Protein the Power Behind the Dukan Diet

In my previous post, I provided an explanation of how the protein foods which make up a large part of the food that you eat on the Dukan Diet, help you burn more fat.  However the high thermogenic value of protein is not the only reason for low fat, protein sources forming the major part of the food that you eat on the Dukan Diet.

  • We have to eat Protein

Protein makes up an important part of every cell in our body and we need protein throughout our lives to build and repair our bodies and make the hormones, enzymes and other chemicals that our body needs.  What sets protein apart from carbohydrates and fat is that our body cannot store it and if we don’t eat enough protein for our body’s need our body breaks down tissue to obtain what it needs.   This doesn’t however mean that we need to eat large amounts of protein and most people would need only a 7 ounce serving of protein or less to meet their body’s daily requirements.

  • Not all Proteins are Equal

Just like all calories are not equal, all sources of protein are not equal and this is why the Dukan Diet places emphasis on eating low fat, nutrient rich, sources of protein like fish, lean meats, zero-fat dairy products and tofu.

  • Eating Protein makes us feel full

As protein is more difficult for our bodies to digest it stays in our stomach longer, making us feel fuller for longer.


  • This means you certainly get more bang from your weight loss dollar if you eat protein, as not only do you get less net calories from eating protein, it stops you feeling hungry for longer!


6 Responses to “Protein the Power Behind the Dukan Diet”

  • Amanda on August 3, 2011

    I am 6 weeks in and have lost 20 pounds!! I am very excited to continue on this great weight loss but I have just broken out of a 2 week stagnation period and realized that the reason why was because of dairy products. My husband and I are wanting to know what types of things we can eat on an all protein days to help with the loss not hinder it. I have printed out your meringues recipe which will help but I am wondering what else we could have to help with those snacking moments.

    • Amber on August 3, 2011

      Hi Amanda

      Sugar free jellies/jello are great and you can have up to three a day. You are also allowed up to 5 sugar free sweets a day and sugar free chewing gum. If you need something a little more substantial you could try a herby egg white omelette.

      You must be very pleased with your weight loss so far. Keep it up!

      Best wishes


      • Amanda on August 6, 2011

        Great thank you!! What about the ff sf pudding? Yes I am very pleased with my loss so far but still a long way to go. I am only 1/3 of the way there.

        • Amber on August 6, 2011

          Hi Amanda

          I know you aren’t eating a lot of dairy but you can add low carb cocoa powder to a yogurt, use flavored custards, sugar free jelly, sweetened rhubarb, meringues and goji berries to make different layered puddings. My favorite at the moment is layers of rhubarb, meringue and yogurt.

          You don’t have to use a lot of yogurt. If you were to allow yourself one a day you could have half as a dip and half in a pudding.

          Best wishes


          • Juanita on September 12, 2011

            Hi Amber,

            I saw your meringe recipe on the site – what sugar replacement do you use? I’ve tried the recipe in the dukan book but my meringes were terrible!

          • Amber on September 12, 2011

            Hi Juanita

            I usually use Splenda. You do have to be careful which sweetener you use as not all of them like being heated.

            Kind regards


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