The Dukan Diet’s Ice Cube Diet Twist

The Ice Cube Diet which uses Hoodia as an appetite surpressant, is getting a lot of coverage in the media, especially now that Kim Kardashian is reportedly following the diet before her wedding to Kris Humphries.  However what a lot of people don’t know is that Dr Dukan has been advocating the use of ice cubes as a weight loss aid for sometime but his ice cubes don’t contain hoodia and are virtually cost free.

Dr Dukan’s ice cubes can be made with just water or you can add a sweetener and/or flavoring such as mint or vanilla and all you have to do is suck five or six of them a day.  So how does an ice cube help you lose weight – it makes your body work harder to maintain its core temperature and this burns calories.  Sucking each ice cube will burn an extra 10 calories so you can burn an extra 420 calories a week just by sucking ice cubes.

You can also get the same benefits from drinking cold water.  Your body uses 60 calories a day to bring 2 liters of water from 4°C  or 39.2°F up to body temperature.  This means that just by drinking two liters of cold water and sucking six ice cubes a day you could burn almost 44,000 calories in a year and this is the equivilent of 12.5 pounds of fat.

Not bad for do nothing at all!

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