Dukan Diet Exercises: The Bottom Bounce

I will be adding some postings on exercise to the site and as suggested by miss.amaryllis I’m going to start by providing a little more detail for some of exercises given by Dr Dukan in his book.

However I don’t know if the way I do the exercises is the way that was intended as I may have filled the blanks in incorrectly.  I call my version of the first exercise I’m providing ” The Bottom Bounce” as I think it is a little catchier than “The Buttock Muscles Special” and I started with this exercise because I think it is the most fun of all the Dukan Diet Exercises in the book.  However before I tell you about the first exercise it is important to remind you that starting exercising is no different that starting a diet, in that you must make sure that you seek the advice of your medical practitioner before you start.

The Bottom Bounce

  • Remove all pillows, cushions and bedding from your bed so that you can lie flat on your back in the middle of the bed.
  • Stretch your arms out to either side with your palms faced down to a position where they feel comfortable  How far you can spread your arms may depend on how big your bed is but I like to have my hands about 18 inches away from my body.
  • With your feet about 12 inches apart, raise your knees until your calves and thighs are roughly at right angles to each other.
  • Now push down on your arms and feet to raise your bottom up until your body forms a straight line with your thighs.
  • Then lower your bottom quickly allowing it to bounce off the mattress and then continue up again until your body is back in a straight line again.

Number of Repetitions

Dr Dukan recommends starting with thirty, carried out twice a day,  once first thing in the morning and the second last thing at night, building slowly up to one hundred twice a day.  If you can’t manage thirty when you first start, he recommends starting with ten.

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