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My site provides free information and support to anyone who is following or considering following the Dukan Diet to lose weight.  In my posts you will find hints, tips and information as well as many Dukan Diet recipes suitable for the first two phases of the diet plan.  I also sometimes provide general information about losing weight, maintaining your ideal weight, eating healthily and exercising.

What is the Dukan Diet?

The Dukan Diet is a diet plan which has been developed and refined for over thirty years by Dr Pierre Dukan, a French nutritionist and doctor.

Describing the diet as “a planetary success” and as “the revolutionary weight loss plan that has taken the world by storm! ”  is obviously a little bit of sales hype on behalf of Dr Dukan, but his diet is certainly an international success as his Dukan Diet book has been published in 20 countries in 10 different languages.  I also know that visitors to my site come from all over the world.

Unlike many other diet plans that you may have tried in the past, the Dukan Diet plan not only gives you the tools to lose weight, it also helps you develop new healthier eating habits that will allow you to stay at your target weight forever.   There is nothing magical about the diet plan, although many dieters are astounded by the amount of weight they lose in the Attack Phase which is the first phase of the diet.

The Dukan Diet Phases

The Dukan Diet is a diet plan with four distinct phases.  The first two weight loss phases, Attack (Phase 1) and Cruise (Phase 2) are based on the use of 100 allowed foods thatPrawns  - A protein food on the Dukan Diet make the food you eat high in protein but low in sugar, fat and carbohydrates.  These 100 allowed foods are made up from a list of 72 low fat, protein rich foods and a list of 28 vegetables which are low in sugar and starches.  In Phase 3 – Consolidation you start to add back fruit, hard cheese and starchy foods until you reach the final phase Phase 4 – Stabilisation which you follow to keep off the weight forever.

The Dukan Diet of course wouldn’t be the Dukan Diet without the another main feature, the daily serving of oat bran!

What also sets the diet apart from many others is the fact that almost all of the 100 allowed foods can be eaten freely without restriction and that there is no counting of calories or carbs!

The Dukan Diet Site – Posts

The site has been set up using a standard blogging platform and the information is provided in individual posts.  If you want:

  • to read my latest posts you can click  “Posts” here or in the navigation bar above
  • to browse the topics posted you can look through my “List of Contents” page which lists and links to every post on the site
  • to look for a particular topic you can use the Search tool in the sidebar using a key word or phrase
  • To look for recipes start on my Dukan Diet Recipes page.

The Dukan Diet Site – Comments

It is the visitors which make this site special as the comments posted add another dimension.  In the comments sections you can read about the experiences of others and see the questions they’ve asked and the answers that have been given.  As well as being able to comment on each article or posting, I’ve put two posts on the site  just for your comments, these are:

Baked Egg Custard - a dessert for the Dukan Diet

  • My Dukan Soapbox – where you can post details of your successes, seek support when your weight loss plateaus or ask for advice.
  • Site Ideas, Suggestions and Comments – where you can make comments and suggestions in helping to develop this site. Your comments and suggestions are very important to me as I want this to be a site that you will return to again and again and that you will want to recommend to your friends.

All comments to the site are fully moderated and do not appear until I authorize them, so sometimes there can be a delay before they appear.

The Dukan Diet Site – Contact Page

If you would prefer to email me with your questions, suggestions or comments you can do this using the Contact page which can be accessed here or from the navigation bar

Official Dukan Diet Websites

I’ve also provided the links below if you would like to visit Dr Dukan’s own official websites in either the US or the UK.

US Site –

UK Site –

Best wishes


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  • Laura on August 26, 2015

    Hi Amber,
    I went on and off the diet this month and I really want to start it and keep it this time! Please help me find the will to start again and never drop it!

    • Amber on August 28, 2015

      Hi Laura

      The secret to finding out how to stick to a diet comes from finding out what is stopping you stick to the diet. Is there a certain time of day, a certain food, certain time of the month etc when you find your willpower disappearing? By understanding why you are slipping you can then try to put in place measures to mitigate this. Eg If you are always hungry at a certain time trying change meal times or find an activity to do that will take you away from food. If there is a certain food you find difficult to resist don’t have it in the house and try not to walk past it in the supermarket.

      Best wishes


  • Anna on August 24, 2015

    Hi Amber,
    I have around 2 stones to lose and I did a 10 day attack to give me a great start (I know I could have done fewer days but I wanted some real success). I have not weighed myself but I can feel that I have made a great start. Now on cruise, I would like to continue with the momentum and am contemplating a 2PV/5PP rhythm. Would this be ok as long as I am not suffering from the dreaded constipation and I supplement with a sugar-free multivitamin?

    • Amber on August 25, 2015

      Hi Anna

      Sorry no – the number of PP days can’t exceed the number of PV days so you need to reduce the number of PP days.

      Kind regards


  • Amelia on August 23, 2015

    Hi Amber, thank you for your quick response, I can add the crackers. How many replace the bread. From your answe I am assuming I can’t just eliminate bread/equivalents from my program regards, Amelia

    • Amber on August 23, 2015

      Hi Amelia

      It is a case of trying to introduce foods that you would eat normally once Consolidation has finished. If you won’t be eating crackers they could be left out but the foods that are introduced in Consolidation are done in a way to help control the way you eat. You still have to eat the oat bran so this would normally be one meal and the bread gives you the basis for another meal using around 150 calories before adding any filling.

      If you decide to add the crackers go for about 150 -175 calorie equivalent.

      Best wishes


  • Amelia on August 22, 2015

    I have just started the consolidation phase. I can be addictive to breads. Do I have to add the 2-servings of whole grain bread a day?

    • Amber on August 23, 2015

      Hi Amelia

      If bread is a problem food for you could you eat wholewheat crackers instead?

      Kind regards


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