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This page is for you to post details of your successes, seek support when your weight loss plateaus or ask for advice.

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  • Walk Alone Cat on August 10, 2011

    I am sooo pleased to have stumbled across this site. I am into my third week of my Dukan journey and find myself 12lbs lighter. I have done all of the usual suspects, but this has been by far and away the easiest to stick to. I have been on the look out for no fat cottage cheese in the UK with no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I also must get around to trying these muffins that everyone seems to be raving about. At the moment I simply have mine in ss milk with some aspartame to form a basic porridge.

    • Amber on August 10, 2011

      Hi Walk Alone Cat

      I’m pleased you like my site and that you are finding the Dukan Diet relatively easy to stick to. You can find a virtually fat free cottage cheese in Asda made by Longley Farm. It is 94p for 250g and has 0.5g fat per 100g and it comes in plain and chive.

      I’m into cinnamon porridge at the moment!

      Best wishes


  • Erica on August 8, 2011

    i was just wondering if durin the attack phase if you can eat low fat creamchease and low fat sourcream and pickles??

    • Amber on August 8, 2011

      Hi Erica

      Although not in the UK book you can now use up to 2% low fat cream cheese/ sour cream in the Attack Phase. These foods are allowed in the US version and are now been included in the information given in the official coaching for the UK site. Because dairy contains carbs from the natural sugar eating too much can interfere with weight loss so you made need to cut back on these items if you find that you stop losing weight.


  • angie on August 8, 2011

    @ Emma I used to do calorie counting diets and I think that You seriously not eat enough and your body is in famine mode.It will store every single calorie in case if You wont eat enough for it to function properly.As You mentioned going to the gym than You must be burning more calories than Dukan means by 30 mins brisk walk.I would say You should eat much more and I am more than sure that You will start losing weight again

  • Emma on August 5, 2011


    I must agree that this site is GREAT! and your kindness in responding to every post is very giving and kind! So thank you!

    I am on day 9, 3 days on attack and on the 6th day of the Cruise.

    I had 20lbs to lose and lost 5 lbs by the 2nd day on Attack (i had been weening myself off carbs for a good two weeks before).

    But I am some what embrassed that I do have a taste of things I shouldn’t, not everyday but say every other. like a bite of cake as I can resist when everyone is tucking in! Funny enough tho I get a really bad belly afterwards and need to run to the toilet!

    I drink at least 1.5ltrs of water a day, I eat some no fat dairy not too much i tend to feel a bit sick if I have too much. I am having scrambled eggs for breakfast every morning, tuna or meat of lunch and fresh meat like chicken or steak for tea.

    I can say I am not enjoying the diet that much as I am a bit bored of the food and have completely lost my appetite. Although i look at recipes most days i dont get around to making them being busy, watching my money and having a partner to cook for, I guess i then just do the minimum for myself.

    Friends say I am not eating enough, tuesday for example, I have 2 eggs, scrambled for breakfast, a can of tuna for lunch and a steak for tea and dukan pancake for supper.
    I have a real sweet tooth and miss desert.

    What i am trying to get around to saying is i have not lost a single lb for 6 days now and I am so disappointed I desperately want to get into shape and like how i look!

    I can not see any benefit of the 5lbs i have lost my clothes fit me the same. I get my 20minute walk in most day and doing 2 trips to the gym lasting an hour each time.

    If i am being completely honest I have had some processed meats which although are 0% or under 2% carbs may not be good and do have some fat in them.

    I did the Atkins a few years back and i am kind finding it hard to stop rationalising that low in fat in not neceassry to lose the wait, although my diet is low in fat its probably not as low as it could be.

    Can anyone help me get my hope back? fustrated and disalluisioned Emma.


    • Amber on August 5, 2011

      Hi Emma

      Do you have any food intolerances? Running to the toilet after eating a piece of cake and feeling sick after eating dairy is not a normal reaction.

      As you are eating food such as cake and processed meats that are probably high in fat and salt this could well be causing water retention and bloating to the stage where you can’t see the benefit of the weight that you have lost. You are also eating three eggs a day which is quite high.

