Dukan Diet Cruise Phase Recipes: Dukan Cauliflower Pizza

When you find healthy substitute for an everyday food that you enjoy eating it is a real boost, as you have to remember that you are following the Dukan Diet not just to lose weight, but to keep it off forever and this means learning new eating and cooking habits. If you resume all your old eating habits in Stabilisation, the weight is likely to creep back on even if you have one PP day each week.

I was so pleased when I first found the recipe for cauliflower pizza crust on another diet site which doesn’t restrict fat intake and realised that I would be able to Dukanize it.

I have found however that there is one essential piece of equipment that makes baking this recipe a lot easier and that is a silicon baking mat. It also means that you don’t need to use any oil to stop the “dough” from sticking and it is much easier to clean.

Dukan Pizza Base


  • 2 cups of cold cooked cauliflower rice
  • 1 egg and 1 egg white
  • 1 tablespoon of oat bran
  • 2 Light Babybels
  • Salt and pepper


  1. Finely shred or grate cheese into a bowl.
  2. Add the cauliflower and oat bran and mix well.
  3. Add the eggs and seasoning and combine into a dough.
  4. Spread thinly onto a silicone baking sheet or a baking sheet sprayed with a little oil.
  5. Bake in a hot oven until the pizza crust looks crunchy around the edges.  This will probably be around 15 minutes but it will depend on how thick or thin you’ve made your base.

You are now ready to add the toppings to your pizza.  I use a little tomato puree and whatever vegetables I have to hand thinly sliced.  I then finish with another couple of shredded light Babybels and sprinkle with some fresh herbs.  Return your pizza to the oven to cook the topping for another 10 to 15 minutes.

15 Responses to “Dukan Diet Cruise Phase Recipes: Dukan Cauliflower Pizza”

  • Angeline on June 18, 2012

    Hi, I”m new to this Dukan Diet and am a little confused. I have done the attack phase and man, talk about pee!!! lol, now I’ve got a bit slack while still trying to be low carb and high protein. I still seem to be eating just meat mainly and eggs and yogurt. What I need is a diet plan, Could someone please suggest some meal plan ideas for me for the cruise phase. Would very much appreciate it! Im so glad I found this site!

    • Amber on June 18, 2012

      Hi Angeline

      Protein can be very diuretic. You may find that some of this water loss goes back on again on the days you eat vegetables.

      I’d suggest working through the meal plans I put together for a seven day Attack Phase and add salads/vegetables. Here is a link to the first day from which you can reach the other six days.

      You can also search through the recipes on the site and change things around a bit to suit your own tastes.

      Kind regards


  • Zillah on March 8, 2012

    Hi this is only my 4th day into the Dukan diet. I’m just starting to look at the food/recipes in stage 2 and came across cauliflower rice. Can you please explain what this is exactly.
    Thank you I’m enjoying your site.

  • Cecily on January 16, 2012

    Don’t know what I did wrong, but this turned out so disgusting, I had to throw it away! Once the crust was brown around the edges (about 15 mins. in oven), I covered with a homemade Dukan pesto, diced yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes and a little fat-free mozzarella; it looked so pretty…Out of the oven, the crust hadn’t crisped, it was like porridge and vegetables, gross. What a waste of lots of ingredients and now I have to figure out another meal, make new pesto, etc. Sorry, sounds like others had better luck, but I’m going to stick with the yeast/oat bran crust, at least it crisped. Love the site otherwise!

    • Amber on January 16, 2012

      Hi Cecily

      It is very strange, some people seem to have no problem at all with the recipes whilst others have disasters. Do you think the juice from the tomatoes could have caused the problem as they are very high in water contant?

      At least you’ve got a recipe that you can use instead.

      Best wishes


      • Cecily on January 17, 2012

        Hi, Amber!

        I am wondering several things. The tomatoes, maybe–probably–and I made the cauliflower rice last night and stored, maybe it absorbed too much water? I thought as I was patting it down on the baking sheet that it looked very liquidy, and even the parts on the edge that were dark brown did not taste good. It’s funny, I’m going into Week 4 on this diet, and am really craving pizza! I didn’t even eat pizza that often before the diet, but I do love a good Naples thin crust margherita with a glass of wine on a Friday. 🙂 I’m using a lot of your other recipes, though, thank you so much.

  • maria on August 28, 2011

    Hi, do you know if the pizza base, once it’s prebaked, would freeze well or keep overnight in the fridge?

    • Amber on August 29, 2011

      Hi Maria

      I’ve never tried either as it is such an easy and quick recipe to put together.

      If you decide try either perhaps you could let us know how you get on.



      • maria on August 29, 2011

        Thanks for replying so quickly! In my house, pizza night still means also making regular yeast dough crust for hubby and two kids 🙂 must say tonight was a success, I can never leave a recipe alone so used 2tbsp of oatbran and one of wheatbran. I did use large eggs as well. I also flipped the base over when prebaking it which crisped it up nicely, then topped with tomato sauce, red onion, sweet peppers and ham. After it was cooked I added some rocket and basil leaves, and some balsamic reduction. Heaven on a plate!

        • Amber on August 30, 2011

          Hi maria

          I must admit it does sound divine! Thanks for sharing your adaptations.

          Best wishes


  • Barbara on July 27, 2011

    Hi, this is really a great site I thank you for all the information. I have been on the attack phase now for a week and have stopped losing weight., I am concerned that if I add veggies I will put on the 5lbs lost.

    Btw what is birds nest?

    • Amber on July 27, 2011

      There is often an increase in water retention when you first start eating vegetables but being on the Attack Phase for too long can result in your weight loss stopping as your metabolism starts to adjust to the lower levels of food. To combat this make sure that you eat a good amount of protein on PV days.

      Bird’s nest is exactly what it says it is and the most common use is to make bird’s nest soup. I think I will delete this comment as it may cause other confusion as it has nothing to do with the Dukan Diet.



  • Jane on May 31, 2011

    Thanks for the recipe!!! Love it

    btw, bird nest is made up of about 58% soluable proteins…the highest amoung all food and even synetic protein powders

    it greatly increase tissue regeneration

    sources taken from the internet

    • Amber on June 1, 2011

      Hi Jane

      Thank you for the interesting links. I had no idea that bird nest had such a high level of soluable proteins but it isn’t on the list of approved proteins recommended for the Dukan Diet so you would only be able to enjoy this food in the Stabilisation Phase or as part of a celebration meam during the Consolidation Phase.



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