Can I use Salt on the Dukan Diet?

I decided to write this post because of a recent comment made by a visitor to my site about the use of salt in one of my recipes, she thought that the Dukan Diet didn’t allow the use of salt.  I felt that if this reader didn’t know whether it was acceptable or not to use salt I thought that this might be useful information for other visitors to my site.

The simple answer to the question is yes, you can use salt on the Dukan Diet but you need to considered it as you would a tolerated food, as salt certainly isn’t an ingredient that you should use without restriction.

Dr Dukan advocates following a diet low in salt because salt causes your body to retain water and it stimulates your appetite by increasing digestive secretions and gastric acidity, not really ideal properties when you are looking to lose weight! He considers that using salt as a condiment at the table is “always superfluous” but he does allow salt to be used when cooking, as several Official Dukan Diet recipes from the book do add salt and pepper, such as Three Pepper Tuna, Turgloff Beef Kebab and Chicken with Mushrooms.

There is no doubt that salt enhances the flavor of our food but there are many other herbs and spices which you can use as an alternative. To help prove this point and provide you with some ideas I’ve put a selection of salt free seasonings in the carousel below.


6 Responses to “Can I use Salt on the Dukan Diet?”

  • Silvio on August 25, 2013


    is free sugar chewing gum containing sorbitol a deal breaker?


    • Amber on August 25, 2013

      Hi Silvio

      Sugar free chewing gum is allowed but is limited to 5 pieces a day.

      Best wishes


  • Kimber on August 12, 2011

    Hello, Is there any restriction on coffee and quantity. I understand to avoid high calorie and sugar. What I’ve done is just got a coffee added some skim milk and an artificial sweetner. Is this okay for the Attack and Cruise Phases?

    • Amber on August 12, 2011

      Hi Kimber

      There is no restriction on coffee made as you describe, but if you drink too many, you will be consuming high levels of caffeine that may stop you sleeping or produce other side effects. Most sources recommend no more than three cups per day.

      Best wishes


  • Erin D on July 27, 2011

    I drink Diet soda and it is about 40mg per glass. I usually drink 2 per day, but wonder how much sodium is too much. I am experiencing bloating and constipation, which is not being helped by the oat bran. Should I try some Metamucil?

    • Amber on July 27, 2011

      Hi Erin

      Please see my reply on the home page.



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