Fighting Cellulite with the Dukan Diet Cellulite Rhythm

It is not a very well known fact that Dr Dukan considers that his Dukan Diet “is set apart from most others which have no specific effect on cellulite”.   He has even specially adapted the Cruise Phase rhythms to target the weight loss impact on the thighs, hips and knees for which he advocates a 2/0 rhythm.  This is two days of pure protein on Mondays and Thursdays with sensible eating in between.  Dr Dukan believes that this rhythm is particularly suits women who are small on top but who carry their weight around their hips and thighs.

So besides the Cellulite Rhythm what else does the Dukan Diet provide that Dr Dukan believes make it effective in fighting cellulite:

  • Reduction in salt consumption
  • Reduction in alcohol consumption
  • Drinking mineral water
  • Eating a diet high in protein
  • The Dukan Diet Exercises

Reduction in Salt Consumption

By its emphasis on real unprocessed foods the Dukan Diet will naturally steer you towards a low salt diet which helps prevent water retention.  Following a low salt diet is of particular importance to any woman who is prone to water retention as a result of her hormones.  This additional water is often retained in those areas where cellulite occurs and makes the cellulite worse.

Reduction in Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol works in much the same way as salt and it can cause the temporary build up of fluids within the body, as it slows down the transit of water through your body.

Drinking Mineral Water

As with so many things not all mineral waters are the same.  You are looking for a mineral water which is low in sodium but which has a good assortment of other minerals as your body finds it easy to absorb these minerals.  Mineral water also helps cleanse your body as the minerals can have laxative and diuretic properties.  You should avoid purified water as the purifying process removes the vital minerals as well as the harmful bacteria.  If there are no minerals in your water your body will steal the minerals such as potassium, magnesium,sodium and calcium from elsewhere in your body to make the mineralized water that your body needs.

Eating a Diet High in Protein

Foods high in protein act as a natural diuretic and by having high levels in your diet you can lose weight without losing muscle or skin tone.

The Dukan Diet Exercises

Three out of the four Dukan Diet exercise target the problem areas for cellulite, stomach, hips, thighs and bottom.  I’ve found the guidance in the book very hard to follow and have provided my interpretation on the exercises in these posts.
Dukan Diet Exercises: Dukan Diet Thigh Squats
Dukan Diet Exercises: Sloping Stomach Crunches
Dukan Diet Exercises: The Bottom Bounce

13 Responses to “Fighting Cellulite with the Dukan Diet Cellulite Rhythm”

  • Polly on January 1, 2014

    Is it possible to juice the veggies when in the cruise phase? For instance having a cucumber, tomato and carrot juiced instead of raw. Also is it possible to have roasted cocoa beans in place of powdered cocoa? They are not sweetened.

    Thank you

    • Amber on January 1, 2014

      Hi Polly

      You can juice vegetables but try to limit yourself to one drink a day or you may find that you are eating too many vegetables and not enough protein.

      The cocoa powder used should be fat reduced as well as no sugar added so cocoa beans would not be a suitable replacement.

      Kind regards


      • Lorraine on January 14, 2014

        Hi Amber. What a great website
        I have a few questions

        I have found crispy bacon rashers
        Per 100g
        Cal 487
        Carbs 0.4g
        Fat 29.2 can I eat this?

        Also came across Atkins advantage range( although u am following the dukan) this is the chocolate decedance bar with 17g protein 1g sugar and 2g net carbs- can I eat these?

        Struggling to find pre packed things that I can grab- any suggestions (scotland)

        • Amber on January 14, 2014

          Hi Lorraine

          The Dukan Diet is different from Atkins as it is a low fat, low carbs/low sugar diet as well as a high protein one. This means that the crispy bacon is too high in fat and the chocolate bar is too high in sugar/carbs.

          The Dukan isn’t really a convenience food diet so it is best to try to plan to take your food with you. The sort of foods you can buy off the shelf are yogurt/cottage cheese/sugar free jelly/crab sticks/cooked chicken/beef/ham/hard boiled eggs. When you are in Cruise you can buy tomatoes/leafy salads/celery and some supermarkets have salad bars where you can get plain salad with hard boiled eggs.

          Kind regards


  • Federica on December 29, 2013

    Hi Amber,

    Your help is awesome and so needed. Thank you for that.

    Before I start the Dukan Diet, I´m researching for don´t ruin it as I begin. I have two concerns and I would like so much for you to assist me:

    1. What if I have some fat dessert (cakes, donuts, etc) during the Cruissing Diet and the Consolidation? I´ll control myself but if it happens, a small piece of sweet will destroy everything?

    2. I intent the 2/0, the best in my case, and I´m also afraid of this freedom on the non-diet days. Even that I´ll have health meals, if I slip it with some alchool or sweet eventually, will be ok?

    • Amber on December 30, 2013

      Hi Frederica

      We all worry about losing control and eating something which isn’t good for us. Occasional lapses won’t ruin your diet but they will slow down your rate of weight loss.

      With the 2/0 rhythm the success of the diet does depend on how you eat the other 5 days but the occasional lapse won’t spoil everything. If you find the freedom too hard to cope with you could try 5 days of Consolidation instead but without the Celebration meal or additional portion of starchy food.

      Good luck!


  • Heather on September 19, 2013

    Hi Amber, I am looking to lose 15 pounds. I just finished a 3-day Attack Phase and lost 3 pounds. I’m now trying to decide which rhythm to use, and as I do hold most/all of my weight and cellulite in my hips, thighs and belly, I’m considering the 2/0 rhythm but I’m not sure I should.

    • Amber on September 19, 2013

      Hi Heather

      I’d suggest a normal Cruise Phase for a few weeks switching to 2/0 as you get nearer your target weight.

      Best wishes


      • Heather on September 19, 2013

        That is helpful. I was wary of starting the 2/0 rhythm already. When I weighed myself this morning I realized I lost 2 more pounds! I don’t want to halt the progress. Only 10 more lbs to go. Thanks so much for your input!!

  • Elizabeth on April 13, 2013

    I was wondering how quickly you lose weight on this if your non-attack days are consolidation days?

    • Amber on April 13, 2013

      Hi Elizabeth

      Dr Dukan devised this rhythm to produce a more targeted weight loss where cellulite is a problem and it will be slower than using the normal alternating PP/PV probably around a pound a week. However because of the large flexibility you get when following the Dukan Diet that range of weight lost varies quite a lot. If you have a lot of weight to lose it might be better to use the normal rhythm and then change later down the line.

      Kind regards


  • Lydia on February 8, 2012

    Hi Amber,
    I left you a message a few weeks ago as I had completed attack phase and was on day 2 of my cruise and had managed to lose 6lbs! However now i have been following the 2/0 rhythm as my proportions are those mentioned above and am not losing a thing in fact i have gained 2lbs. on my “no particular diet days’ I have been eating normally being careful of excess salt, sugar and fat also keeping a food diary via I’m not sure whether to give up and change to the 1/1 rhythm as it is really disheartening having wasted the past 3 weeks watching what i am eating and gaining 2lbs?
    Thanks for all your hard work!


    • Amber on February 9, 2012

      Hi Lydia

      Yes I remember your email. You asked about Muller Light yogurts and weight gain on PV days and had done very well in the Attack Phase.

      If you want to continue with the 2/0 phase I can suggest a couple of modifications.

      You can make the 2 PP days more restrictive and follow the guidance for Dukan Thursdays in Stabilisation

      and/or you could also change the non-diet days to Consolidation days.

      Best wishes


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