Can I Drink Protein Shakes on the Dukan Diet?

This is a question which I’ve been asked a few times and which I know that visitors to my site are typing into Google to find an answer to.

Dr Dukan covers the topic of protein shakes or protein powders in a couple of places in his book and he does not recommend that these “foods” are used other than exceptionally to either prevent missing a meal or to stop you eating something which would have been more damaging to your diet.

So why does Dr Dukan have such a poor opinion of protein powders and protein shakes:

  • They are artificial.
  • We are not designed to eat powder.
  • These drinks do not appeal to our senses or satify them.
  • The prolonged use of protein powders can result in bulimia.
  • They are very expensive.
  • They lack fiber.

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  • David on January 13, 2018

    I understand the we aren’t made to drink and stuff but can I mix some protein powder with oatbrand on the attack phase? I got the app it said the protein powder was allowed as long as it was less that 5% carbs and 2% or less fat?

    • Amber on January 14, 2018

      Hi David

      Is the App approved by Dr Dukan as there is a lot if misinformation about the Dukan Diet published.

      Given Dr Dukan’s stance on protein replacement I’m surprized that is is shown as an approved food although it is used in the occasional recipe.

      Are you adding the protein powder to oatbran to make a protein drink?



      • David on January 19, 2018

        No I’m adding it to make it more like oatmeal I usually eat it with a side of eggs.

        Also I kinda guessed that the app might be a bit off so I’m also reading the book Dr. Dukan wrote

        • Amber on January 20, 2018

          Hi David

          Powdered skimmed milk would be a better choice for this but you would need to work out how much milk the powder used would make so that you can include tihs in working out the 1 kg per day.

          Best wishes


  • Krysta on April 19, 2017

    I disagree with the against folks to this. Despite I powder being an artificial way of eating, whey based protein shakes do have their place in the Dukan plan… Or rather they CAN.

    Dukan does not recommend vigorous exercise but if You are like me, u want to tone up and gain muscle. If you work out, feel free to take a whey based promotion shake that is high in protein and no sugars with fat free or skim milk. This will greatly improve muscle And tissue repair after a workout. TAKE IT WITH YOU TO THE GYM and consume it within 30 mins of your workout.

  • Merilee on April 11, 2017

    If they fall in the low carb no sugar rule as some do more often now.. why would they be harmful? I’m just curious.. I can see shakes from years ago that were loaded with carbs and pure sugar being a setback.. but I think lately the industry has become more health conscious as well and are realizing people are reading the labels to make smarter decisions..
    the lack of fiber yes I can understand.. but my eggs and steak don’t have fiber either..

    • Amber on April 12, 2017

      Hi Merilee

      Dr Dukan’s aversion to protein shakes has nothing to do with the nutritional content. It comes from the fact that protein shakes are artificial. Our bodies were not developed to “eat” liquid.



      • Rosie on April 22, 2017

        Hi Amber
        That I can understand however it does contradict the fact you can drink diet soda on the diet – they certainly aren’t natural.

        • Amber on April 22, 2017

          Hi Rosie

          The reason Dr Dukan doesn’t like protein shakes is when they are used as meal replacements. This is when he wants us to be eating real food. If you were to use protein shakes as a beverage you would be adding a lot of extra calories.

          Dr Dukan doesn’t like diet sodas – nor do I as they taste awful – but he has taken a pragmatic approach. Drinking a diet soda doesn’t replace a meal so isn’t stop the development of good eating habits.



  • Greta on March 5, 2017

    Tomorrow I am starting Cruise phase.
    What If I’am working out during dukan diet and I used to take shakes(BooTea Shake) after workout. Is that OK to do that? I don’t use them as meal replacement.
    P.S. Did not use them during the attack phase.
    Thank you in advance,

    • Amber on March 5, 2017

      Hi Greta

      I wouldn’t recommend using them as it will slow down your weight loss.

      Best wishes


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