Stopped Losing Weight On Dukan Diet: White Day Pure Protein Day

My knowledge of the Dukan Diet comes from various sources and apart from the Dukan Diet book itself, there are also the Dukan Diet’s official websites and Facebook pages.    For example it has been by visiting the official Dukan Diet UK site at that I discovered that you could eat up to three sugar free jellos a day and it is also where I found out about goji berries. However because Dr Dukan is continuing to fine tune his diet it can mean that you find conflicting advice and information.

One of the most recent additional pieces of information that I discovered is about the “White Day” pure protein only day which helps overcome weight loss stagnation and this information came from the Facebook pages of Dukan Diet – US.  The “White Day” is a very easy variation of your normal PP day, where instead of allowing yourself to eat from the list of 72 protein foods, you limit yourself to just eating as much high quality white proteins as you like, such as fat free dairy, white fish, chicken, turkey and eggs whites along with your normal serving of oat bran.   You try to avoid all other foods including tolerated items and increase the amount of walking that you do.

Although following a “White Day”  PP day fits within the rules of the Dukan Diet I would not personally eat like this on a regular basis as it is too restrictive and boring.  I can however see that a boost of high quality protein combined with the additional exercise could well help get your weight loss moving again.


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  • Dee on February 24, 2017

    I’ve been on the Dukan diet for almost a month now and have hit a plateau.
    I exercise regularly and follow the diet to a t.
    I’m on the cruise phase of 1pp 1vp
    I don’t know what to do …
    Thoughts ?

    • Amber on February 24, 2017

      Hi Dee

      It is not unusual to hit a plateau, the key to your success will be holding firm through this period. Tips such as having Pure White PP days can help but more often than not it is just your monthly hormone cycle and after a few days things will get back on track.

      Kind regards


  • Nellie on February 16, 2017

    Hi Amber,

    I am on Dukan for 2 1/2 weeks now. Unfortunately I do not feel i lost any weight maybe a couple of kilos; I haven’t weighted my self when I started. My clothes though feel the same and i am bloated all the time! I do not cheat at all, the only thing is that I do not count the milk & sometimes I may exceed but not sure and i eat more that 2 egg yolks a day sometimes… what is wrong??? I am disappointed and i am very close on quitting … pleaseeeee help

    • Amber on February 16, 2017

      Hi Nellie

      You need to weigh yourself regularly to monitor your weight loss and monitor what you are eating to make sure you don’t exceed the dairy limit. You say you are disappointed yet think you’ve lost weight so I’m not sure how to answer this. If you are bloated are you constipated? Are you relying too heavily on eggs/dairy as these foods are low in fiber?

      Kind regards


  • Angela Benardi on February 14, 2017

    HI Amber
    I am on my 5th day on Dukan.
    I lost 1.5kg the first 2 days on attack.
    Then I did 2 more days on attack (total 4) without any weight loss. As far as I read 1.5 (or 3 lbs) is what you always lose when you cut cats and release all your water from your body.
    Why am I not losing more?
    To clarify, I drink plenty of water, I have no costipation because I am on prescribed senna tablets and I have been very strict to my diet. Lean protein, 1,5 T’s bran, 900kg total of skimmed milk and 0 yogurt, not more than 3 glasses of coke zero and beverages with the right sweeteners. I am writing this in case you see anything wrong.
    I thought that body tells me I need to go on cruise phase. Any suggestions?

    • Angela Benardi on February 14, 2017

      900 grams of dairy of course, not kg haha
      Also, because I was used to count calories before, I kept doing it for the record, I was about 1200 a day

    • Amber on February 14, 2017

      Hi Angela

      If you have been dieting before starting the Dukan it can reduce the impact of the Attack Phase. It looks as if you are doing everything as you should. Weight loss does appear to be almost mystical as our bodies are very complex. Salt intake and hormones also play a part.

      Best wishes


      • Angela Benardi on February 14, 2017

        Thank you Amber. Yes,you are right, I was dieting before,counting calories, so must be this. Went on phase 2 today anyway and fingers crossed. Thanks a lot

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