Can I Eat Sugar Free Jello/Jelly on Dukan Diet Attack Phase?

Sugar free jello (jelly) to me is a very welcome addition to the Dukan Diet which can be enjoyed in any phase of the Dukan Diet including the Attack Phase.

You were allowed up to three portions of jello every day.  This guidance has recently changed on the coached UK Dukan Diet.  Sugar free jello has now been put into a group of sugar free treats made up of sugar free jello, sugar free chewing gum and sugar free candy (sweets) and whereas before you could have five pieces of sugar free candy or chewing gum each day with three sugar free jellos you can now only have five in total of the sugar free treats.

Here are a few reasons why I find this food so useful.

  • It comes in a wide variety fruit flavors.  During the Attack and Cruise Phase the only fruits you can eat are goji berries and rhubarb so it is lovely to be able to have a different fruity taste.
  • The colors brighten up your meals particularly in the Attack Phase and on PP days.
  • They make a very welcome alternative quick snack to zero fat yogurt.
  • You can use different molds and different colored jellos to allow a little creativity.
  • You can also make your jello with skim milk to add another twist.
  • They are a useful dessert when younger members of the family come to visit.

To give you some ideas:

  • For Valentine’s Day or a special anniversary you could make small red heart shape jellos in strawberry, cherry or raspberry flavor and serve them with a vanilla custard.
  • For Halloween you could make a suitably gross colored jello in a brain mold.
  • For St Patrick’s Day you can make lime flavored shamrocks.


58 Responses to “Can I Eat Sugar Free Jello/Jelly on Dukan Diet Attack Phase?”

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  • Georgy on September 12, 2016

    Hi Amber,

    Fat free sugar free jello ( vanilla / chocolate) with added 0 fat milk – is it allowed?

    You answered that it contains malodextrin but
    The label says: 0 sugar 0 fat
    The ingredients in the back says the same
    Why that sugar is bad if it had 0 calories…

    • Amber on October 16, 2016

      Hi Georgy

      It is all about the legislation – sugar is white sugar – so lots of products add sugar in different forms such as maltodextrin and are able to market their products as no sugar. The maltodextrin puts this product off the list of allowed products.



  • Shayna Nathan on February 15, 2016

    Hi Amber.

    What size is a portion of Sugar Free Jello in Grams please?

    • Amber on February 15, 2016

      Hi Shayna

      About 115g.

      Best wishes


  • tat on November 11, 2015

    are the aeroplane ones allowed?? they have 7 cal per serve but they have sweeteners but does not specify which ones

    • Amber on November 19, 2015

      Hi tat

      These should be fine.

      Kind regards


    • Shayna Nathan on February 15, 2016

      They are sooo delicious! I am glad I am allowed this one.

  • Carla on November 25, 2014

    Smuckers hasa sugar free and fat free all in one.

  • Maria on November 4, 2014

    Hi Amber,
    Hartleys sugar free jelly sachets contain pork gelatin. Are they allow?

    • Amber on November 13, 2014

      Hi Maria

      Don’t worry about the small amount of gelatin in the product as you are allowed to eat sugar free jelly.

      Best wishes


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