Ten Tips to Beat Sugar Cravings on the Dukan Diet

Before I explain how you can help overcome your craving for sugar I thought it might be a good idea to explain why you have these cravings in the first place.

  • Wanting to eat sweet things is what comes naturally and is in our genes as the first taste we all prefer from birth is for sweet things.
  • Sugar is a form of carbohydrate and carbohydrates cause the release of serotonin a feel good brain chemical.
  • Eating sugar also releases calming and relaxing endorphins that provide a natural “high”.
  • Last but not least sweet things tastes good and because of this we use them as a way of rewarding ourselves.


  • However sugar cravings can also be caused by a hormonal imbalance or a medical condition such as diabetes or by stress.  It is therefore very important to seek the advice of your doctor if you start to suffer from sudden and unexplainable cravings.

Ten Tips that can help overcome sugar cravings

  • Chew sugar free gum.
  • Eat a few goji berries.
  • Eat a sugar free jello.
  • Eat a fat free yogurt – this contains a small amount of naturally occurring sugar.
  • Have a Low Carb Creamy Hot Chocolate (but not too often!) or other sweet treat such as an oat bran muffin.
  • On a PV day eat a few tomatoes or on a PP day eat a hard boiled egg.
  • Eat regularly every 3 to 5 hours as this helps keep your blood sugar levels stable.
  • Go for a walk and see if the craving disappears.
  • Drink a glass of water and make sure you are drinking enough water each day.  Being dehydrated can also cause sugar cravings.
  • Don’t shop on an empty stomach as you will find it very difficult to control your cravings with all that food around!

Dr Dukan has also just started to promote his own supplement to help overcome sugar carvings which he calls Sugaro.  It has four active ingredients.

  • Gymnema sylvestris extract – reduces cravings
  • Griffonia extract – helps lift your mood
  • Chrome – regulates blood sugar
  • Magnesium – improves stress tolerances

You can buy this in the shop at www.dukandiet.co.uk or you can look for similar supplements elsewhere.

8 Responses to “Ten Tips to Beat Sugar Cravings on the Dukan Diet”

  • Jerri on November 6, 2017

    Hi Amber, there’s a sugar free, carb free candy with the blues below. Can I eat it on attack? If so, how many?


    • Amber on November 26, 2017

      Hi Jerri

      You could have up to 5 each day.

      Best wishes


  • Peter on February 26, 2015

    I’ve been on Dukan for 25 days. I did the attack phase for 14 days and now in my second week of the cruise phase which I will maintain for a 10 week duration. I’ve lost 10 kgs so far with an aim of 25kgs, almost half way!
    Today I had my first sweets craving and incidentally it was my first day without eating boiled/poached/fried egg.They are a very dense nutrient packed snack which seem to achieve wonders for satiety – both in terms of appetite and sweet tooth cravings.
    I don’t eat them as a meal but rather use them for snacks. They increase meal frequency and in turn metabolism. Give them try.

    • Amber on March 1, 2015

      Hi Peter

      Thanks for the handy tip.


  • jane on September 2, 2014

    Hi Amber,

    I have been on the dukan diet for many months and have lost over 12 kg. In the last month or so, I have been indulging in ice cream, and started to eat more sugar products. I am noticing this habit creep up on me. But I wish to stop it as I notice that sugar actually drains my energy. Any suggestions? I also want to maintain my “good habits” developed over the last many months. I am just short of 2 kg from goal weight. Again, thanks for your site and help!

    • Amber on September 5, 2014

      Hi Jane

      I’d suggest removing temptation and then looking for an alternative – how about a portion of sugar free jello(US)/jelly(UK).

      Kind regards


  • Wendy Gaipa on March 5, 2014

    Can you eat sugar free hard candy or jellybeans?

    • Amber on March 5, 2014

      Hi Wendy

      You are allowed up to 5 sugar free candy each day. I don’t know how many jelly beans you could have instead as they come in different sizes.

      Best wishes


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