have not dared go toward anything else as i am not sure how to deal with the fat content issue.

            Any advice welcome !

          • Amber on May 25, 2013

            Hi Holly

            Dr Dukan only allows cow’s milk and soy milk on his diet. All other types of milk are not allowed.

            Soy is more fattening than cow’s milk so rather than the 1 kg daily limit Dr Dukan recommends a ceiling of 700 g.

            Hope this helps:)

            Best wishes


  • Mary-Anne on April 25, 2013


    Is there a list of all the foods I can as a vegetarian eat during the Dukan attack phase? And if not, which of these are allowed in un/limited quantites?
    Quorn mince
    Quorn burgers
    Cottage cheese

    • Amber on April 25, 2013

      Hi Mary Ann

      You may also find this post helpful as I don’t have any list of foods for vegetarians

      The only food wouldn’t recommend is Quorn burgers as they have a lot of additional ingredients that aren’t allowed.

      Mycoprotein (41%), Rehydrated Free Range Egg White, Textured Wheat Protein (Wheat Flour, Wheat Protein, Wheat Starch, Gelling Agent: Sodium Alginate, Colour: Caramel), Onion, Vegetable Fat, Natural Flavouring (With Salt, Sugar, Potassium Chloride, Smoked Yeast, Smoke Flavouring, Citric Acid, Garlic), Vegetable Oil, Milk Proteins, Roasted Barley Malt Extract, Potato Protein. Contains Egg, Milk, Barley & Wheat Gluten.

      And only dairy food is limited by the Dukan coaches (not the books) to a total of 1kg per day.

      Kind regards


  • Jelly on November 13, 2012

    I have read that TVP chunks can be used as well as cottage cheese in the attack phase. But then it also says that the attack phase is void carbs ( im guessing as much as possible rather than literally?), and I was looking up soy chunks nutrition and they seem high in carbs:
    Also I live in India now and was wondering if I can eat paneer cheese which is almost like dry cottage cheese (which again isnt negligible in carbs) :,r:15,s:20,i:175

    Please help!

    • Amber on November 13, 2012

      Hi Jelly

      You can use TVP in the Attack Phase if you are a vegetarian but the higher carbs in this food mean that you could lose weight at a slower rate than a person following the non vegetarian version.

      If you can make/find paneer cheese from fat free or low fat (2%) milk this would be OK to use but the information in the link you provided advised that paneer is made from full fat milk. Using too much dairy can also slow down weight loss because of the carbs.

      The Dukan Diet isn’t intended to be carb free but it is meant to be a low carb diet.

      Kind regards


  • bob on July 9, 2012

    can you eat lentils on the attack phase?

    Also an article mentioned that during the PP days you can have 2 tablespoons of lentils is this in their dried state or cooked?

    • Amber on July 9, 2012

      Hi bob

      The information on the vegetarian version of the Dukan Diet is a little limited. My view is that you should eat the lentils on the Attack Phase as the FAQ says

      “Vegetarians are also allowed to eat two tablespoons of lentils per day during protein-only days.” The Attack Phase is just a number of Protein only days put together!

      Also the information I’ve found is that it is 2 tablespoons of cooked lentils not dried ones.

      Kind regards


  • vicky on November 27, 2011

    On the attack phase can you eat:-
    Edamame Beans
    Quorn Sausages
    Quorn Lite Bites

    • Amber on November 27, 2011

      Hi Vicky

      I’m afraid these foods aren’t allowed.

      Edamame Beans are too high in starches to be considered a protein by Dr Dukan.

      Quorn Sausages contain; Mycoprotein (51%), rehydrated free range egg white, rusk (breadcrumb (wheat flour, salt, yeast)), onion, textured wheat protein (wheat flour, wheat protein, wheat starch), gelling agents: pectin, sodium alginate, calcium chloride, sodium citrate, glycerol: vegetable oil seasoning (salt, yeast extract, herbs (baby leaves, marjoram, rosemary, sage), spices (black & white pepper, nutmeg), potassium chloride, barley malt extract, garlic powder, flavouring, vegetable oil, herb extract, colour: iron oxide, tapioca starch), pea fibre, milk proteins.

      Lite Bites contain: Quorn pieces (92%)[mycoprotein*, rehydrated free range egg white, flavouring], Spicy seasoning (rusk (wheat flour, salt, yeast), spices (cumin, paprika), salt, onion powder, sugar, red peppers, garlic powder, yeast extract, chilli powder, chillies, dried lemon peel, citric acid, oregano), vegetable oil, dextrose *76% of product.

      The Quorn product which is allowed is Quorn mince as this only contains: Mycoprotein (88%), rehydrated free range egg white, roasted barley malt extract.

      Best wishes


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