      If you are mixing up parts of the Dukan Diet with Atkins the Diet won’t work as it should. The Dukan Diet is a high protein, low fat, low salt, low carb diet. There are a lot of desserts that you can eat on the Dukan Diet but if you are looking for something easy and not too expensive sugar free jello works very well and you can have up to three per day.

      I hope this helps a little.


  • Trying here on August 4, 2011

    Hello I am new to this and new to dieting at all. I was always skinny growing up and ate anything I wanted. When I got pregnant I went from 140 to 220 and when I walked out of the hospital with my baby i was 185 Im planning my new ones first birthday party and realized sadly I am the exact same weight and still wearing six 14. I have been lying to myself and family thinking the pounds would remove them self. I for the first time ever cried at how I looked in the mirror and Decided to do this diet. My hubby is even trying it with me. I lost 3.5 lbs in the first day! I can not wait to get on the scale tonight. I love the turkey rolled up with cream cheese and I love the Ham souffle. Your website is so helpful. I have printed about 20 pages here at work to try!!! Thanks and I will send a before and after pic when I get to my Goal which I know I will with you here and Mr. Dukan’s book!!! Thanks Where are you from? How did you learn all this? Your amazing!

    • Amber on August 4, 2011

      Hi Trying here

      Remember always that you have the love and support of your husband and family to help you with this task .

      I’m so pleased that your first experience of dieting has started so well but you only have to read some of the comments of my other visitors to find out that it might not always be plain sailing. So there may be times when you need to stay strong.

      I’m pleased that you’ve found my website so helpful as this is exactly why it is here. A few months ago I was looking through the various Dukan sites which were on the Internet and it struck me just how much knowledge I’d built up about the Diet and I thought I’d try to put this knowledge to good use to help anyone who was looking for information on the Dukan Diet.

      I’m looking forward to getting your pictures and hope that the birthday party goes well. Let me know how you are getting on and if you think there is anything I can help with.

      Best wishes


  • Crystal on August 4, 2011

    I started this diet on the first and am dead set on sticking to it even though I am not a huge fan of protein. Any suggestions? I don’t like fish or tofu either and seem to have misplaced my book so I can’t refer to the list at the end of the chapter. I am on Phase I for 10 days and am lacking food to eat bc I just don’t really care for protein 🙁

    • Amber on August 4, 2011

      Hi Crystal

      It is great that you’re so determined but I’m not sure that trying to stick to a high protein diet is the best option for you. Sticking to a diet is hard enough when you are eating food that you like, trying to do it eating food that you don’t like, is making it doubly difficult. Have a look at this post and see if there are any foods there that you enjoy eating

      Best wishes


  • Gina on August 2, 2011

    Hi Amber,
    I started the attack phase on the 26th July loosing approx 6lb’s (although I only have a very dated set of scales) Anyway I have been on the PV & PP for the past 4 days, tomorrow will be a PV day. The thing is yesterday to a degree and most certainly today I have had extreme fatigue. I have lost a total of 10lbs I think so am happy with the results just not the fatigue Im getting. Admittedly i only got my Dukan Oat bran yesterday but surely I should have turned the energy corner by now? Shouild I get some B vitamins?
    By the way great website. . .way better than the glamorised over priced official one 🙂

    • Amber on August 2, 2011

      Hi gina

      Pleased that you like the site. The additional carbs in the oat bran will help but there is no harm in asking your doctor or chemist to recommend a good all round multi vitamin.

      10lbs since 26 July is a great result.

      Keep up the good work!


  • Giovanna on August 1, 2011

    Forgot to add, that’s one kilo in one day!

  • Giovanna on August 1, 2011

    Hi Amber – I discovered that Kraft in the U.S. makes fat free Kraft singles (like wrapped cheese slices) and grated cheese. As these are fat free (and OK, not exactly world class flavor wise, but still great for those of us suffering cheese deprivation) what think you?

    Like Mary I have had some disruptions in the diet while travelling due to a bereavement; in a ten day period I regained nearly 4kilo but have already lost 1 of it by resuming the attack phase, which I will do until I am back to where I started. What I discovered is that no matter how assiduously you follow the regime, an alcoholic drink (well for me anyway) is a non-starter.

    Thanks again for all your great work on this site.


    • Amber on August 1, 2011

      Hi Giovanna

      I’m so sorry to hear your bad news. Alcohol and funerals do seem to go together or at least they do at every funeral I’ve been to and drinking alcohol does seem to cause water retention in the same way as salt for some. Unfortunately the Kraft Cheese slices are quite high in salt – trying to add in a little taste. Just one slice contains 280 mg or 14% of the RDA which is a lot for just 30 calories so I would suggest that you don’t have more than one slice a day. Sorry!

      It is good that you’ve got back into the diet with a swing but don’t stay on Attack for too long or it may end up working against you. Your body can go into a form of shut down and reduce your metabolism and also the Attack Phase is highly restrictive and doesn’t give you the balanced nutirution that you need.

      Best wishes


    • Amanda on August 8, 2011

      I have used this FF cheese in the past. They are loaded with carbs and salt. If you can stand not having cheese at all I would go without. Sargento has a Reduced Fat cheese line if you want to risk that.

  • Loulou on July 25, 2011

    Hi Amber,

    I started my Attack phase on Sat and here on day 3 I’ve lost 2lbs. As I’m only trying to loose 14lbs the Dukan book suggests only a 3 day attack phase but I’m wondering if I will get a better start by doing 5 days? Also as I’m disabled I don’t manage much exercise but I am trying to walk around my house more.

    • Amber on July 25, 2011

      Hi Loulou

      Extending the Attack Phase beyond the recommended number of days may backfire if it slows your metabolism down too much so this isn’t recommended.

      It is good that you are trying to be more active and mobile and this will help keep your metabolism moving. Perhaps you could try some exercises that you could do sitting down.

      Best wishes


  • Mary on July 16, 2011

    Hi! I’ve been on the Dukan diet for 7 weeks now and have lost 16.5 lbs. Unfortunately, while dieting I’ve had several celebrations that I’ve had to attend (birthday parties, baptisms, etc.) so that’s set me back a bit. The funny thing is, I started the diet without oat bran because I couldn’t find any where I live. I eventually found some on the internet and when it came I added it to my diet —- and my weight loss came to a complete halt! So, I stopped it and the weight loss started again. Maybe it’s the type of oat bran, but a friend of mine is also on the diet and we ordered the same oat bran. She’s continuing to lose with the oat bran, but I was forced to stop in order to keep the weight loss going. Isn’t that strange?

    • Amber on July 16, 2011

      Hi Mary

      We are all individuals and you’ve worked out you seem to lose weight better if you restrict the carbs that you are eating. Considering the number of celebrations that you’ve been attending recently you are doing very well with your weight loss. Dr Dukan is a big fan of oat bran because of the health benefitsit provides but his original weight loss program didn’t have oat bran in it.


  • Linda Revell on July 9, 2011

    Hi – I am so glad to have found your site. I had twins in Feb 2011 and the first three months were super tough – needless to say my weight went UP!~ I have 30 lbs to lose and was told about the diet through a friend who’s mother in law to be is doing amazing on it – so today was day one and it was good! The cinnamon oatbran muffins saved my day.

    I should do the attack phase for 3 days but I may only do 2 I am desperately missing veggies.

    Anyways will visit often – making meringues tomorrow!

    • Amber on July 9, 2011

      Hi Linda

      You must have your hands full with twins to look after. If you are breast feeding the weight loss stages of the Dukan Diet are too restrictive and you would need to follow a special adaptation of the diet to make it suitable for you.

      Don’t forget that you can have half an onion and a couple of gherkins each day during the Attack Phase as this might help with your veggie cravings. However don’t worry if you cut your Attack Phase short by a day as it is better to cut short the Attack Phase and take a couple of days longer to get to your target weight than to try to stick it out and fail and then lose faith in the diet.

      Best wishes


      • Linda Revell on July 9, 2011

        Hi Amber –
        Thanks for the feedback – I also got your email.

        Just to clarify 🙂 I meant to thank-you for listing the tolerated food items – there are a lot of websites with Dukan info but not as thorough as yours! It is helpful in the interim while I wait on my book.

        I was wondering if you can have 2 of the tolerated items during attack phase? or is this just once Cruise has begun?

        Today is a wee rough my son is a carboholic and I am salivating at his cheese and crackers – I thought I would be craving chocolate – like you do but honestly I am missing chips, cracker and nuts YUM!

        I am going to see if one more attack day is possible – I am def tired today more than I thought – but it’s amazing to me what the processed foods have done to me! I did a weight loss system years ago after I quit smoking – it was restrictive too and I did much better than the point type plans so I am hoping this one is for me as well – I am def looking forward to salad and celery with fat free cream cheese – delish!

        My recipes so far haven’t turned out very well – how hot is your oven for the cookies? my are NOT crispy – my meringues were quite chewy aswell – boo. Keep trying though.

        Making chicken and lean beef sliders tonight with spicy dukan mayo and maybe a few gherkins (dill) and onion delish!

        Off to make dinner – let me know about the tolerated items on attack phase may help me through another day of it!

        PS Day one – 164
        Day two – first thing – 161.4 = nice

        • Amber on July 10, 2011

          Hi Linda

          The tolerated items shouldn’t really be added until you get to the Cruise Phase but I view this in the same way as I do cutting short the Attack Phase. It is better to follow the Dukan Diet in a less restrictive manner than not to follow the diet at all.

          If you are struggling with savory cravings you could make some very small oatbran pancakes (or cut up a larger one) and flavor these with some herbs or salt free flavorings and then eat these with some cottage cheese, meat, or fish and a couple of pickle and some finely sliced onion. If you’ve used your oatbran allowance on other things you can make an egg white omelette in place of the pancake. You can also add some curry spices to a yogurt and then dip in pieces of chicken. You can have dill pickles provided there is no added sugar. Our minds play very odd tricks with us – you sorted out dealing with your cravings for sweet things – so it found something else to crave instead. These cravings might also be driven by your body not getting as much salt as it is used to.

          To get crispy biscuits you have to return them to the oven and leave them there while the oven cools down – not easy I know! A very hot oven is 475°F, 240°C or Gas mark 9 and I’ve now added this to recipe:)


  • Laura C on June 21, 2011

    Dear Amber,
    I was literally *thrilled* to find your website. It is so well thought out and organized. I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate the new-found hope it has given me. Your site is what pushed me over the proverbial edge to start changing my eating habits. Most of all, you taking the time to personally respond to all these questions is incredible–superwomanish even. Although the tools on the official Dukan look convenient and streamlined, at $400 to start it’s a bit out of my budget.

    All excitement aside though, I am a bit overwhelmed by the amount of weight I have to lose. I took the “true weight” quiz on the official site, and I have 86 lbs to lose. Interestingly enough, the plan the site came up with has me doing a 5 day attack phase. I am starting today, but my question is, where do you stand on extending the attack phase? I have done some research and have found mixed answers on this point.

    Based on what I’ve read so far, it seems to reason that because I have so much weight to lose, I may reap additional benefits from extending the attack phase. 10 days seems to represent the maximum amount of time considered reasonable in this phase (from my admittedly cursory research on the subject). I would like to use this number as my attack length but am uncertain whether I would be undermining myself in a way I hadn’t thought of. Do you have any thoughts on the matter?
    I appreciate any consideration given,


    • Amber on June 21, 2011

      Hi Laura

      Wow! Thank you for your lovely comments about my website I’m blushing! I’m certainly no super woman but I do like to helping people where I can.

      Based on the amount of weight you have to lose you could stay on the Attack Phase for the maximum 10 days but my only concern would be the constipation that you are likely to suffer. Going for an extended Attack Phase can be very appealling especially when you have a lot of weight to lose but the most important thing to do is to stay on the diet. Remember you are in this for the long haul of reaching your target weight and staying there and the parable of the tortoise and hare springs to mind. Why not aim for an Attack Phase of five days and see how you feel after that. If you plan for a ten day Attack Phase and then are unable to complete it, you might feel as if you’d failed even if you lose a lot of weight and your disappointment might then stop you from carrying on with the diet.

      Best Wishes


  • Emma on June 19, 2011

    Hi Amber,

    I’m going on holiday to St Ives in a couple of weeks. I’m confident about sticking to the diet because I haven’t cheated once yet, but we’re staying in a B&B and I won’t be able to make oat bran pancakes. Do you know how long the pancakes and/or various muffins last in an airtight box?

    All the best,


    • Amber on June 19, 2011

      Hi Emma

      It is wonderful that you’ve been able to stick to the diet and I hope that you’ve been losing weight too. Unfortunately I can’t answer your question as I keep my pancakes or muffins in the refrigerator and they are usually gone in a day or two.

      I would suggest that while you are on holiday you add your daily oatbran to a couple of yogurts each day instead, as these should be easy for you to buy if the B & B doesn’t provide yogurt for breakfast.

      I hope you have a great time and manage to fit in lots of walking!


      • Giovanna on June 23, 2011

        When I go to work I mix the oatbran in cottage cheese with a bit of 0% greek yoghurt, however this does require refrigeration but you may be able to buy the cottage cheese where the B&B is?

        • Amber on June 23, 2011

          Hi Giovanna

          Emma could also add some lean ham and finely sliced scallions (spring onions) to the yogurt and cottage cheese or if looking for something for a little sweeter add goji berries instead.



          • Giovanna on June 27, 2011

            Or she could be super luxurious and add chopped smoked salmon!! I had some left over from the weekend and as I don’t mind savory breakfasts, had it this AM.

            Do you have to soak the goji berries before using? The ones I get here (in NYC) are v.v.v. dry.


          • Amber on June 27, 2011

            Hi Giovanna

            It does depend on the make of berries that you buy as some are drier than others. Depending on how chewy or soft you like your berries you could either spread 1 day’s worth of berries on a plate and spray them with water or place them in a small bowl and soak them. I don’t recommend rehydrating more than day’s serving at a time as they won’t keep as well once the water is added back.


  • Giovanna on June 16, 2011

    Forgot to add the most important thing – thank you A MILLION TIMES for putting together such a brilliant and informative site.

    • Amber on June 16, 2011

      Hi Giovanna

      I’m so pleased that you’ve made such a great start to your diet and that you like the site. The strict rules do make the Attack Phase very easy to follow and I think the rigidity is a great strength of the first two stages of the Dukan Diet.

      Let me know if you think I can help in anyway and keep me updated on your progress.


      • Giovanna on June 23, 2011

        Hi Amber – like a lot of people I found that the cruise phase and the PV days do slow things down quite a bit. I have tried adding a bit of additional exercise to compensate. Accept that as a serial dieter, I shall probably take a time for the new PP/PV cycle to establish itself. But last night we went out and I had clams as a starter and a lovely lean steak. AND lost weight the next day. So, onwards and upwards. Tonight is a mix of swordfish and tuna baked with Mediterranean veg and seasonings (no salt) as we have guests tonight and its my PV day. Fortunately I love to cook and for a couple of years followed (and stuck to) a low fat diet. Every day I bless the inventor of non-stick cookware….

        All the best, Giovanna

        PS some recipes I developed here, which you are more than welcome to recycle.

        • Amber on June 23, 2011

          Hi Giovanna

          The vegetables do slow things down a little which is why it is important to keep up the levels of protein you are eating on PV days but your body does needs the additional nutrients and fiber that the vegetable bring.

          I checked your recipes out and I would love to put them on the site. You are clearly an excellent cook. Thank you so much.

          Best wishes


          • Giovanna on June 27, 2011

            You are more than welcome to share them. I rediscovered one recipe I had totally forgotten: if you blend in a Magimix or similar some zero fat cottage cheese with a very generous bunch of coriander and garlic plus some lemon, you end up with a very guacamole-tasting dip. Next day used leftover dip to make tuna salad with an additional pickled lemon (it was a PV day) and had to fight off the non-Dukaneers for it!!

            Kind regards, G

          • Amber on June 27, 2011

            Thanks for this great tip Giovanna.


          • Giovanna on June 29, 2011

            I did the “guacamole” again last night — used mix of half zero fat cottage cheese, half zero fat ricotta (eg, one tub if each) bunch of coriander (generous one)’ scallions/spring onion, garlic, fresh chili and lashings of lemon juice, plus salt. Just thought I should amend recipe in case anyone wanted to try it. I serve it with crudités on a PV day, which today is, for me (hooray).

            Thank you again for your wonderful work, Amber

          • Amber on June 29, 2011

            Hi Giovanna

            Could you replace the salt with freshly grounded black pepper instead?


          • Giovanna on July 3, 2011

            Re: salt in “guacamole” – I actually started to use a salt substitute and it is fine. However if you up the chilis you’ll find you need v. little salt anyway.

            I have been doing a few joined up PP days as I found my weight was edging up despite scrupulous following of diet and it was real discouraging. So in effect I “skipped” one PV day and went through to the next one. The weight dropped off again and I have resumed the cycle. But interested if you have also done this when things slow down?

            Thanks! Giovanna

          • Amber on July 4, 2011

            Hi Giovanna

            It sounds as if you’ve got everything covered! There are a couple of ways of handling weight loss plateaus. A lot of followers will do a double PP but you’ve chosen to do a triple PP instead. In my UK version of the book Dr Dukan even recommends a four day PP “blitz operation”.

            I’ve now also found a White PP day recommended on so I’ve decided to write some posts on dealing with weight loss stalls which I think followers of the Dukan Diet will find useful.

            Keep up the great work and you’ll be at your target weight in no time at all.


  • Giovanna on June 16, 2011

    I started the diet on Friday (5 days ago) and have lost almost 4 kilos so far. I find the rigidity of phase 1 strangely comforting. There are few decisions to make and fortunately I have always been a lover of fish and meat. Best bit was that after only 5 days the weight loss was very noticeable and comment-worthy, which is enormously reinforcing!

  • miss.amaryllis on June 8, 2011

    There! Attack Phase completed; I lost 6 lbs.

    Now I’m Cruising! It felt like a delicious treat to have some tomato, asparagus and broccoli. Although I added herbs to my Quark, it still made my plate look prettier to have some green.

    I had to go into town for an eye appointment. Did I look less invisible 6lbs thinner? Or did I look more smiling and confident? A handsome man in a suit held a door open for me. A Perfect-Pippa-but-blonde girl smiled nicely at me in the Ladies. I got chatted up by a Green Waste Recycling lorry driver.

    That was the awful thing about being over 10 stone. I became invisible. I’ve heard a lot of middle-aged women laugh about this phenomenon as if it’s inevitable, but I don’t want to “disappear”.

    I’m so looking forward to fitting into the clothes at the back of my wardrobe which I haven’t been able to wear for several years. Those white jeans! Yeah, baby!!!!

    Love to all Dukanistas!

    • Amber on June 8, 2011

      Hi miss.amaryllis

      Lovely to hear from you again and it is wonderful to hear how losing your excess weight is making you more visible. I would really like to be a fly on the wall when you go to that wedding next month looking absolutely stunning.


      • miss.amaryllis on October 7, 2011


        Well, I have stuck faithfully to the Dukan Diet all this time – I’m Consolidating until 22 October!

        I’d like to comment on how excellent this Consolidation phase is. I feel it’s worth it to remember Dr D’s advice that at this stage, the body is a “calorie sponge” and is anxious to squeeze every last calorie out of one’s intake… Hah! Oddly enough it has been difficult to resume bread intake. After some time without bread, I cautiously ate the two slices and was beset by stomach cramps, then a desperate dash… exactly similar to the reactions of a friend who is gluten intolerant. I suppose I could work at reacclimatising my system to bread, or buy gluten-free, but really, bread no longer seems that important! Me, who used to polish off a warm French baguette with loads of butter and ripe Camembert!

        Anyway – I did look good at the wedding, balanced on my daughter’s Kate Middleton nude high heels! The mother of the bride looked at me and said “Hmmm. You’ve got very GLAMOROUS”. There was no warmth in her voice…

        We have now moved house to Yorkshire, where my daughter is having a baby any minute now!!! My weight was 8st 12lbs – my True Weight – on moving day, but I have been doing loads of work in the new neglected garden, and much to my total amazement have lost a bit more in Consolidation.

        This diet has been so wonderful. Never, never did I realise that it would be so successful, or that I would feel so well. I join with every Dukanista Sista in the joy of slipping easily into the clothes that didn’t fit any more, or having a photo taken without fear, or lurking at the back of a group. The diet does retrain one’s eating habits and appetite. I look forward to the oatbran porridge I have at tea time far more than for the fat wedge of cake I used to eat.

        AND I even had several Dukan cold showers during a week of stagnation. Brrr! But they worked.

        The Dukan Diet is worth every moment of effort you put into it. HOORAY!!!!

        • Amber on October 7, 2011

          Hi miss.amaryllis

          It is so lovely to hear from you and to read about your journey and wonderful success.

          Thank you for sharing your story.

          Very best wishes


  • miss.amaryllis on June 6, 2011

    I am so pleased and excited!

    A friend who has lived many years in France recommended the Dukan Diet to me

    I am doing my last day (5) of Attack and I have lost 5 lbs. I think that curbing my love of salty things has helped.

    Tomorrow I can have protein and vegetables, and I’ve got a bundle of lovely asparagus to celebrate – I’ve found a recipe for Dukan mayonnaise on this website!

    Previously, I’ve always calorie-counted or done high fat high protein, but I feel in the mood for something more modern. Anyway, if Carole Middleton can do it, I can! I’ve got a wedding to go to next month, and I hope to zip easily back into a dress that is now t-i-g-h-t…..

    I’m a bit discombobulated by not being hungry though.

    Hasn’t Dr Dukan got lovely brown eyes?

    Love and best wishes to all Dukanistas!

    • Amber on June 6, 2011

      Hi miss.amaryllis

      I’m so pleased for you too! Losing more than pound a day in the Attack Phase is a great achievement so your asparagus is a well deserved treat. Like you I’ve tried lots of different diets except I’ve never done high fat, high protein as it was not a way of eating which appealed to me but I do know that a lot of people have lost weight very successfully following this sort of diet.

      I’ve just had to Google some images of Dr Dukan so I could check out the color of his eyes and yes he has got lovely brown eyes.


  • anita on June 2, 2011

    Hi, great site, really appreciate the work you have done here. I am on Day 8 of Dukan and have lost 8 lbs.
    Found the book at Costco here in Canada a couple weeks ago. For some reason I am not having any trouble sticking to this one.
    Have bookmarked your site to keep up to date as I like this site more than the ‘official’ one.

    • Amber on June 2, 2011

      Hi Anita

      You’ve made a great start, 8lbs in 8 days is terrific, you must be delighted. If you think I can help in anyway just let me know. Thank you for your lovely compliments about my site.


  • Anna on May 9, 2011

    Hi! Thanks for the website! I’m starting this diet today. I’m keeping a journal here for tips and motivation: .

    • Amber on May 9, 2011

      Hi Anna

      I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day yesterday with your daughter. I’m looking forward to following your experiences with the Dukan Diet on your blog and given your difficulties with Atkins I feel that Dukan will definitely suit you much better. Good luck and thank you for the link to my site.


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